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With a strong focus on emerging and frontier markets, our comprehensive portfolio of research reports allows you to evaluate, track and quantify market size and position, growth opportunities and risks across 200 markets and 22 industry sectors as well as gain crucial intelligence on the key themes changing the industry landscape.


By comparing markets in a standardised way, we leave you more time to think about the decisions that impact your business.

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5929 Reports from BMI Research

  • Uganda Agribusiness Q4 2019

    ... terms of exports, largely owing to government support for the sector and new disease-resistanttrees. Regarding trade, the country is unlikely to compete with South Africa and Zambia to become one of Sub-Saharan Africa'slargest corn exporters. Read More

  • Uzbekistan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2019

    ... Despite the still-underdeveloped healthcaresector, the market will post rapid growth over the coming years. Ongoing privatisation of pharmaceutical and health sectorindustries will attract foreign investment, while the operating environment will continue to gradually improve. Low ... Read More

  • Venezuela Insurance Q4 2019

    ... market already contending withhigh unemployment rates, a poor regulatory system, high levels of corruption and excessive state involvement. As a result of thishighly uncertain operating environment Venezuela will remain a minor market throughout our five-year ... Read More

  • Vietnam Power Q4 2019

    ... rapid development of power capacity. That said, theserapid increases have exceeded the speed by which the power sector is expanding, and Vietnam faces an increasing risk of domesticpower shortages. We believe that the government will ... Read More

  • Kuwait Food & Drink Q4 2019

    ... bread, rice and cereals and meat and poultry, while the consumption of soft drinkswill remain buoyant. The major consumer drivers throughout our forecast period are expected to be premiumisation and a focus onhealth and wellness. Read More

  • Kuwait Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... supply restraint deal. Any uplift to production capacity in Kuwait will likely comefrom existing assets as exploration remains very limited, particularly in the offshore. The government will push towards moreexploitation of its domestic gas reserves ... Read More

  • Latin America Food & Drink Q4 2019

    ... and beverages, with opportunities for both staple goods and premiumproducts in most of the markets in the region. However, we note that the downward pressure from stiff competition and thecontinuing dominance of the discount format ... Read More

  • Malaysia Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... US dollar and population growth. At the industry level theoutlook is positive due to Malaysia's position within integrated circuits supply chains, and potential opportunities if US-China tradetensions fuels supply chains diversification initiatives across the region. Read More

  • Mozambique Mining Q4 2019

    ... 2019 Key View: Mozambique's coal sector will drive modest mining industry value growth as Vale's key mine continues to ramp up. Thecountry's underdeveloped infrastructure and political and economic instability will continue to deter foreign investment. Read More

  • Portugal Renewables Q4 2019

    ... where a number of new projects have beenawarded through the energy auction held in July 2019, including some under a pay-to-produce model, which attracted record-breaking bids. Numerous domestic and foreign companies have been awarded contracts ... Read More

  • Qatar Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... and Barzan Gas projects. This will also support increases in domestic natural gasconsumption, absorbing new volumes. Neither Qatar's decision to leave OPEC from January 2019 nor strained diplomatic andeconomic relations with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the ... Read More

  • Romania Telecommunications Q4 2019

    ... increases. Convergence seems to be the key theme in theRomanian market, as it is rumored that Orange is preparing to buy the country's third-largest cable networkoperator AKTA, while Vodafone has agreed to purchase Liberty Global’s ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Renewables Q4 2019

    ... ofcontinued delays and false starts, we do not expect the Saudi government will meet its renewables as set out under Saudi Vision2030. Solar power will account for virtually all of the country's renewable electricity output. Read More

  • Serbia Autos Q4 2019

    ... up our new vehicle sales forecasts for the fullyear. We are now forecasting a 3.2% increase in sales, with CV sales (+4.1%) to outperform PV sales (+3.0%). Risk to our revisedforecasts remain to the upside. Read More

  • Singapore Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... constructed across some of itsmajor export destinations. That said, domestic refineries are highly sophisticated, and commitment to early upgrades means theyare well-prepared to adapt to the changes to be brought on by the implementation of ... Read More

  • South Korea Autos Q4 2019

    ... budget will focus on the air quality in the country, by initiating ascrapping incentive for older diesel-powered vehicles. South Korea has about 350,000 older diesel vehicles registered, and webelieve that an increase in incentives to ... Read More

  • Spain Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... valuable momentum to a mature market where vendorspredominantly rely on replacement purchases. The main downside risk is for global or regional headwinds to result in weakereconomic growth in Spain, or a lesser degree of euro ... Read More

  • Spain Food & Drink Q4 2019

    ... ready-made meals are performing well, while sales of productsthat take longer to prepare or have higher sugar, fat and salt content are seeing a decline. Strong competition in mass grocery retail,notably from discounters, will encourage ... Read More

  • Sri Lanka Autos Q4 2019

    ... down our 2019 new vehicle sales forecasts. We are now forecasting a 58.5% fall innew vehicle sales over the full year, with CV sales (-40.5%) to fall by a smaller amount than PV sales (-65%). Read More

  • Switzerland Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... which have expanded well beyond domestic borders, as well as activestock exchanges and numerous asset and investment management firms. Regulation and oversight of the market continues to beupdated as the government works towards improving transparency ... Read More

  • Switzerland Power Q4 2019

    ... phase out nuclear powerwill stimulate opportunities for investment in new capacity, decommissioning nuclear power plants and power grid upgrades. Risk-averse investors will be particularly drawn to the high levels of long-term political and economic stability, ... Read More

  • Thailand Banking & Financial Services Q4 2019

    ... occurring more in the insurance sector to help grow theindustry, which is expected to grow steadily to 2023, with average growth expected to be 6.6% y-o-y during the forecast period.Banking sector loan growth is set ... Read More

  • Thailand Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... thegovernment's commitment to pursuing infrastructure development to drive economic growth. The focus will continue to be on thetransport sector, but will be constrained by an ageing population as capital expenditures are limited by weakening revenues. Read More

  • Thailand Insurance Q4 2019

    ... South East Asia countries, life insurance is becoming more popular as it is betterunderstood by households who can afford it. Innovation in terms of product development and distribution by the life insurancecompanies themselves is also ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Insurance Q4 2019

    ... growth opportunities across the board as extensive gaps in coverage remain in all sectors,particularly in the life insurance market, where expatriates make up most of the demand. Owing to the UAE’s reputation as a majorhub ... Read More

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