The Future of Enterprise Wearables: A Review of the U.S. Enterprise Wearables Market Opportunity, Key Trends, Use Cases, and Industry Indicators

The Future of Enterprise Wearables: A Review of the U.S. Enterprise Wearables Market Opportunity, Key Trends, Use Cases, and Industry Indicators

This is a joint study on the future of the enterprise wearables market, conducted by Compass intelligence and Mind Commerce. There are many compelling applications for wearable devices in enterprise that have the potential to touch every industry. Enterprises not only present an array of interesting opportunities for deploying wearable tech but the short-term value proposition for enterprise businesses also appears to be much higher. For example, wearables have the potential to boost employee efficiency and save work time by allowing them to access data and instructions, while leaving their hands free to handle tools, machines and equipment. Wearables could lead to huge cost savings in enterprise processes that are normally rather expensive.Wearables are poised to be a key growth ignitor for the mobile market.

This study provides the key market insights, adoption challenges and barriers, key providers and related announcements, various forecasts, and analysis about current and future opportunities. This study digs into the business of wearables and user attitudes and preferences that will shape the future of wearable technology in the enterprise. Learn more about what the benefits of wearablesare in the enterprise, what the business use cases are, and what it means for enterprises, including: the value of wearables to employees and businesses, how wearables create new work scenarios and the predications and considerations for implementation.

Enterprise wearables (workplace wearables) include any and all wearables purchased by businesses or sold for the purposes of workplace use, which includes fitness/health devices purchased for the use of corporate wellness programs. The terms wearabletechnology , wearable devices , and wearables all refer to electronic technologies or computers that are incorporated into itemsof clothing and accessories, which can comfortably be worn on the body including implantables. These wearable devices can perform many of the same computing tasks as mobile phones and laptop computers.

Introduction to the Market
Wearables Defined
Workplace Wearables
Key Trends:
Key Market Insights
Primary Drivers & Market Indicators
Challenges & Barriers to Adoption
Bring Your Own Wearable
Related Markets & Considerations
Market Opportunity
Key Forecasts
Key Related Smartphone Data
Key Vendor News & Announcements
Other Technology Vendors
Top Industry Opportunities
Use Cases
Workforce Transformation and Productivity
Training and Development
Data Analytics
Key Trials
Top Application Areas
Delivery & Logistics
Emergency Personnel
Oil & Gas
Related Survey Results
Analyst Predictions
Mind Commerce
Compass Intelligence
Final Recommendations & Next Steps
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List of Charts
Chart 1: Potential for Workplace BYOD Security Risks, Global Survey & Feedback (n=102)
Chart 2: Global Number of BYOD Devices in Workplace, 2015-2020 (millions)
Chart 3: Global BYOD Adoption by Size of Business, 2015 & 2020
Chart 4: Global Mobile Device Growth, 2015 & 2020
Chart 5: U.S. Enterprise Wearables Market: Device Revenues, 2014-2019 (billions)
Chart 6: U.S. Enterprise Wearables Market: Units Sold, 2014-2019 (thousands)
Chart 7: U.S. Enterprise Wearables Market: Detailed Data, 2014-2019 (thousands)
Chart 8: U.S. Smartphones Shipments & Annual Growth, 2014-2019 (thousands)
Chart 9: U.S. Smartphone Activations & Annual Growth, 2014-2019 (thousands)
Chart 10: Wearable Device Interest & Preferences, Compass Intelligence Survey-May 2015
Chart 11: Most Useful Work Activities for Wearables, Compass Intelligence Survey-May 2015
Chart 12: Top Benefits of Workplace Wearables, Compass Intelligence Survey-May 20159

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