Production and Market of Melamine in China 2017

Production and Market of Melamine in China 2017

As a thorough research on melamine industry in China, this report provides an integrated analysis of the production & market of melamine and professional forecasts to guide the investments and businesses for melamine producers and downstream players who pay close attention to melamine industry or try to find opportunities from it. Readers of our report have benefits such as:

  • Use our forecasts to adjust strategy.
  • Understand the developing trends of the industry.
  • Gain insight into leading Chinese producers.
  • Gain insight of downstream opportunities.
China is currently the biggest melamine producer and supplier in the world. The domestic melamine capacity almost tripled during 2006–2016, but how could the operation rate be in a downtrend at the same time? About 20% of the total melamine output was exported every year from China, how did other countries react to China’s mass exportation? Melamine is commonly used in laminate, coatings, papermaking, textile, leather, mold plastics, flame retardant additives and water-reducing admixtures in China, which of them had the largest growth in the past five year? Domestic melamine production methods are widely adopted as technology developed, which of them is the most popular methods in China?

Answers to these questions can be found in this intelligent report. The key points of this report are listed as below:
  • Production, consumption, price, import & export of melamine in China. Government policies and technology of melamine production in China.
  • Forecasts on production and consumption of melamine in China.

Executive summary
Introduction and Methodology
1 Production of melamine in China
1.1 Production of melamine before 2016
1.2 Production of melamine in 2016
1.2.1 Summary of producers
1.2.2 Summary of production
1.2.3 Brief introduction of production technology of melamine
1.2.4 Special findings on melamine production Governmental policies on melamine production Urea supply Underutilization of capacity
2 Import and export analysis of melamine in China, 2012–2016
2.1 Export rebate rate of melamine
2.2 Import & export of melamine, 2012–2016
2.3 Import & export analysis of melamine, 2016
2.3.1 Import analysis
2.3.2 Export analysis
3.1 Influencing factors
3.1.1 Raw material
3.1.2 Export
3.1.3 Inflation
3.2 Melamine price, 2012–2016
4 Consumption of melamine in China
4.1 Consumption by quantity, 2012–2016
4.2 Consumption by downstream industry, 2012–2016
4.3 Brief introduction of major downstream industries of melamine
4.3.1 Laminate
4.3.2 Coatings
4.3.3 Papermaking, textile and leather
4.3.4 Molded plastics
4.3.5 Water-reducing admixtures
4.3.6 Flame retardant additives
4.3.7 Others
4.4 Consumption by geological location, 2016
5 Competitive landscapes in melamine industry in China
6 Forecast on melamine industry in China
6.1 Driving forces and barriers in melamine industry development
6.1.1 Driving force Downstream demand Advanced technology Higher threshold of entry
6.1.2 Barriers Anti-dumping from overseas Overcapacity
6.2 Forecast on melamine production and consumption, 2017–2021
6.2.1 Forecast on production
6.2.2 Forecast on consumption
7 Conclusions and opportunities
7.1 Conclusions
7.2 Opportunities
8 Appendix
8.1 Information of some end users in China
8.2 Company profiles of major melamine producers in China
8.2.1 Major active producers Sichuan Golden Elephant Sincerity Chemical Co., Ltd. Haohua-Junhua Group Co., Ltd. Shandong Shuntian Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Henan Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. Holitech Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Sanhe Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd. Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Xinlianxin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. Yangmei Fengxi Fertilizer Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Chengdu Yulong Chemical Co., Ltd. CNPC Urumqi Petroleum Chemical General Factory Tianjin Kaiwei Chemical Co., Ltd.
8.2.2 Stopped producers Sichuan Chemical Industry Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.
8.2.3 Potential producers Kuitun Jinjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanxi Jinfeng Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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