Artificial Intelligence Technology Enablers Market 2017-2020 Analysis And Forecasts

Artificial Intelligence Technology Enablers Market:2017-2020 Analysis And Forecasts

The concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are 60 years old, but only recently have the vast datasets, raw computation and storage power aligned to harness the utility of these concepts. Technological innovation has finally reached a level that the practical implementations of training complex computer neural networks to mimic the human brain are finally starting to become practical.

AI is a multi-year megatrend that will have far-reaching implications on how money will move to companies that invest in and adopt the technology. AI is already used in a wide range of applications including web search systems, marketing recommendation functions, financial trading programs and autonomous vehicles. Future applications for AI are limitless.

While AI has captured public attention in both positive (Google’s DeepMind beat the 18-time world Go champion) and negative (50% of the workforce will be unemployed by robots with AI) ways, little is known about the commercial market for AI.

This report addresses that issue. Specifically, it examines the:

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Enablers Market.
This report will be beneficial for:
  • Suppliers of AI products and services.
  • Companies incorporating AI in their product offerings.
  • Product managers.
  • Business development managers.
  • Company strategists.
  • Mergers and acquisitions specialists.
  • Market analysts, investment bankers and consultants.

    • Methodology and Sources
    • Statistical Notes
    • Table AI Enabling Companies and Their Offerings
    • AI Requires Massive Parallel Computation
    • Processor Chips Fueling the AI Revolution
    • Parallel Computing Key Enabler
      • Table Serial Computing Block Diagram
      • Table Parallel Computing Block Diagram
    • GPUs
      • Table Examples of Parallel Computing Processors
    • Alternative Solutions and Issues
    • Intel Transition to Parallel Computing
    • Intel's AI Strategy Centered Around Nervana
    • FPGAs vs. GPUs
    • Deep Learning Chip Startups
    • Accelerator Chip Market
      • Table Accelerator Chips Total Addressable Market ($ Billion) and Growth Rate (%) by Type:
      • Table Cloud and HPC Accelerator Chips Total Addressable Market ($ Billion) and Growth Rate (%): 2015-2020
    • Cloud Market Growing Rapidly
      • Table Servers, Cloud Servers, Attach Rate Servers, Accelerator ASPs, Cloud Revenue, GPU Servers, GPU Attach Rates, GPU ASPs, GPU Revenue (Million Units, $ Million): 2015- 2020
    • High-Performance Computing Drivers
      • Table High-Performance Computing Usage Evolution
    • High-Performance Computing Market
    • HPC Accelerator Market Shares
    • HPC Industry Growth Rates
      • Table Nvidia Supercomputer Market Share, Core Market Share, Data Center Revenue, HPC Revenue, Revenue/Core: 2010-2016
    • Accelerated Supercomputers
      • Table Accelerated Supercomputer Production, Supercomputers with GPU, GPU Cores, GPU Cores Per System, Revenue/Core, GPU Market, GPU Market Share, Xeon Phi Market, Revenue/Core and Market Share: 2015-2020
    • Semiconductor Equipment to Benefit from AI
      • Table Global Wafer Fab Equipment Spending by Type (%): 2017
    • Networking Enables AI
    • High-Performance Cloud-Connected Networks
    • Networking Pushing AI to the Edge
      • Table Cisco and Rockwell Factory and AI Collaboration
    • Networking Specific Artificial Intelligence
    • SD-WAN and Networking Specific AI
      • Table SD-WAN Boosts Network Performance
    • SD-WAN Market, Vendors and Timeline

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