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Indian Roads and Highways: Trends & Opportunities (2015-2019)

Indian Roads and Highways: Trends & Opportunities (2015-2019)

Scope of the Report

This report named “Indian Roads and Highways Market: Trends & Opportunities (2015-2019)” analyzes the development of Indian roads and highways, including roads and highway market by value, by length, growth of roads and highway and segment of total road network. Forecasting of roads and highway is also done for the years 2015-2019. It also includes targets, performance and efficiency parameters of government in development of roads and highways in India.

This report also focuses on the analysis of national highways. This segment includes national highways by length, market share by width, national highway projects awarded and constructed. This also includes the list of national highways by states and their lengths. Indian state highways by length, state highways by state and other roads by length is also analyzed in this report. This report also includes analysis of National Highway Development Project, the largest national highway development program. NHDP is analyzed by its total projects and projects by category.

Public Private Partnership (PPP) is thoroughly analyzed in this report. All five types of PPP model currently in operation are analyzed. This segment includes total NHAI projects under BOT and EPC model, BOT projects by states, EPC projects by states, funding of NHAI, market opportunity and market size by bids of OMT model and Toll model and market opportunity under Hybrid model.

Furthermore, it includes the company profiling of three major private companies in this sector. They are Ashoka Buildcon Ltd., IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd and KNR Constructions Ltd. business overview, financial overview and business strategies of these companies have been provided in this report.

Company Coverage

Ashoka Buildcon Limited
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd
KNR Constructions Limited

Executive Summary

Indian road network, which is the second largest in the world have total road length of 48.7 lakh Km in 2014-15. Road transport is an important infrastructure for an economy, especially for an emerging economy like India. Road and highway development works as a multiplier effect on the economy, as this sector influences the development of a country in many aspects. With the development of connectivity between cities, towns and villages in the country, the rural and urban areas come closer.

Since many years, Indian government has continuously focused and invested in the development of road infrastructure in the country. And in this respect, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway was established in 2009 by dividing Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highway into two independent ministries.

Total road network is divided into different categories, consisting of National Highways, expressways, state highways, OPWD roads, urban road, and rural roads. The Central Government is responsible for the construction and development of national highways. State highways and major district roads comes under the custodianship of State Government. Other district roads and rural roads is the responsibility of Local Government.
Now the private public partnership model is increasingly adopted for road development by the government. Some of the models in operation are: BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer), EPC (Engineering, Procurement and construction), Toll Collection, OMT (Operate, Maintain and Transfer) and HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model).

The main driving forces of this sector are investment prospect, financial support by government, rising road projects in 2016, increasing sales of mid and heavy commercial vehicles, favorable policy initiatives by the government and advanced toll collection policy. While there are some challenges which Indian roads and highway market has to face such as slow dispute resolution and delayed land acquisition.

