Underfloor Heating Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis

Underfloor Heating Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis

The 8th edition of this report incorporates original input and primary research and represents an up-to-date and perceptive review of one of the fastest growing sectors within the heating industry - the underfloor heating market. The report focuses on market size and trends, product mix, supply, distribution and future prospects, and will facilitate operational and strategic decision making processes.

Key content covered:

  • Underfloor heating market - size, structure, key trends and future prospects.
  • Product sector review - market value, product mix, UFH controls etc. for;
  • Water based UFH systems
  • Electric UFH systems
  • End use applications - self build/custom build housing, health & education, new housebuilding, public sector, domestic RMI and conservatories.
  • Supply and distribution - main suppliers and key distribution channels.
Key areas of insight include:
  • Market size and trend analysis for electric and water-based systems.
  • Analysis of new build housing, refurbishment activity and non-domestic applications.
  • Influence of the non-domestic sector, in particular the health and education sectors.
  • Key supplier analysis and market shares.
  • Analysis of distribution structure and channels, key trends and prospects.
  • Review of influential standards and regulatory requirements.
Key areas of coverage in the report include:

  • Market size from 2011-2016, industry structure, analysis of key market developments and trends.
  • Future prospects, likely future trends, market forecasts through to 2020.
  • End use sectors – domestic and non-domestic.
  • Key market influences – general trends in floorcoverings market, renewable energy technologies, impact of new building methods, interior design trends.
  • Review of influential standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Market mix by application – custom build housing, private housing, social housing, non-domestic applications.
  • Analysis of housing market – new build, RMI activity, mix of completions, house moving levels etc.
  • Custom build housing sector – market size, trends and influences, future prospects.
  • Domestic conservatories – market overview, future prospects.
  • Non domestic applications – health and education sectors, other non-domestic – key trends, issues and future prospects.
  • Value of the key product sectors (electric and water-based systems) – product mix 2009-2014 and forecasts to 2018.
  • Review of electric underfloor heating - cable systems, heating mat / heating foil systems.
  • Water-based underfloor heating – key components, trends, development of retrofit systems.
  • Influence of the development of overlay systems on the RMI sector of the market.
  • Review of underfloor heating controls – whole house systems, smart controls, touch screen.
  • Identification of key manufacturers for electric and water-based systems.
  • Supply structure analysis. Market shares of key suppliers.
  • Review and analysis of leading suppliers, including company profile, turnover, recent activity, etc.
  • Summary of significant other suppliers.
  • Role of contractors and installers - key trends and issues.
  • Analysis of key channels – direct supply, merchants/distributors, electrical wholesalers, DIY multiples, tile specialists, online retailers etc.
  • Review of key channels – relative strengths of channels in different end use markets, profile analysis of key indirect distributors.

    • Background
    • Sources of Information
    • Summary
    • Key Trends
    • Future Prospects
    • GDP
      • Table GDP Data - 2012-2015 - Key Constituent Elements
    • Inflation & Interest Rates
    • Unemployment
    • Household Consumption
    • Housing & Construction
    • Sterling
      • Table Exchange Rate Fluctuations 2012-2017 - Sterling to The Dollar, And The Euro, Spot Rates
    • Population Profile
    • Conclusions
    • Definition
    • UK Heating Market
      • Table Overall UK Heating Market 2011-2020 (£m MSP)
    • Underfloor Heating Market
      • Market Size
        • Table UK Underfloor Heating Market (£m MSP) 2011-2020
      • Market Background
      • Future Prospects
    • End Use Sectors
      • Domestic UFH
      • Non-Domestic UFH
    • Key Market Influences
      • Floorcoverings Market
        • Table UK Ceramic & Porcelain Floor Tiles Market 2012-2017 (£m MSP)
        • Table UK Wood Floorcoverings Market 2012-2017 (£m MSP)
      • Renewable Energy Technologies
      • Energy Efficiency Grants & Incentives
      • New Building Methods
      • Interior Design
    • Standards and Regulations
    • Application Mix
    • Housing Market
      • New House Build
        • Table House Building Starts and Completions (Great Britain) 2011 to 2020 - by Volume (`000 Dwellings)
        • Table GB Housebuilding Completions 2011-2020 (`000 Dwellings)
      • Mix of New House Building Completions
      • Refurbishment Activity
      • Construction Output in the Housing Sector
        • Table Value Of GB New Housing Output And RMI Output (£m) 2011-2015
      • House Moving Levels
        • Table UK Residential Property Transactions Valued at £40k or Above 2011-2020
    • Custom Build
    • Domestic Conservatories
      • Table UK Domestic Conservatories Market 2011-2016 (000s)
    • Non-Domestic Applications
      • Sector Overview
        • Table Non Domestic Construction Output Figures 2011-2020 (New Work & RMI £ billion at Current Prices)
      • Health
        • Table Value of Contractors Output in the Health Sector 2012-2020 (£billion at Current Prices)
      • Education
        • Table Value of Contractors Output in Education 2012-2020 (£Billion at Current Prices)
      • Other Applications
    • Product Mix
    • Benefits and Limitations of UFH
    • Types of Floor Construction
    • Electric UFH
      • Cable Systems
      • Heating Mat / Heating Foil Systems
    • Water-based UFH
    • UFH Controls
    • Supply Overview
      • Table Underfloor Heating Market Suppliers % Market Shares by Value 2015
    • Key Company Profiles
    • Other Suppliers
    • Underfloor Heating Contractors
    • Distribution Structure of UFH
      • Table Distribution of UFH Products to End Users 2015
      • Domestic
        • Table Domestic Distribution of UFH Products by Channel 2015
      • Non-Domestic
    • Key Companies
      • Merchants
      • Distributors
      • Electrical Wholesalers
      • DIY Multiples
      • Online Retailers
      • Tile Specialists

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