What's next for dairy and soy? Identifying new and hot trends that will shape the market over the next five years

What's next for dairy and soy? Identifying new and hot trends that will shape the market over the next five years


The dairy market has witnessed significant change in the last decade, with greater competition leading to increasing levels of innovation in a number of dairy categories. This has been a contributory factor in the surge in the amount of dairy consumed globally, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Emerging markets such as Brazil, India, and China are all expected to display high levels of growth, highlighting their continued development and the strides manufacturers are taking to better target the dairy market in emerging countries. In developed countries, factors such as convenience and targeting health-conscious consumers remain important. This report highlights the importance of understanding how consumers in different countries have differing needs, and the importance of targeting consumers with appropriate products.

Key Findings

The trend and the hype surrounding protein has long been established, however this trend is likely to fade, as average protein levels currently exceed recommended levels, especially in western countries

Due to an increasing amount of allergies and intolerances in younger consumers, alternative dairy sources such as camel milk and goat milk and will become more popular in the coming years

Certain dairy categories are seen as being very generic with consumers often unable to differentiate between variations in product attributes. This is causing frustration among consumers who want something new and novel, tired with consuming the same old products

Craft offerings provide consumers with products ‘the way they like it’, adding an element of individualism and personal attention some consumers crave


The “What's next for dairy and soy? Identifying new and hot trends that will shape the market over the next five years” report by Canadean examines emerging and future trends in the dairy market. Greater competition in the market is leading to innovation and a range of products suitable for many consumers. Manufacturers are also seen to be paying more attention to health-conscious consumers who are looking for alternatives to traditional dairy products. Convenience is another factor that is being looked at by manufacturers, as the busy lives of consumers is leading to them turning to the dairy market in their quest for a healthy yet convenient snack.

What else does this report offer?

The report compiles market data, allowing you to spot growth opportunities in the market

Product examples showing how innovation leaders are successfully targeting the growing trends in dairy

Consumers in emerging economies are more skeptical in terms of the types of products they purchase, given recent scandals and scares

Reasons To Buy

Identify ways in which you can encourage a greater number of consumers to purchase dairy products, by addressing concerns surrounding trust and traceability

Key insights and recommendations will help you derive key strategies that will allow you to compete with market leaders and provide a competitive edge to product launches

Our unique consumer data has been developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, giving you an exclusive insight into what consumers want and what motivates them

Executive Summary
Opportunities in dairy
Importance of targeting specific age groups with relevant products
Direction of the dairy market over the next five years Introduction and Methodology
Survey, market and consumer data
Canadean mega-trends Key growth markets in Dairy and Soy
Volume data and forecast in the ten core countries
Fastest growing Dairy markets by country
Volume data and forecast growth by category
On-trade vs. Off-trade
Foodservice data
How private label brands target consumers Important consumer targets and leading motivations in Dairy
How age dynamics influences consumers in different countries
Identifying over-consumers will help manufacturers better target consumers
Key trends in the Aging West, Middle-aged Emerging Markets, and Young Markets of the Future
Key consumer motivations by category
How the dairy market will evolve over the next ten years
Functional benefits will remain a key issue in dairy
How consumers see protein, and where this is heading
How products with satiety enhancing properties help with weight management
Reasons for consumers looking to adopt a dairy-free diet
Effects of misdiagnosis on consumers
Importance of dairy in helping fight health issues such as osteoporosis
Consumers will seek more new and novel experiences
How manufacturers are responding to consumer complaints of generic products
Impact of travel on creating greater exposure to new and novel dairy products
The need for individualism and how it manifests to the craft trend
Consumers will demand more traceability
What manufacturers need to do to regain the trust of consumers
Role of on-the-go consumption
How busy lives is causing changes to the packaging of certain dairy products
Importance of indulgence in on-the-go dairy Appendix
Category definitions
Survey methodology
Market data methodology
Consumer data methodology
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