Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Convenience

Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Convenience


The ‘Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Convenience’ report examines how consumer attitudes and behaviour across FMCG markets are being shaped by a lack of time or willingness to spend time on everyday activities such as cooking. The report examines how the concept of convenience is evolving, the implications from a new product development perspective and the challenges faced by the industry when launching convenient products

Key Findings

Time-scarcity is impacting on people’s ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. Consumers are frequently skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner and substituting these with alternatives such as snacks or soft drinks. This contradicts consumers’ desires to lead healthier lifestyle and highlights a big opportunity for healthy snack products

Time-scarcity is also impacting on the mental wellbeing of people, with many reporting a lack of energy and also feeling that they do not have as much time as they would like to spend on more favorable activities with their friends and families. This highlights the opportunity to position convenience products around enabling consumers to improve their work/life balance – promoting the benefits of the products rather than the features

Convenience can also be linked to a lack of desire to spend time on tasks such as cooking as opposed to just inability to be able to do so. However, despite not wanting to spend time on certain tasks, people also do not want to trade off on other product attributes such as taste and health. This means that convenience products should not over-promoted around convenience but instead more sensory attributes such as great taste


This report analyses survey responses to questions exploring attitudes to changing lifestyles and convenience. Important changes in consumer behavior are explained and recommendations for manufacturers and retailers are drawn from this, identifying profitable markets and areas for innovation.

Get access to:

Exclusive analysis based on 48 countries; take a deep dive into global attitudes and behaviors, prime intelligence and insight for the entire supply-chain

Understand consumption patterns and recommendations to target the market opportunities

Regional comparisons granting unique insight into varying regional and country attitudes to related to convenient foods, beverages and personal care products

Detailed matrixes exploring key recommendations for manufactures from a product, targeting and retail perspective; broken down by food, soft and alcoholic drinks, cosmetics and toiletries.

Reasons To Buy

Uncover consumer analysis that provides detailed insight into the FMCG market and explore clear opportunities for new product development

Get instant, accurate and reliable analysis drawing on at least 1,000 survey respondents from 48 key countries to track consumer behavior and compare at a regional level

The recommended actions and analysis throughout the report will allow manufacturers to align their research and development and marketing strategy with the stand out trends influencing consumer behavior

Key findings
Executive Summary
Key findings from across the globe
Introduction to Canadean’s Mega-Trend framework
Country report coverage
Canadean sub-trends
Overview of seven key sub-trends
Time-scarce nature of the modern day consumer
Impact of time-scarcity on prepared meals
Importance of on-the-go beverage consumption
How consumers prefer to spend their time
How consumers can ‘keep-going’ and get through the day
The work-life balance of consumers
Short-term priorities for consumers
Key recommendations for manufacturers
The evolution of traditional meal-times
Sacrifice of other need states in favor of time-saving solutions
Exploring meal time habits
Impact of meal-skipping on snacking
The impact of time-scarcity on traditional meal-times and snacking occasions (cont.)
Types of products consumers will snack on and the reasons for it
The need to combine meal-times with other activities
Products consumers are using as ‘meal-replacements’
Key recommendations for manufacturers
Ways to get consumers to free up their time
Why consumers want and prefer convenient options
Key recommendations for manufacturers
Positioning and pricing strategies by retailers when it comes to convenient products
Key recommendations for manufacturers
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