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The world is interconnected and complex. Understanding and simplifying it is difficult. At BMI Research, that challenge is what inspires us.

Through ‘Total Analysis,’ our unique, reflexive approach linking macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis, we help clients gain unparalleled insight across 24 industries and 200 global markets.

For more than 30 years, our forecasts, data and analyses have been used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions to guide critical strategic, tactical and investment decisions. Clients include a majority of Global Fortune 500 companies.

With offices in London, New York, Singapore and Pretoria, BMI Research is part of Fitch Group, a global leader in financial information services.

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5814 Reports from BMI Research

  • Denmark Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    Denmark Oil & Gas Q1 2019 Key View: For 2019, we forecast 2.4% growth in new vehicle sales, with commercial vehicle (CV) sales (+4.8%) to outperformpassenger vehicle (PV) sales (+2.0%). Read More

  • Algeria & Morocco Insurance Q1 2019

    ... Inflation on the ground is reported to be increasing, while in a majoritively electronicbased transactions system, the state has just introduced an electronic transactions tax. Consumers continue to bear the full brunt ofthe economic collapse. Read More

  • Dominican Republic Insurance Q1 2019

    ... FID on the Tyraredevelopment programme. The field redevelopment will enable Tyra and several neighboring fields to continue production overthe forecast period, ensuring a continuation of the Danish gas industry which otherwise would have been condemned. Read More

  • Egypt Agribusiness Q1 2019

    ... insurance. This is due to the low incomes oflocal households and the limited consumer awareness around life insurance and other discretionary lines. Slowly, we are starting tosee living standards and hence disposable incomes creep upwards ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Autos Q1 2019

    ... retain the view that Egypt will face growing production deficitsin grains and meat, while the dairy sector will benefit from sustained private investment. Leading up to 2022, an expandingpopulation and rising disposable incomes will support ... Read More

  • Finland Autos Q1 2019

    ... favourable economic outlook will underpin the growing demand for vehicles, therefore weforecast vehicle sales to increase by 14.0% in 2019 and continue its strong performance over our 2019-2027 forecast period toaverage annual growth of 10.1%. Read More

  • Finland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2019

    ... in line with economic headwinds, structural constraints in the labour market and more limited EUinvestment. We expect the construction industry's value to total over USD25bn by 2027, dominated by the residential and non-residential buildings sector. Read More

  • Gold Quarterly Q1 2019

    ... continue tosupport this potential. However, we do caution that market access is now challenging, as authorities use a range of cost-containment measures and downward price pressures as a means of controlling state spending on medicines. Read More

  • Guatemala Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... and a strongdollar will keep a lid on prices. We expect a modest rebound in prices over 2019-2020, as US economic growth will slow, global tradetensions will continue to rise and inflationary pressures will build. Read More

  • Guatemala Insurance Q1 2019

    ... in the transport sector,which is creating new opportunities for domestic and international construction companies. Investors do however face someconsiderable challenges in the market, not the least of which are ongoing corruption scandals which have embroiled ... Read More

  • Indonesia Renewables Q1 2019

    ... total electricity output in the country through to 2027. Another36-37% of total energy output will be produced by thermal power sources, with the remainder coming from non-hydro renewables.Hungary will continue to focus on investment in ... Read More

  • Iran Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... from a range of domestic,commercial and industrial consumers. The renewables sector will be a major contributor to growth in the domestic energy marketas the country looks to utilise a range of sources, including geothermal, solar ... Read More

  • Italy Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... to 2022. This is low by regional standards and a reflection of the slow economic growth, an uncertain labour and stagnantreal wage growth. While there is demand for fresh, authentic produce that is locally sourced, ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Power Q1 2019

    ... output in 2027 to 119.3TWh, compared to our earlier forecast thatgeneration would reach 114.2TWh that year. The natural gas segment will remain the key driver of growth in the sector, althoughcoal will remain the largest ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... mobile data packages via LTE, fibre and connectedobjects. We maintain our positive outlook for the market. It will be driven by the uptake of 3G/4G services with an increasingnumber of operators investing in 4G roll-out. ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Tourism Q1 2019

    ... the government is committed to the developmentof a stronger and more diverse tourism industry, using these attractions to create a year-round tourism offering. Marketingcampaigns are promoting destinations in Kazakhstan in a number of important source ... Read More

  • Lebanon Consumer & Retail Q1 2019

    ... impact on consumer confidence in the short to medium term.Furthermore the economic recovery in GCCcountries will result in an increased inflow of remittancesfrom Lebanese citizensworking in the region and bodes well for domestic consumer spending. Read More

  • Mauritius Banking & Financial Services Q1 2019

    ... tax relationships with dozens of countries to develop as an internationalfinancial centre. Robust supervision, investor-friendly regulations and a stable macroeconomic and political environment allunderpin the country's appeal to firms seeking global financial services. That said, ... Read More

  • Mexico Consumer & Retail Q1 2019

    ... around the new administration's pledge toraise the minimum wage and boost living standards. This, combined with rising remittance inflows from the US, and strongereconomic activity, will boost consumer spending prospects over the year ahead. While ... Read More

  • Nigeria Agribusiness Q1 2019

    ... the country's medium-term economic future now that oilrevenues can no longer be relied on as an easy source of foreign exchange. We remain cautiously optimistic that cocoa plantationsand processing facilities will continue to receive the ... Read More

  • Oman Autos Q1 2019

    Oman Autos Q1 2019 Key View: For 2019, we are forecasting 2.6% growth in new vehicle sales, with commercial vehicle (CV) sales (+4.5%) to outperformpassenger vehicle (PV) sales (+2%). Read More

  • Oman Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... expat population in Oman declines and operators focus onmigrating subscribers to post-paid and value-added services. With no updates on the establishment of a third MNO, we still believe athird MNO would have limited success in ... Read More

  • Pakistan Autos Q1 2019

    ... the growth in the construction industry coolsdown. China's B&R initiative aims to create trade and transport corridors between China and Europe via Central Asia, South East Asia,South Asia, the Middle East and East Africa. Given ... Read More

  • Peru Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... hospitals and health centres, will underpin substantial medical device market growth in Peruover the coming years. Lima will remain the most attractive area, as the urban population has more disposable income to spend onmedical devices. Read More

  • Philippines Tourism Q1 2019

    ... alike. Our positive outlook is predicated on thefact that rising tourist numbers and regional infrastructure development will buoy demand for accommodation, and arrivals fromthe Asia Pacific region will underpin significant tourism growth in the near ... Read More

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