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Catalina Research offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in assisting action oriented executives in uncovering industry intelligence. Their research director, Stuart Hirschhorn, has researched construction material, building equipment, and related industries for over three decades.

Catalina Research provides the most in depth, up-to-date, and insightful data on construction materials and building equipment markets. The Reports include pertinent information from government agencies, proprietary research sources, and competitor intelligence. Catalina has relationships with leading business associations and trade publications to deliver the most insightful industry intelligence.

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102 Reports from Catalina Research

  • First Look On Fasteners And Nails

    ... in residential and nonresidential construction spending. Price gains are also contributing to growth. However, rising material and labor costs are putting pressure on profit margins. These and other industry trends are uncovered in this up-to-date ... Read More

  • First Look On Plastic Pipe And Fittings

    ... an upward trend. Manufacturers are increasing prices as resin price increase along with oil prices. Relatively strong growing product lines include drain, waste, and vent pipe, water pipe, and oil and gas pipe. Manufacturers are ... Read More

  • Windows

    ... upturn in new residential sales also received a boost from an increase in the number of windows installed per new housing unit. However, the numbers of windows installed per new housing unit remains below pre-recession ... Read More

  • Doors

    ... smaller multi-family housing units. Meanwhile, the residential replacement market has lagged overall market growth since the driver of residential remodeling projects- existing home sales- are being held back by below average income and employment gains ... Read More

  • Molding and Other Wood Millwork

    ... record 2006 levels since housing starts are still about 50.0% below pre-recession levels. In recent years, dollar sales gains also benefited from relatively strong price increases for wood molding. These and other industry trends are ... Read More

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

    ... coverings installations in residential markets. As a result, carpet cleaning services increased their reliance on commercial markets. Carpets cleaning services also diversified their service offerings to boost growth, and now rely more heavily on commercial ... Read More

  • Janitorial Services

    ... the recovery as businesses remained cautious. On the other hand, household spending on cleaning services increased at relatively sharp rates as the economy recovered and household finances improved. These and other trends are uncovered in ... Read More

  • Locksmiths

    ... 2011 and stronger nonresidential construction spending over the past year. This latter trend could lead to even sharper gains during 2015 since locksmith services rely much more heavily on nonresidential work. These and other trends ... Read More

  • Moving and Storage Services

    ... derived from the residential market. However, revenues remain below pre-recession levels since housing demand has not fully recovered. These and other trends are uncovered in this up-to-date Catalina First Look on Moving and Storage Services. ... Read More

  • Mirrors and Picture Framescat

    ... is expected to strengthen further during 2015 due to stronger gains for employment and personal income. Product sales, however, are increasingly sourced from foreign-based manufacturers. These and other industry trends are uncovered in this up-to-date ... Read More

  • Window Coverings

    ... billion. Sales increased as consumers responded positively to rising employment and personal income. In addition, commercial market purchases increased in importance in recent years as private nonresidential building construction spending increased at double-digit rates. Rising ... Read More

  • Interior Design and Decorator Services

    ... residential and nonresidential building construction activity. Service providers increased their dependence on commercial work since the housing market has not fully recovered. They also increased their reliance on interior decorator services. Revenues are forecast to ... Read More

  • Appliance Retailers

    ... are now the leading retailer of major household appliances. Home centers became aggressive sellers of major household appliances as the home improvement market began to recover from the recession. These and other trends are uncovered ... Read More

  • Cooking Equipment

    ... boost from increasing existing home sales, which stimulates consumer remodeling activity. Some two-thirds of sales are for electric cooking equipment. Electric cooking equipment also outpaced gas cooking equipment sales since the mid-2000s. These and other ... Read More

  • Refrigerators and Freezers

    ... rise of kitchen remodeling activity. Import shipments, however, leveled off in the fourth quarter of 2014. These and other industry trends are uncovered in this up-to-date Catalina First Look on Refrigerators and Freezers. This First ... Read More

  • Small Electric Appliances

    ... remodeling spending. Consumer purchases are also being stimulated by new product introductions, especially in the cooking appliance sector. In addition, consumers have responded positively to aggressive pricing. Foreign-sourced products continue to dominate this market, capturing ... Read More

  • Air Conditioning Equipment & Heat Pumps

    ... that began in 2011. Stronger 2014 demand can be seen in the surge of import shipments as foreign-sourced products continue to gain share in the U.S. market. These and other industry trends are uncovered in ... Read More

  • Heating Equipment

    ... nonelectric warm air furnaces, oil and gas burners, ventilators, and solar energy collectors. These and other industry trends are uncovered in this up-to-date Catalina First Look on Heating Equipment. This First Look also provides data ... Read More

  • Water Heaters

    ... in new home construction. Sales of electric and nonelectric water heaters are estimated to have topped $2.9 billion in 2014. These and other industry trends are uncovered in this up-to-date Catalina First Look on Water ... Read More

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Outdoor lighting Fixtures

    ... nonresidential building construction spending. Sales have been strongest to contractors building hotels and motels, office buildings, and commercial structures. Foreign-based manufacturers have taken advantage of these growing selling opportunities. These and other industry trends are ... Read More

  • Current-Carrying Wiring Devices

    ... activity recovered from the deep 2009 recession. The recovery was initially sharpest in residential markets as housing starts soared. However, growth is expected to be led by nonresidential market purchases during 2015. These and other ... Read More

  • Electronic Wire and Cable

    ... 2014. Domestic manufacturers experienced sharper growth in 2014 due to a surge in export shipments in the fourth quarter. These and other industry trends are uncovered in this up-to-date Catalina First Look on Electronic Wire ... Read More

  • Non-Current-Carrying Wiring Devices

    ... housing starts. However, nonresidential construction activity did not catch up until recent quarters. The nonresidential market was held down by continued declines in public construction activity. This situation began to change in the second half ... Read More

  • Residential Lighting Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

    ... This was followed by stronger gains in residential replacement sales. A sharp increase in ceiling fan imports in the fourth quarter of 2014 could indicate that sales gains could remain strong during 2015. These and ... Read More

  • Switchgear, Low Voltage

    ... the panelboard and distribution board sectors. These and other industry trends are uncovered in this up-to-date Catalina First Look on Low Voltage Switchgear. This First Look also provides data on product line sales, price trends, ... Read More

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