Electronic Industry and Connector Outlook 2018 and Beyond

Electronic Industry and Connector Outlook 2018 and Beyond

The electronic industry, now entering its 75th year, has been driven by changes in semiconductor technology, successive generations of change in electronic equipment, and more recently, software developments. It is important for companies in the connector industry to understand these changes, because the next decade will see multiple paradigm shifts that will affect the industry, its customers, and suppliers. Order your copy of Electronic Industry and Connector Outlook 2018 and Beyond to gain an understanding of how these changes will affect the connector and electronics industry.

Chapter 1 - Synopsis
Table 1.1 Future Paradigm? Systems on Chip, Lightwave Systems
Table 1.2 Semiconductor Dollar Consumption Percentage by Region
Table 1.3 World Electronics Industry Revenue Model 2017-35
North American Region View
Table 1.4 World Electronics Industry Revenue Model with Recession and Slower China Growth 2017-30
Table 1.5 Example: World Automotive Connector Sales Projection
Connector View
Chapter 2 – Aerospace
2.1 Aerospace/Military
2.2 Future
Chart 2.1 World Commercial Aircraft Production 2009-2037
2.3 Future Military Aerospace
2.4 Future Commercial Aviation
2.5 Connector Market and Mil/Aero Expenditures
Table 2.1 DOD Expenditure (US$) by Country – 2017 Fact Sheet SIRI Military Expenditure Database
Chart 2.2 International Expenditures DoD 2016 in US Dollars
2.6 The Incredible Diversity of Mil/Aero Applications
B21 Mission
2.7 Mil/Aerospace Roadmap
Commercial Aviation
Defense Spending
2.8 Robot Future
2.9 Naval Buildup
Table 2.2 Aerospace-Mil Connector Industry Forecast
Table 2.3 Bishop Connector Forecast and Outlook 2018-25
Chart 2.3 Mil/Aero Connector Outlook 2017-2035
Chapter 3 – Transportation Market Segmentation
3.1 Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
Major OEMs
Table 3.1 World Auto Unit Sales w/o EV Economics
Table 3.2 World Auto Sales by Type w/Infrastructure Up and Battery Costs Down
Table 3.3 World Auto Units Sales by Type with Gas More Than $5.00 2016-2028
3.2 Automotive Trends
Table 3.4 Ride Share Impact on Annual World Vehicle Sales 2018-28
Major Trends
At the Interconnect Level
3.3 Heavy Trucks
Technology Trends
3.4 Railroads
Locomotive Manufacturers
Current Threat Reductions
Technology Developments
Table 3.2 World Automotive Connector Sales Projection 2016-30
World Automotive Connector Sales Projection by Region 2016 through 2030
Chapter 4 – Semiconductors
4.1 Scope & Situation Analysis
Table 4.1 Worldwide Semiconductor Revenues Year-to-Year Percent Change
Table 4.2 US Shipments Computers & Electronic Products Including Semiconductors
Table 4.3 Total US Manufacturing in Millions of Dollars 1992-2026
Table 4.4 World Semiconductor Sales Dollars 1987-2028 (trend)
Table 4.5 World Semiconductor Sales Trend 1987-2028
Table 4.6 World Semiconductor & Connector Sales Trendline Analysis 1987-2028
Table 4.7 World Sales of Connector Products 1980-2028
4.2 The Current Situation
4.3 IC Technology Trends
New Materials, Processes, and Devices
Table 4.8 Memory Chip Performance 2015-2030
Table 4.9 Memory Chip Performance 2015-2030
Beyond 5nm
From INEMI 2017 Roadmap
4.4 Summarizing the Semiconductor Linkage
4.5 Semiconductor Test and Burn-In (TBI)
Critical Test and Burn-In Issues
4.6 Test Socket Technology Trends
4.7 Market Factors – Competitors in the Burn-In and Test Market Segment
Key Design Issues
Key Points
Major Roadblocks
4.10 Test and Burn-In Socket Roadmap 2009-2028
4.8 Test-in-Tray
Table 4.11 Magazine Test and Burn-In 2009-28
Test Equipment by process of Semiconductor
Table 4.12 Burn-In and Test Socket plus Specialty Socket/Adapter Market Est. 2018-28
Chapter 5 – Silicon Photonics
5.1 Introduction
