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Global Point of Sales (POS) Terminal Market: Trends & Opportunities (2015-2019)

Global Point of Sales (POS) Terminal Market: Trends & Opportunities (2015-2019)

Scope of the Report

The report titled “Global Point of Sales (POS) Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)” provides an insight into the point of sales industry and mobile point of sales market. The report analyzes the trends and challenges of the POS market and also outlines the opportunities driving the present as well as future industry growth. The report focuses on the POS software and hardware market with special focus on the mobile POS industry. The report analyzes the shipment of payment terminals in the major world regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and remaining part of the world. The report also discusses key factors driving growth of the industry, major trends and challenges faced by players operating in this segment. Further, key players like VeriFone, Ingenico Group, PAX Technology, Toshiba Tec Corp and NCR Corporation are analyzed in the report.

Regional Analysis

North America
Asia Pacific
Rest of the World

Company Analysis

Ingenico Group
PAX Technology
Toshiba Tec Corp
NCR Corporation

Executive Summary

Point of Sales (POS) terminals have wide range of applications in numerous sectors such as entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and warehousing, which include bill printing and payment, inventory management and loyalty programs. The global POS market could be segmented based on application, components, and product type.

On the basis of components the market for POS could be segmented into software and hardware. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing adoption of EMV cards. The POS software market has witnessed steady growth owing to increased demand from retail and hospitality businesses to increase operational efficiency. Mobile POS (mPOS) is one of the major segments and the driving force of the POS industry.

Geographically, the U.S. and Europe are stagnant, and all the dynamism is in emerging markets. The POS terminals market has witnessed considerable growth in recent years owing to ease of use and improved return on investment being offered by these systems. The market has witnessed significant improvement on account of mobility revolution, increased debit/credit cards usage, and rising GDP of the countries. The use of smart phones has given new dimension to the industry.

