Middle East and Africa Aluminum Casting Market - Industry Trends and Forecast To 2027

Middle East and Africa Aluminum Casting Market - Industry Trends and Forecast To 2027

Short Description

Middle East and Africa aluminum casting market By Process (Expendable Mold Casting and Non-Expendable Mold Casting), Source (Primary (Fresh Aluminium) and Secondary (Recycled Aluminium), Application (Intake Manifolds, Oil Pan Housings, Structural Parts, Chassis Parts, Cylinder Heads, Engine Blocks, Transmissions, Wheels & Brakes, Heat Transfers and Others), End-User (Automotive, Building And Construction, Industrial, Household Appliances, Aerospace, Electronic And Electrical, Engineering Tools and Others), country (U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Israel, Rest of Middle East and Africa), Market Trends and Forecast to 2027
Market Definition
It is a kind of metal working process which comprises pouring the liquid metal into a mod or form. It is used to convert the aluminum into products. The aluminum gets heated so that it can be transform into the form of liquid and then it is poured into the metal as the casting process. There are different types of aluminum casting processes such as sand casting, permanent mold casting, investment casting and others.
Market Segmentation
Middle East& Africa aluminum casting market is segmented into four notable segments which are based on the basis of process, source, application and end-user.
• On the basis of process, the market is segmented into expendable mold casting and non-expendable mold casting
• On the basis of source, the market is segmented into primary (fresh aluminum) and secondary (recycled aluminum)
• On the basis of application, the market is segmented into intake manifolds, oil pan housings, structural parts, chassis parts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmissions, wheels & brakes, heat transfers and others
• On the basis of end-user, the market is segmented into automotive, building and construction, industrial, household appliances, aerospace, electronics and electrical, engineering tools and others
Market Players
• Alcoa Corporation
• Endurance Technologies Limited
• Ryobi Limited
• DyCast Specialties Corporation
• Consolidated Metco, Inc.
• Alcast Technologies
• Ningbo Beilun Create Mould Machine Co., Ltd
• Leggett & Platt, Incorporated
• Martinrea Honsel Germany GmbH
• Dynacast
• Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
• Toyota Industries Corporation
• LA Aluminum
• TPi Arcade, Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH & Co.
• Wagstaff Inc.
• Ningbo Innovaw Mechanical CO.,LTD.
• Modern Aluminum Castings CO., INC.
• Pacific Die Casting Corp.