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
2.1 Roads by Different Category
National highways
State highways
Other Roads
Table 1: Road Network by Category
2.2 Roads by Administrative Agency
Table A: Roads Category by Custodian
Table 2: Chief Implementing Authorities and Major Projects
Table 3: Major Program Underway
2.3 Public Private Partnership Model (PPP)
Table 4: PPP Models
BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)
Toll Collection
EPC (Engineering, Procurement and construction)
OMT Model (Operate, Maintain and Transfer)
HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model)
2.4 Recent Developments and Initiatives by Government of India
3. Indian Roads and Highways Market: An Analysis
3.1 Indian Roads and Highways Market: Sizing and Growth
3.1.1 Roads and Highway Market by Value: Actual and Forecast
Table 5: Roads and Highway Market by Value; 2009-2014 (US$ Million)
Table 6: Roads and Highway Market by Value; 2015-2019 (US$ Million)
3.1.2 Roads and Highway Market by Length
Table 7: Roads and Highway Market by Length; 2009-2014 (Lakh Kilometers)
3.1.3 Roads and Highway Market Growth Trend
Table 8: Roads and Highways Market Growth Trend; 2010-2015
3.1.4 Roads and Highways Market Segments
Table 9: Roads and Highways Market Segments; 2014
3.1.5 Funding of Indian Roads and Highways
Central Road Fund Allocation
Table 10: Central Road Fund Allocation; 2010-14 (US$ Million)
Funding of Road Transport and Road Safety Activities
Table 11: Funding of Road Transport and Road Safety Activities; 2008-14
(US$ Million)
3.1.6 Roads and Highways: Targets and Performance
Table B: Roads and Highways; Targets and Performance; 2014-15
3.1.7 Roads and Highways: Efficiency Parameters
Table C: Roads and Highways; Efficiency Parameters; 2014-15
3.2 Indian National Highways Market: Sizing and Growth
3.2.1 National Highways Market by Length
Table 12: National Highways Market by Length; 1990-2014 (Kilometers)
3.2.2 National Highways Market Share by Width
Table 13: National Highways Market Share by Width; 2012-2014
3.2.3 National Highways Market by States
Table 14: National Highways Market by States; 2014 (Kilometers)
3.2.4 National Highway Market by Investments
Table 15: National Highway Market by Investments; 2008-2013 (US$ Billion)
3.2.5 National Highway Road Projects Awarded
Table 16: National Highway Road Projects Awarded; 2014-2015 (Kilometers)
3.2.6 National Highway Road Projects Constructed
Table 17: National Highway Road Projects Constructed; 2014-2015 (Kilometers)
3.3. National Highway Development Project Market: Sizing and Growth
3.3.1 NHDP Projects Market by Length
Table 18: NHDP Projects Market by Length; 2014 (Kilometers)
3.3.2 NHDP Projects Market by Phases
Table 19: NHDP Projects Market by Phases; 2014 (Kilometers)
3.4 Indian State Highways Market: Sizing and Growth
3.4.1. State Highways Market by Length
Table 20: State Highways market by Length; 2009-2015 (Kilometers)
3.4.2 State Highways by State
Table 21: State Highways by State; 31st March 2013 (Kilometers)
3.5 Indian Other Roads Market: Sizing and Growth
3.5.1 Other Roads Market by Length
Table 22: Other Roads by Length; 2009-15 (Kilometers)
4. PPP (Public Private Partnership) Market: An Analysis
4.1 National Highway Authority of India (BOT Model & EPC Model)
4.1.1 NHAI Projects Awarded Under BOT and EPC Model
Table 23: NHAI Projects Awarded Under BOT and EPC Model; 2009-14
Table D: NHAI Projects Plan and Achievement; 2009-2015 (Kilometers)
4.1.2 BOT Projects (Near Term) by State
Table 24: BOT Projects (Near Term) by State; 2015 (Kilometers)
Table E: BOT Projects for Auction
4.1.3 EPC (Near Term) Projects by States
Table 25: EPC (Near Term) Projects by States; 2015 (Kilometers)
Table F: EPC Projects for Auction
4.1.4 Funding of NHAI
Table 26: Funding of NHAI; 2010-2016E (US$ Billion)
Table 27: Income Sources of NHAI; 31st March 2013
4.2 OMT Model
4.2.1 OMT Model Market Opportunity
Table 28: OMT Model Market Opportunity; 2013-14 to 2017-18E (US$ Million)
4.2.2 OMT Model Market Size by Bids Invited
Table 29: OMT Model Market Size by Bids Invited; 2013-14 to 2017-18E (Kilometers)
4.3 Toll Model
4.3.1 Toll Model Market Opportunity
Table 30: Toll Model Market Opportunity; 2013-14 to 2017-18E (US$ Million)
4.3.2 Annual Potential Collection in Toll Model
Table 31: Annual Potential Collection in Toll Model; 2011-2014 (US$ Million)
4.3.3 Toll Model Market Size by Bids Invited
Table 32: Toll Model Market Size on Bids Invited Basis; 2013-14 to 2017-18E (Kilometers)
4.4 Hybrid Annuity Model
5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Growth Drivers
5.1.1 Investment Prospects
Table G: Investment Prospects in Road and Highway Market
5.1.2 Financial Support
Table H: Financial Support by Government
5.1.3 Growth in Road Projects in 2016
Table I: Road Projects for 2016
5.1.4 Mid and Heavy Commercial Vehicle Sales
Table 33: Passenger and Commercial Vehicles by Volume; 2010-2015 (Units’000)
5.2 Challenges
5.2.1 Dispute Resolution
5.2.2 Delay in Land Acquisition
5.2.3 Iron Ore Production
Table 34: Iron Ore Production in India; 2012-2015 (Million Tones)
5.3 Market Trends
5.3.1 Policy Initiatives by Government
5.3.2 Advanced Toll Collection Technology
5.3.3 Environmental Clearances
6. Competitive Landscape
Table J: Comparative Analysis of Key Players; 2014 (US$ Million)
7. Company Profiles
7.1 Ashoka Buildcon Ltd
7.1.1 Business Overview
Table 35: Ashoka Bulidcon Ltd. Overview
7.1.2 Financial Overview
Table 36: Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. Revenue; 2010-2014 (US$ Million)
Table 37: Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. Order Book; 2014
7.1.3 Business Strategy
Value Chain
Technological Advancement
7.2 IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd
7.2.1 Business Overview
7.2.2 Financial Overview
Table 38: IRB Infrastructure Developers Revenue; 2010-2014 (US$ Million)
Table 39: IRB Infrastructure Developers Order book; 2014
7.2.3 Business Strategy
Human Resource Management
Competitive Advantages
7.3 KNR Constructions Ltd
7.3.1 Business Overview
7.3.2 Financial Overview
Table 40: KNRC Revenue; 2010-2014 (US$ Million)
Table 41: KNRC Order Book; 2014
7.3.3 Business Strategy
Human Resource Development
Gain Repetitive Orders

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