1. Executive Summary
2. Point of Sales (POS) Market: An Overview
2.1 POS Terminals: An Introduction
Table 1: Different Communication Ways Used by POS systems
2.2 Product Cycle of POS
Figure 1: POS Product Cycle
2.3 Evolution of POS
Table 2: Evolution Stages of POS Systems
2.4 POS Products
Figure 2: Key POS Products in Application
3. Global Point of Sale (POS) Terminal Market Analysis
3.1 Global POS Terminal Market: Sizing and Growth
3.1.1 Global POS Terminal Market: Sizing and Growth By Value
Figure 3: Global POS Market, (In US$ Billions), 2009-2013
Figure 4: Forecasted Global POS Market, (In US$ Billions), 2014-2019
Figure 5: Global POS Market by Geography, %, 2013
3.1.2 Global POS Terminal Market: Sizing and Growth By Volume
Figure 6: Global POS Terminal Shipment Market, By Volume, (In 1000 Units), 2009-2013
Figure 7: Forecasted Global POS Terminal Shipment Market, by Volume,
(In 1000 Units), 2014-2019
3.2 Global POS Market by Applicability
Figure 8: Top Markets for POS, 2013
3.3 POS Terminals Market by Component
Figure 9: POS Terminals Market by Component, 2013
3.3.1 Global POS Hardware Market
Figure 10: Global POS Hardware Market (In US$ Billions), 2009-2013
Figure 11: Forecasted Global POS Hardware Market (In US$ Billions),
3.3.2 Global POS Software Market
Figure 12: Global POS Software Market (In US$ Billions), 2009-2013
Figure 13: Forecasted Global POS Software Market (In US$ Billions),
3.4 POS Terminals Market - by Product Type
Figure 14: Forecasted Global POS Market by Products (In US$ Billions),
4. Global POS Market: Regional Analysis
4.1 North America
Figure 15: North America POS Terminal Shipment, (In Millions), 2009-2013
4.2 Europe
Figure 16: Europe POS Terminal Shipment, (In Millions), 2009-2013
Figure 17: Forecasted Europe POS Terminal Shipment, (In Millions),
4.3 Asia Pacific
Figure 18: Asia Pacific POS Terminal Shipment, (In Millions), 2009-2013
Figure 19: Forecasted Asia Pacific POS Terminal Shipment, (In Millions), 2014-2019
4.4 Rest of the World
Figure 20: Rest of the World POS Terminal Shipment, (In Millions), 2009-2013
Figure 21: Forecasted POS Terminal Shipment for Rest of the World,
(In Millions), 2014-2019
5. Global POS Market: Growth Drivers & Challenges
5.1 Growth Drivers
5.1.1 Significant Room for Growth in Emerging Market 30
Figure 22: Point of Sale Market in Taiwan, (In US$ Millions), 2009-2013
5.1.2 Mobility Revolution- Increased Usage of Smartphones
Table 3: Global Smartphones Sales
Figure 23: Survey Findings on Mobile POS Strategy
Figure 24: Number of Global M- Payment Transactions, (In Billions), 2009-2013
5.1.3 Electronic Fund Transfer
Figure 25: Forecasted Revenue of Electronic Funds Transfer-Point of Sale,
(In US$ Billions), 2012-2019
5.1.4 Enterprises IT Spending
Figure 26: Enterprise IT Spending, (In US$ Billions), 2012-2019F
Figure 27: Forecasted GDP, (%), 2014-2016
5.1.5 Increased Usage of Debit/Credit Cards
Figure 28: Total Payments Cards Worldwide, (In Millions), 2012
5.1.6 New Payment and Loyalty Options
Figure 29: Forecasted In-Store Mobile Payment Volume as a Percent of Total in Store Volume
5.1.7 Expansion Opportunities from Euro pay, MasterCard and Visa (“EMV”) Migration and Industry Consolidation
Figure 30: Growth in Global Payment Brands Worldwide
5.2 Global POS Market Trends
5.2.1 Android POS
Figure 31: Android POS: Creating New Market
5.2.2 Application of New Technology
5.2.3 Growing Demand for Portable Products
5.2.4 Cloud-based POS
5.2.5 Customer Interaction
5.2.6 Opportunities to Add Value
5.3 Challenges
5.3.1 Macroeconomic Conditions and Economic Volatility
5.3.2 Data Privacy and Security
5.3.3 Lack of Functionality and High Cost of Ownership
6. Competitive Landscape: Global POS Terminal Market
Figure 32: POS Global Market Share, 2013
Table 4: Major POS Brand Vendor Comparison, 2014
7. Company Profiles: Global POS Terminal Market
7.1 VeriFone
7.1.1 Business Overview
Table 5: Products Offered by VeriFone
7.1.2 Financial Overview
Figure 33: Net Revenue of VeriFone, (In US$ Billions), 2010-2014
Figure 34: VeriFone Revenue, Segment Wise, 2014
Figure 35: VeriFone Revenue, by Region, (In US$ Millions), 2014
7.1.3 Business Strategies
7.2 Ingenico Group
7.2.1 Business Overview
Table 6: Products Offered by Ingenico
7.2.2 Financial Overview
Figure 36: Ingenico Revenue, (In US$ Billions), 2010-2014
Figure 37: Ingenico Revenue by Activity, 2013
Figure 38: Ingenico Revenue Split by Region, 2014
7.2.3 Business Strategies
7.3 PAX Technology
7.3.1. Business Overview
7.3.2 Financial Overview
Figure 39: PAX Global Technology Revenue, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 40: PAX Global Technology Revenue by Segments, 2013
Figure 41: PAX Revenue by Region, 2013
7.3.3 Business Strategies
7.4 Toshiba Tec Corp
7.4.1 Business Overview
Table 7: Products Offered by Toshiba Tec
7.4.2 Financial Overview
Figure 42: Toshiba Tec Revenue, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 43: Toshiba Tec Income, (In Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 44: Toshiba Tec Revenue by Region, 2014
7.4.3 Business Strategies
7.5 NCR Corporation
7.5.1 Business Overview
Table 8: Products Offered by NCR Corp
7.5.2 Financial Overview
Figure 45: NCR Revenue, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 46: NCR Net Income, (In US$ Millions), 2010-2014
Figure 47: NCR Revenue by Segment, 2014
7.5.3 Business Strategies

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