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The world is interconnected and complex. Understanding and simplifying it is difficult. At BMI Research, that challenge is what inspires us.

Through ‘Total Analysis,’ our unique, reflexive approach linking macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis, we help clients gain unparalleled insight across 24 industries and 200 global markets.

For more than 30 years, our forecasts, data and analyses have been used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions to guide critical strategic, tactical and investment decisions. Clients include a majority of Global Fortune 500 companies.

With offices in London, New York, Singapore and Pretoria, BMI Research is part of Fitch Group, a global leader in financial information services.

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  • Bulgaria Consumer Electronics Q1 2018

    ... Device penetration rates are lower than most of the region, and there is still some scope for vendors to target first time buyers, but these consumers are increasingly concentrated in less affluent and harder to ... Read More

  • Canada Petrochemicals Q1 2018

    ... 2018, after a confluence of positive one- off factors that boosted growth in 2017 begin to reverse. In particular, we see diminishing contributions from private consumption, oil sector investment, the real estate industry, and exports. Read More

  • Canada Telecommunications Q1 2018

    ... is boosting its telecoms presence with recent deals, as It is focusing on its footprint, as is Quebecor, and we expect they are more likely to follow the MTS route, where they are eventually acquired ... Read More

  • China Renewables Q1 2018

    ... the global renewables space by some margin in terms of sector growth over the next decade, as robust government support and ambitious expansion plans will see China add more than 300GW between 2016 and 2026. ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... will be insufficient to meet rising demand. We have decided to include the LNG import option for gas-to-power projects from 2018 onwards, noting downside risks to gas consumption should the project not start-up on time. Read More

  • Ethiopia Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... Considering numerous above- and below-ground risks and disappointing results to date, we believe investor interest will weaken over the coming years, particularly when viewed in light of the weak oil price environment and capex reductions. Read More

  • Europe Food & Drink Q1 2018

    ... healthier and speciality products in the food and drink marketplace. We expect companies to innovate and to make acquisitions in order to meet the demand for rapidly growing segments such as low sugar products and ... Read More

  • France Infrastructure Q1 2018

    ... rates, and limited public spending capacity is also restricting growth in the non-residential sector. As such, growth opportunities are restricted largely to the energy sector, specifically the development of renewables, and the transport sector, where ... Read More

  • Germany Insurance Q1 2018

    ... renders both markets difficult and therefore unattractive to new entrants who are seeking to penetrate the German market organically. Due to the high degree of competition, we also expect to see some degree of ongoing ... Read More

  • Global Food & Drink Q1 2018

    ... a slowdown in revenues for global majors, which are aiming to reverse this trend by acquiring smaller, niche brands that are experiencing rapid growth. We expect this to continue into 2018 while the period of ... Read More

  • Greece Banking & Financial Services Q1 2018

    ... sector vulnerable, particularly in light of forthcoming asset quality reviews and persistently high non-performing loans exposures. High unemployment rates are a major hindrance to growth in the insurance sector, leaving the market heavily reliant upon ... Read More

  • Indonesia Food & Drink Q1 2018

    ... in the mass grocery retail sector will lead to an expansion in the range of products available. Indonesia's large and youthful population of more than 260mn presents significant opportunities for consumer-facing sectors. However, a notable ... Read More

  • Indonesia Mining Q1 2018

    ... the easing of the mineral ore export ban. Nevertheless, policy uncertainty, bureaucracy, resource nationalism and regulatory hurdles will increasingly lead to foreign miners divesting their assets and handing them over to locals as they leave. Read More

  • Israel Banking & Financial Services Q1 2018

    ... are at least part-government owned, providing some stability though their dominance drives down competition in the market and increases costs for Israeli customers. Plans to increase competition in the credit card sector should help to ... Read More

  • Japan Agribusiness Q1 2018

    ... update. We envisage minor gains in the livestock sector. The grains sector will remain exposed to production volatility and heavily reliant on imports. Poultry production growth over the medium term will also see steady gains. Read More

  • Kyrgyzstan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2018

    ... lack of regulatory oversight will create a challenging environment, creating a major access barrier to drugmakers. Moreover, affordability levels are low, resulting in drug demand almost exclusively within the non-branded generic and over-the-counter medicines sectors. Read More

  • Latin America Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... weaken the region's trade balance in both gas and liquids through 2021. Increasingly business-friendly terms in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil will boost private investment into the upstream, offsetting the impact of prolonged oil price weakness. Read More

  • Lithuania Insurance Q1 2018

    ... small in absolute size and characterised by low income levels - as is reflected by the rates of insurance density and penetration in both major segments. Robust economic developments over the coming years are, however, ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Food & Drink Q1 2018

    ... as Egypt. In the medium to long term, we see diverging trends between developed Gulf markets and their North African counterparts. GCC markets, as well as Israel, will see rising demand for convenience and online ... Read More

  • Netherlands Food & Drink Q1 2018

    ... the forefront of global research and development, and there are numerous well-established brands active in the market. Strong household income rates, combined with further economic growth, mean that prospects for growth in this mature market ... Read More

  • Nigeria Infrastructure Q1 2018

    ... over our full forecast period up to 2026. Supporting this recovery is the government's prioritisation of infrastructure in its development plan, with improved liquidity in the wider economy and increased oil production enabling its execution. Read More

  • Norway Infrastructure Q1 2018

    ... next decade. Residential construction has performed strongly, but we expect it to drag on headline growth over 2018 as the market cools. A transitioning economy will provide opportunities for construction and infrastructure, as will fixed ... Read More

  • Oman Consumer & Retail Q1 2018

    ... through subsidy cuts and reduced public sector hiring, as well as a GCC-wide VAT introduction. This will weigh substantially on consumer spending and will lower sentiment, which will be further dampened by rising interest rates. Read More

  • Oman Consumer Electronics Q1 2018

    ... electronics device spending over the medium term. Secondly, improving GDP growth buoyed by rising global levels of oil price and greater production will further improve macroeconomic fundamentals over the course of the year and support ... Read More

  • Qatar Information Technology Q1 2018

    ... the absence of escalation we expect the government to use its considerable resources to buffer negative impacts, which will sustain economic growth, and broader initiatives for public and private sector digitisation, as well positive spillover ... Read More

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