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  • Asia Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... terms, despite downside risks from increasing trade tensionsand the global economic slowdown. Emerging Asia will grow at nearly twice the rate of Developed Asia, which will be constrained bycost-containment measures. Increased patient volumes due to ... Read More

  • Europe Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... import reliance,and increasing multinational presence in certain markets. Risks to our market forecasts include slowing global growth, which willcontinue to drag on the Central & Eastern European economy going into 2020. In the eurozone, there ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... the next several years, which will contain government spending and so medical device market growth. Despite itsslowdown, Saudi Arabia will continue to lead the GCC medical device market, while Iran will spearhead the non-GCC medical ... Read More

  • Finland Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... a steady rise in medical device consumption, increasingfinancial pressures on the healthcare system and the relatively small population overall are likely to constrain future growth rates.While Finland has a history of high quality domestic production, ... Read More

  • Ireland Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... the introduction of universal health insurance, thegrowing healthcare needs of the ageing population, increased capital investment and the uptake of new technology. The marketwill remain import dependent in many sectors despite a well-established domestic industry ... Read More

  • Jordan Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... tourism, a key market growth driver. Jordan’s focus onboosting the healthcare sector as part of its 2018-2022 economic strategy will nevertheless support medical devices marketgrowth, which will remain positive boosted by a modest economic recovery. Read More

  • Latin America Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... and overlapping political volatilities. The non-MERCOSUR region willcontinue to be the best performer, despite the effects of the increasing US focus on trade and foreign policy throughout the region.The MERCOSUR region will be driven by ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... The SSA market will remain heavily reliant on imports andinternational aid and funding, therefore multinationals will continue to strengthen their presence. Consumables will record thefastest CAGR in weighted local currency terms, while orthopaedics & prosthetics ... Read More

  • Switzerland Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... part of the forecast period. The market will benefit from the country’s resilienteconomy. Favourable tax rates, high demand for sophisticated products and continued investment in medtech start-ups will alsoboost growth in the medical technology sector. Read More

  • United States Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... a two-yearsuspension of the medical device tax. However, downside risks remain, including pressures to bring back manufacturing, changes inthe national and global trade framework, efforts to repeal and replace the ACA, and greater pricing scrutiny. Read More

  • Venezuela Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... controls and shortages will continueto challenge public and private healthcare access, despite government efforts to portray a positive healthcare system. Publicmanufacturing concentration will remain ineffective in tackling medical device shortages in the country. The continuing ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... 2018-2023 period. The market is largely reliant upon imports which are primarily sourced from other EUmember states. Market growth will be dependent upon increasing healthcare funding and the success of efforts to develop theprivate sector. Read More

  • Denmark Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... the country's generous welfare system a constraining factor.The market will benefit from an economy outperfoming the eurozone, supported by strong private consumption. The transfer ofmore hearing aid production abroad and Coloplast’s programme to reduce local ... Read More

  • France Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... driven by the rising healthcare needs of theageing population and the need to keep pace with new technology. However, lengthy delays in gaining reimbursement for newdevices remain a concern despite government measures to support innovation. Read More

  • Kenya Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... depreciation of the Kenyan shilling. The market will remain heavily reliant onimports due to domestic manufacturers focusing on basic consumables. Ambitions of achieving universal healthcare coverage willbenefit medical device manufacturers and provide commercial opportunities ahead. Read More

  • Morocco Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... over our forecast period both in local currency and US dollar terms, togetherwith the expansion of universal health insurance coverage, external funding and increasing investment in healthcare infrastructure.However, the market will remain heavily import dependent. Read More

  • South Africa Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... government investment. The establishment of the South African Health ProductsRegulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and other recent regulatory developments will benefit the healthcare sector and increase medicaldevice market access. Domestic production will continue to grow in sophistication, ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... forecast period. Positive demographics, the growingincidence of chronic diseases, universal access to good quality healthcare services and government support for innovation and newtechnology acquisition will remain key market drivers boosting growth in the longer term. Read More

  • Portugal Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... will be moderate, with low prices and lower volume purchases, containedby long-term economic weaknesses. Small and medium-sized companies have to deal with large debts owed by public hospitals,despite increased investment intended to reduce this problem. Read More

  • Vietnam Information Technology Q4 2019

    ... solutions in the private sector, while the opening up of the public sector toprivate IT firms is another growth avenue. The risk backdrop is however increasingly uncertain, with risks of a regional or globalslowdown elevated ... Read More

  • New Zealand Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... extra funding for healthcare in the FY2019/20 budget, heavy reliance on medicaldevice imports and the growing domestic production sector. However, the District Health Boards' focus on cost efficiency and astronger policy on medical device reimbursement ... Read More

  • China Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... industry will benefit from key elementsof China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), notably the emphasis placed on the strategic importance of innovation as afundamental driver of future development. Other strategic priorities, such as the programme to ... Read More

  • Bahrain Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... to rely on imported medical devices as manufacturing capabilities in thecountry are limited. Population growth, a changing epidemiological profile and increasing health expenditure will be other growthdrivers, despite ongoing political instability and a lack of ... Read More

  • Russia Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... The market will benefit from the large population, healthcare projects,the development of medical tourism, the need to modernise existing infrastructure, heavy reliance on medical device imports, thesimplified medical device registration process, and agreements between domestic ... Read More

  • Canada Medical Devices Q4 2019

    ... and well established medical device market which ranks eighth in the world in terms of value.The market will register moderate growth over the forecast period, which reflects high economy activity that will slow from 2019onwards. Read More

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