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The world is interconnected and complex. Understanding and simplifying it is difficult. At BMI Research, that challenge is what inspires us.

Through ‘Total Analysis,’ our unique, reflexive approach linking macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis, we help clients gain unparalleled insight across 24 industries and 200 global markets.

For more than 30 years, our forecasts, data and analyses have been used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions to guide critical strategic, tactical and investment decisions. Clients include a majority of Global Fortune 500 companies.

With offices in London, New York, Singapore and Pretoria, BMI Research is part of Fitch Group, a global leader in financial information services.

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5811 Reports from BMI Research

  • United Kingdom Telecommunications Q4 2018

    ... between 3 and O2, have created deep imbalances in the market, with BT a clear dominantplayer. Meanwhile, the government is keen to improve data services in the country and has offered GBP25mn to six 5G ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Tourism Q4 2018

    ... to watch for the tourism industry include border controls, which could causeextra expense and delays for visitors from key source markets, and freedom of service arrangements, which are vital for the air travelindustry. The economic ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... multinational drugmakers are deterred by thechallenging macroeconomic environment. Achieving self-sufficiency in the sector will require currency regime reform; however, itremains unclear which new regime they will adopt. This creates uncertain conditions in Zimbabwe's pharmaceutical market ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Tourism Q4 2018

    ... which was not derailed by the coup in November whichresulted in Emmerson Mnangagwa assuming the presidency. Mnangagwa's openness to economic reforms offers the tourismsector the opportunity for recovery from the mismanagement of the last two ... Read More

  • Asia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... than twice the rate of Developed Asia. Growth from increasedpatient volumes due to expanding healthcare systems, ageing demographics and the rising incidence of chronic diseases will beoffset by the continued pressure to maximise efficiencies, particularly ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... 2017-2022 period. The market is largely reliant upon imports which are primarily sourced from other EUmember states. Market growth will be dependent upon increasing healthcare funding and the success of efforts to develop theprivate sector. Read More

  • France Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... driven by the rising healthcare needs of theageing population and the need to keep pace with new technology. However, lengthy delays in gaining reimbursement for newdevices remain a concern despite government measures to support innovation. Read More

  • Global Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... for higher growth. The cost of launching new medical devices andintegrating acquisitions could negatively impact profitability in the short term. Foreign currency translation will have less of anegative impact on the headline growth of European ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... medical device market growth. Despite its slowdown, Saudi Arabia will continue to lead the GCC market,while Iran will spearhead the non-GCC market. The UAE will remain a predominant base for multinational medical device companiesto set ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... low oil prices compelled the government to severely restrict spending on healthcare products. Foreign multinational firms willnevertheless still be wary of state intervention, and investment plans are likely to be curbed over the medium term. Read More

  • Mozambique Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... key driver of growth in the African nation over the mediumterm. We believe that the freight industry is well-placed to benefit from these developments. Indeed, we maintain our positiveforecasts for all freight modes, as the ... Read More

  • South Africa Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... portof Durban. Primary sector exports will grow only slowly due to limited domestic output growth. Import demand from SouthernAfrica, as a whole, for which South Africa is one of the key gateways, will grow strongly. Read More

  • South Korea Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... status as a transhipment hub, combined with strong regional economic growth, will ensure steady growthin the country's freight and shipping volumes. However, rising global trade protectionism driven by the US represents a threat to thisexpansion. Read More

  • Taiwan Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... freight sector. We note that headline economic growth will be supportive and rising domesticdemand and a surge in exports will be a boon for the logistics sector. Factors supporting healthy trade growth momentum willinclude a ... Read More

  • Turkey Tourism Q4 2018

    ... the fall in value of the lira which has made the country one of themost attractive and affordable summer holiday destinations in the region. International visitor numbers are rising rapidly, driving uptourism related spending and ... Read More

  • Venezuela Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... View: Venezuela's consumer sector will continue to contract amidst the broader economic calamity in the country.Households will see spending power undermined by rising unemployment and hyperinflation, while increased price controls willexacerbate shortages of essential goods. Read More

  • Kenya Tourism Q4 2018

    ... pristine beaches, a reputation for wildlife viewing and adeveloped safari network. The market had been hard hit by a series of terror attacks and domestic political unrest in recent years.Nevertheless, the future is brighter with ... Read More

  • Morocco Telecommunications Q4 2018

    ... adjusted our mobile growth forecast in the face ofexpected SIM disconnections in the near future and strong price competition between operators. Mobile data, in particular 4G, andother OTT and VAS services, will remain the market's ... Read More

  • Namibia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... and efficiency issues within the public healthcare sector. The small middle-and upper-class segments provide pockets of demand for innovative medicines, which will continue to be imported by key regionalplayers and representative offices of established multinationals. Read More

  • Netherlands Power Q4 2018

    ... being the growth driver in the Dutch powersector over our forecast period to 2027. Investment in new thermal and nuclear projects will be deterred by the lack of financialfeasibility and pursuit of lower carbon emissions. ... Read More

  • New Zealand Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... downside pressure from cooling mortgage growth. Lending to the agriculture sector, whichremains heavily indebted, is also likely to be weak. Regulators will likely continue to seek to strengthen the regulatory framework ofthe financial sector, particularly ... Read More

  • Poland Renewables Q4 2018

    ... due to stringent regulations. An upside risk to this outlook is the lower amount ofregulations facing offshore wind and smaller capacity projects. Wind and biomass power will be the dominant sources ofrenewables in the country. Read More

  • Qatar Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... well over the remainder of our forecastperiod (2019-2022). Rising oil prices are having a positive impact on Qatar's economy which bodes well for consumer confidence.Qatari consumers are proving to be resilient despite the economic blockade. Read More

  • Sweden Autos Q4 2018

    ... View: This quarter, we have increased our new vehicle sales forecasts for 2018, now forecasting 5.3% growth for the market asa whole, with commercial vehicle (CV) sales (+12.8%) to outperform passenger vehicle (PV) sales (+4%). Read More

  • Thailand Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... levels of unemployment and wage growth will continue to buoy consumer spending whilehousehold debt steadily falls from its high. Meanwhile, high frequency indicators of consumer confidence picking up and retail salesrising in tandem will further ... Read More

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