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The world is interconnected and complex. Understanding and simplifying it is difficult. At BMI Research, that challenge is what inspires us.

Through ‘Total Analysis,’ our unique, reflexive approach linking macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis, we help clients gain unparalleled insight across 24 industries and 200 global markets.

For more than 30 years, our forecasts, data and analyses have been used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions to guide critical strategic, tactical and investment decisions. Clients include a majority of Global Fortune 500 companies.

With offices in London, New York, Singapore and Pretoria, BMI Research is part of Fitch Group, a global leader in financial information services.

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5755 Reports from BMI Research

  • Egypt Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... to create difficult market conditions. Thecountry's designation as a ‘Watch List' country in PhRMA's 2018 submission highlights discriminatory market access policies, andlow levels of intellectual property protection as ongoing concerns for multinational drugmakers. Egypt's long-term ... Read More

  • Japan Tourism Q4 2018

    ... is extensive with a range ofdomestic and international airports providing excellent connectivity alongside a comprehensive road and rail system. The hotelmarket is also well developed and international brands are increasingly active in the country. Proximity ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... The country is attracting greater foreign investment into itsdomestic pharmaceutical industry, with Roche and Servier the latest multinational drugmakers to commit to the market. In Addition,the state-owned SK-Pharmacy new tender favouring domestically-produced medicines in line ... Read More

  • Kenya Autos Q4 2018

    ... 2018 Key View: Easier lending conditions, greater political stability and robust construction sector activity will drive growth of 8.6% intotal vehicle first registrations (which includes sales of new and second-hand vehicles) in Kenya in 2018. Read More

  • Kenya Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... ‘Big Four Agenda’ to 2022, providing upside risks to ourpharmaceuticals and healthcare forecasts. However, while this development highlights greater political will to improve healthcareaccess in Kenya, the target is highly ambitious over the coming five ... Read More

  • Kuwait Insurance Q4 2018

    ... providers are expected to achievefurther growth in 2018. This comes in light of an uptick in economic activity in the country as oil prices rise, boosting GDP growthand stimulating greater private consumption. That being said, ... Read More

  • Lebanon Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... Increasinginflationary pressures pose a risk to consumer purchasing power in H218; however, we expect to see inflation moderating over theremainderof our forecast period (2019-2022). Remittances from Lebanon's citizens in the diasporacontinue to support domesticconsumer spending. Read More

  • Lithuania Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... the market to exhibit midsingle-digit growth over the 2017-2022 period, and higher growth in US dollar terms due to local currency appreciation. Robusteconomic growth and government commitments to improving healthcare provision will benefit the market. Read More

  • Malawi Autos Q4 2018

    ... keyagricultural sector. While multilateral financial support will underpin public investment, private sector activity will remain weak due toa poor business environment which in turn will keep Malawi's automotive industry weak over our 2018-2022 forecast period. Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Telecommunications Q4 2018

    ... their offerings of value-added services, particularly those that can leverage their investmentsinto mobile and fixed broadband. Specifically, operators are modernising their existing infrastructure, improving their video-on-demand offerings and entering the lucrative private sector through partnerships ... Read More

  • Australia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... growth in the medical device market. We forecast moderate growth on the back of key drivers such as ageingdemographics, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases contributing to rising hospital admissions and the government'scommitment to innovation. Read More

  • Bahamas Insurance Q4 2018

    ... investment prospects as indicated by their growth ratesand levels of insurance density and penetration, supported by improvements in disposable household incomes. Growth in theimportant property sub-sector has been constrained by over-capacity. Nevertheless, premiums are growing ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Telecommunications Q4 2018

    ... (as well as those in Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia) to theCzech private investment company PPF Group for EUR2.8bn. This follows the mobile market leader A1's (formerly Mobitel)acquisition of broadband and pay-TV player Blizoo in 2015. ... Read More

  • Colombia Power Q4 2018

    ... government’s plans to develop non-hydroelectric renewablepower sources and expand the national grid into areas with high potential for solar and wind-generated power will presentinvestment opportunities in the coming decade. While this offers an upside risk ... Read More

  • Costa Rica Tourism Q4 2018

    ... grow by 4.5% in 2018, following a rebound in arrivals from North America. However, overall slower growthfrom North America will weigh on arrivals to 2022, illustrating Costa Rica's ongoing dependence on the US source market. Read More

  • Croatia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... currency appreciation. The market will benefit from the economyoutpacing the wider EU over the next few years, as well as EU-funded healthcare investments. The market will remain reliant onimports due to the absence of large ... Read More

  • Denmark Renewables Q4 2018

    ... strong degree of policy continuity andthe highly developed nature of existing infrastructure, particularly transmission and distribution networks, which facilities theintegration of new renewables capacity. While wind power will continue to dominate the market, the smaller ... Read More

  • Estonia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... register high single-digit growth over the 2017-2022 period in both euro andUS dollar terms. The market is heavily reliant on imports, but its small size limits the scope for the purchase of more expensive items. Read More

  • Finland Renewables Q4 2018

    ... to supply around one third of the country's electricity needs by 2027. Biomass and wind power will remain primarytechnologies of choice, accounting for around 69% and 30% of total non-hydro renewables power output during 2018-2027. Read More

  • Greece Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... from 2019. The market will remainheavily reliant on imports, as domestic manufacturers are mainly small-scale operations. Slow economic recovery over the longterm, ongoing austerity measures and health expenditure cuts will continue to contain the marketplace. Read More

  • Hungary Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... policies. The government is also eager to boost bank lending anddevelop the local capital market, even with unorthodox measures. The industry remains highly concentrated, with large local andinternational financial groups dominating; these conglomerates are expected ... Read More

  • Italy Consumer Electronics Q4 2018

    ... of the combination of saturation in the highest valueproduct categories - smartphones, PCs and TV sets - and sluggish economic growth. Italy will continue to be a high value market inper capita terms based on ... Read More

  • Italy Tourism Q4 2018

    ... broad range of attractions which mean it cancater to the vast majority of travel segments, including lucrative business travel as well as leisure, gastro and eco-tourism. Whilecompetition in the accommodation sector is already intense, the ... Read More

  • Kenya Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... raised our growth expectations for the sector from 11.1% to 13.7% for 2018 on theback of greater political stability, a number of risks remain. Structurally, weak governance remains a problem in the banking sector,although consolidation ... Read More

  • Malaysia Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... efforts to expand and modernise the sector. The countryhas also become a hub for Islamic financial services, a dynamic sector that is likely to continue to develop as regulatory reformencourage new products and entrants into ... Read More

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