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives Of The Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Overview Of Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market
1.4 Limitations
1.5 Markets Covered
2 Market Segmentation
2.1 Markets Covered
2.2 Geographical Scope
2.3 Years Considered For The Study
2.4 Currency And Pricing
2.5 Dbmr Tripod Data Validation Model
2.6 Technology Life Line Curve
2.7 Multivariate Modelling
2.8 Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.9 Dbmr Market Position Grid
2.10 Market Application Coverage Grid
2.11 Dbmr Market Challenge Matrix
2.12 Vendor Share Analysis
2.13 Import-export Data
2.14 Secondary Sources
2.15 Assumptions
3 Executive Summary
4 Premium Insights
5 Market Overview
5.1 Drivers
5.1.1 Increased Demand Of High Strength And Lightweight Materials In Automotive Industry
5.1.2 Growing Usage Of Aluminum Metal Owing To Increasing Demand Of Hvac System In Commercial Buildings
5.1.3 Increasing Adoption Of Low Density Aluminum Alloys In Fuselage Of Aircrafts
5.2 Restraints
5.2.1 Availability Of Better Aluminum Production Process Than Casting
5.2.2 High Capital Cost
5.2.3 Volatility In Aluminum And Its Raw Material Prices
5.3 Opportunities
5.3.1 Bottom Pour Techniques For Casting Of Aluminum To Prevent Oxides Formation In Molds
5.3.2 Indulgence Towards Precised And Surface Finished Aluminum Products Through Investment Casting
5.4 Challenges
5.4.1 Air Entrapment In Aluminium Parts Occurrence Through Die-casting Process
5.4.2 Gas Porosity Defect In Casting
5.4.3 Solidification Shrinkage Of Aluminum Parts After Casting Process
6 Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market, By Process
6.1 Overview
6.2 Non-expandable Mold Casting
6.2.1 Die Casting Low Pressure Die-casting High-pressure Die-casting Gravity Die-casting Others
6.2.2 Permanent Mold Casting (Shape Casting)
6.2.3 Semi-solid Metal Casting
6.2.4 Centrifugal Casting
6.2.5 Continuous Casting (Strip Casting)
6.2.6 Core Package Casting
6.2.7 Lost Foam Casting
6.2.8 Others
6.3 Expandable Mold Casting
6.3.1 Sand Casting
6.3.2 Investment Casting
6.3.3 Shell Molding
6.3.4 Others
7 Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market, By Source
7.1 Overview
7.2 Primary (Fresh Aluminum)
7.3 Secondary (Recycled Aluminum)
7.3.1 Secondary (Recycled Aluminum) , By Source Scrap Sources New Scrap Old Scrap Refiners And Remelters
7.3.2 Secondary (Recycled Aluminum) , By Raw Material Twitch (Shredded Automotive Scrap) Ubc (Aluminum Cans) Taint Tabor (Old Sheet) Turnings (Chips) Mlcc Others
8 Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market, By Application
8.1 Overview
8.2 Wheels & Brakes
8.3 Structural Parts
8.4 Heat Transfers
8.5 Intake Manifolds
8.6 Engine Blocks
8.7 Transmissions
8.8 Chassis Parts
8.9 Cylinder Heads
8.10 Oil Pan Housings
8.11 Others
9 Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market, By End-user
9.1 Overview
9.2 Automotive
9.2.1 Automotive, By End-user Passenger Cars Two-wheelers And Three-wheelers Buses & Trucks Sports Vehicles Others
9.2.2 Automotive, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
9.3 Industrial
9.3.1 Industrial, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
9.4 Building And Construction
9.4.1 Building And Construction, By End-user Residential Commercial Industrial Infrastructure Others
9.4.2 Building And Construction, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
9.5 Electronic And Electrical
9.5.1 Electronic And Electrical, By End-user Smart Phones Laptop Tablets Smart Watches Others
9.5.2 Electronic And Electrical, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
9.6 Aerospace
9.6.1 Aerospace, By End-user Passenger Aircrafts Commercial Aircrafts Military Vehicles Others
9.6.2 Aerospace, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
9.7 Household Appliances
9.7.1 Household Appliances, By End-user Air Conditioner Refrigerator Microwave Heater Air Purifier Others
9.7.2 Household Appliances, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
9.8 Engineering Tools
9.8.1 Engineering Tools, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
9.9 Others
9.9.1 Others, By Process Non-expandable Mold Casting Expandable Mold Casting
10 Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market, By Geography
10.1 Middle East And Africa
10.1.1 U.A.E.
10.1.2 Saudi Arabia
10.1.3 Egypt
10.1.4 South Africa
10.1.5 Israel
10.1.6 Rest Of Middle East And Africa
11 Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market, Company Landscape
11.1 Company Share Analysis: Middle East& Africa
12 Swot Analysis And Data Bridge Market Research Analysis
12.1 Swot Analysis
12.1.1 Strength: - Strong Geographical Presence
12.1.2 Weakness: - High Investment Cost Reduces Top And Bottom Line Of Companies
12.1.3 Opportunity: - Strategic Acquisitions And Expansions
12.1.4 Threat: - Currency Fluctuation
12.2 Data Bridge Market Research Analysis
13 Middle East& Africa Aluminum Casting Market – Company Profiles
13.1 Alcoa Corporation
13.1.1 Company Snapshot
13.1.2 Revenue Analysis
13.1.3 Company Share Analysis
13.1.4 Service Portfolio
13.1.5 Recent Development
13.2 Endurance Technologies Limited
13.2.1 Company Snapshot
13.2.2 Revenue Analysis
13.2.3 Company Share Analysis
13.2.4 Service Portfolio
13.2.5 Recent Developments
13.3 Toyota Industries Corporation
13.3.1 Company Snapshot
13.3.2 Revenue Analysis
13.3.3 Company Share Analysis
13.3.4 Product Portfolio
13.3.5 Recent Development
13.4 Ningbo Beilun Create Mould Machine Co., Ltd
13.4.1 Company Snapshot
13.4.2 Company Share Analysis
13.4.3 Product Portfolio
13.4.4 Recent Development
13.5 Martinrea Honsel Germany Gmbh
13.5.1 Company Snapshot
13.5.2 Company Share Analysis
13.5.3 Product Portfolio
13.5.4 Recent Development
13.6 Gibbs
13.6.1 Company Snapshot
13.6.2 Product Portfolio
13.6.3 Recent Developments
13.7 Ningbo Innovaw Mechanical Co.,Ltd.
13.7.1 Company Snapshot
13.7.2 Product Portfolio
13.7.3 Recent Development
13.8 Wagstaff Inc.
13.8.1 Company Snapshot
13.8.2 Product Portfolio
13.8.3 Recent Development
13.9 Dynacast
13.9.1 Company Snapshot
13.9.2 Product Portfolio
13.9.3 Recent Development
13.10 Pacific Die Casting Corp.
13.10.1 Company Snapshot
13.10.2 Service Portfolio
13.10.3 Recent Development
13.11 Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc.
13.11.1 Company Snapshot
13.11.2 Service Portfolio
13.11.3 Recent Development
13.12 La Aluminum
13.12.1 Company Snapshot
13.12.2 Product Portfolio
13.12.3 Recent Developments
13.13 Alcast Technologies
13.13.1 Company Snapshot
13.13.2 Product Portfolio
13.13.3 Recent Development
13.14 Consolidated Metco, Inc.
13.14.1 Company Snapshot
13.14.2 Product Portfolio
13.14.3 Recent Developments
13.15 Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann Gmbh & Co.
13.15.1 Company Snapshot
13.15.2 Product Portfolio
13.15.3 Recent Development
13.16 Dycast Specialties Corporation
13.16.1 Company Snapshot
13.16.2 Product Portfolio
13.16.3 Recent Development
13.17 Leggett & Platt, Inc.
13.17.1 Company Snapshot
13.17.2 Revenue Analysis
13.17.3 Product Portfolio
13.17.4 Recent Development
13.18 Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
13.18.1 Company Snapshot
13.18.2 Product Portfolio
13.18.3 Recent Development
13.19 Ryobi Limited
13.19.1 Company Snapshot
13.19.2 Revenue Analysis
13.19.3 Service Portfolio
13.19.4 Recent Development
13.20 Tpi Arcade
13.20.1 Company Snapshot
13.20.2 Product Portfolio
13.20.3 Recent Developments
14 Conclusion
15 Questionnaire
16 Related Reports

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