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The entertainment law and policy industry is comprised of several categories of law practice that prioritize offering legal services to those involved in the entertainment industry. This form of entertainment law and policy provides for all types of media, including but not limited to music, advertising, television, internet, publishing, and film. Entertainment law and policy covers a variety of legal fields, and often significantly overlaps with intellectual property law (which involves trademarks and copyrights, amongst other sectors). This industry is frequently involved in forms of law that are composed of: securities, defamation, advertising, insurance, bankruptcy, labor, employment, immigration, international law, product placement, right of privacy, and clearance of rights. Entertainment law and policy can be broken down into sub-groups within the entertainment industry and the types of representation these categories most often require. Such categories include multimedia, film, television, publishing, theater, radio, and visual arts and design. The majority of entertainment law and policy focuses on transactional services, such as the drafting of contracts, mediation, and negotiation.

When engaging the services provided by entertainment law and policy, one must have a clear view of the services they are in need of, as entertainment law and policy is split into two main types: litigation and transactional. Litigation law focuses on defensive and offensive actions that include other parties (such as lawsuits, or disputes involving the violation of personal rights). Transactional law specializes in the facilitation of business initiatives and deals, negotiations typically involving contracts, and various other instances involving contractual decisions.

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