Table 5.1 Cloud Computing/Data Center Market 2016 - 2028
5.2 Notes from MIT-INEMI Technology Roadmapping Consortium Conferences and Webinars
Figure 5.1 TSV Wafer Starts 2013-2021
5.3 IPSR Mid-Board Proposal
INEMI-MIT-AIM Photonics Interconnect Project Status
Mid-Board Interconnect Project
Generic On-Board Optical Interconnect-Optical Connectors Example
Companies Participating in AIM Funding
5.4 Introduction to Connector Roadmap
The Interconnect TWG Encompasses the Following Technologies
Crosscutting Technologies covered in Packaging TWG
Technology Needs in Interconnect TWG
Probable Future Interconnect Product Designs (and Challenges)
Critical Interconnect Issues in this Program
5.5 Paradigm Shifts
5.6 Situation Analysis – All Connectors
Table 5.2 Some Leading Connector Manufacturers
Table 5.3 Connector Levels of Packaging
5.7 Situation Analysis-Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
5.8 Roadmap of Photonic Connectors
Table 5.4 Technology Roadmap: MXC Single-mode Fiber Optic Connector 2000-2025+
Table 5.5 Technology Roadmap: MPO Single-mode Fiber Optic Connector 2000-2025+
Table 5.6 Technology Roadmap Active Optic Cable Assembly (AOC) 2015-2025
Table 5.7 Technology Roadmap Generic MM to SM Fiber Optic Connectors 2015-2025+
Table 5.8 Technology Roadmap Generis High Perf. (≥10G) Backplane Connectors 2000-2025+
Table 5.9 Technology Roadmap Discrete Optical Interposer 2015-2025+
5.9 Experiments
Concept On-Board Optical Interconnect – Optical Connectors
Electronically-Pluggable Silicon Photonics Module, with Fly-Over Optical Fiber Cables
Module Reflowed on PCB with Embedded Waveguides
Three Phases to Prove out Single-mode Expanded Beam Server Blade Interconnect
5.10 Fiber Optics Technology
Table 5.10 Fiber Optic Deployment
Internecine Roadblocks for Fiber Deployment in System Packaging
General Roadmap Dialog
Available Elements of a Photonic System
Future Breakthroughs
Table 5.11 General Fiber Optic Connector Roadmap
Connector Technology Trends
Optical Backplanes
5.11 Needs for Full Photonics Adoption by Industry
OEM Buy-In to Silicon Photonic Systems Technology
Collaboration and Input from the Interconnect Industries
Specific Technology Input
Technology Needs
5.12 Gaps & Show-Stoppers
Chapter 6 – Other Markets
6.1 Office Equipment/Institutional Markets
Computers – Peripherals Sector
Table 6.1 Computer & Office Equipment Connector Market 2018-2028
6.2 Office Equipment Suppliers
6.3 Office Equipment Market Situation
Global Market Conditions
Regional View
6.4 Medical Electronics
Table 6.2 Medical Electronics Global Market Est 2015-28
6.5 Key Player
6.6 Medical Device Companies
6.7 Connector Products
Table 6.3 Connector Sales in Medical Equipment
Chapter 7 – Robotics
7.1 Scope
7.2 Robotics Revolution
7.3 Impact on Employment
7.4 Robotics Market
Table 7.1 Robotics Market 2018 – 25/28
7.5 Robot Manufacturers
Manufactures by Numbers Installed
Table 7.2 Robot Manufacturers
Table 7.3 Robot Manufacturers by Base of Origin with Total Number of Installed Robots
7.6 Implications of Robotics Impact on Electronics Industry and Connectors
Table 7.4 Regional Industrial Connector Outlook 2018-28
Chapter 8 – Information Technology
8.1 Definitions
8.2 Interconnect Trends
8.3 Interconnect Levels of Packaging
8.4 Computer Market Characteristics Going Forward
8.5 Computer Market and Technology Disruptions
8.6 Top PC and Server Manufacturers
Table 8.2 Regional Computer Manufacturers
Table 8.3 Top PC, Notebook, and Server Manufacturers 2017 by Country of Origin
8.7 Observations & Outlook
Table 8.4 World Computer/Peripherals & Office Equipment Connector Forecast & Outlook 2018-28
Table 8.5 World Computer & Peripheral plus Office Equipment Connector Forecast & Outlook 2018-35
System Comments
Interconnect Comments
8.8 Competition

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