Plumbers Merchants Market Report - UK 2016-2020 Analysis

The 2nd edition of the 'Plumbers Merchants Market Report - UK 2016-2020 Analysis' provides an informed and up-to-date review of this marketplace, with forecasts to 2020 considering major market influences such as Brexit. It contains over 80 pages of industry analysis and illustrates the diverse nature of this industry, recent performance and the development of competitive channels, such as the Internet and DIY multiples. Product groups covered include; plumbing & drainage (including bathroom products), heating, ventilation & air conditioning & kitchen furniture, worktops and appliances.

Key content covered:

  • Detailed assessment of the market – analysis of the market structure and recent developments within the market.
  • Market prospects to 2020 – market value, opportunities, Brexit etc.
  • Detailed information – market size, influencing, market factors, key players and merchants’ customers.
  • Analysis by product group – market size, product mix, sector trends and merchants’ market share are covered for plumbing & drainage (including bathroom products), heating, ventilation & air conditioning & kitchen furniture, worktops and appliances.
Key areas of insight:
  • Analysis of market size and a comprehensive review of key factors and trends influencing the market – impact of construction trends, economic environment, consumer expenditure and purchasing trends – and the likely impact of Brexit etc.
  • Market performance prospects from 2016 to 2020 – construction forecasts by key end-use market, key influences and development of merchant activities, opportunities etc.
  • Review of leading national plumbers merchants and other key regional merchants.
  • Identification of key customer groups in merchants’ market – the performance of merchants and DIY multiples, influence of Internet sales.
  • Review of market structure – supply chain analysis for lightside product distribution.
Key areas covered in the report include:

  • Leading national merchants - turnover, company structure, review of recent performance, market share.
  • Regional merchants – identification of key players, turnover, main product areas and branch numbers.
  • Buying groups – increasing importance in the merchants’ market and identification of the main groups.
  • Merchants’ characteristics – product ranges, profitability.
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the merchant sector.
  • The merchants’ market – key characteristics of the market, analysis by value from 2011-2015, trends and forecasts from 2016-2020.
  • Dominance by national merchants – market mix by merchant type.
  • Market trends and major factors influencing market development.
  • Identification of merchants’ main customers.
  • Product pricing trends in the industry.
  • Review of market structure – lightside product distribution.
  • Merchants’ share of construction output and how this has changed in recent years.
  • Product groups reviewed: bathroom products, shower products, pipes and fittings, kitchen furniture and appliances, domestic heating, ventilation and air conditioning, non-domestic space and water heating.
  • Product mix for plumbers’ merchants in 2015.
  • Analysis by product group - market size 2011-2015, with forecast to 2016 and product mix within each sector. Review of products including recent trends and factors affecting sector.
  • Forecast of expected market development – short term prospects in 2016 and medium term prospects up to 2020.
  • Positive and negative factors affecting the market – performance of UK economy post EU Referendum, housebuilding, consumer confidence & spending.
  • Outlook for the plumbers’ merchants’ market through to 2020 and key drivers

    • Introduction
    • Sources of Information
    • Summary
    • Market Prospects
    • GDP
      • Table GDP Data - 2013-2016 - Key Constituent Elements
    • Inflation & Interest Rates
    • Unemployment
    • Household Consumption
    • Housing & Construction
    • Sterling
      • Table Exchange Rate Fluctuations 2012-2018 - Sterling to The Dollar, And The Euro, Spot Rates
    • Population Profile
    • Conclusions
    • Definition
    • Product Range
    • Market Structure
      • Lightside/Plumbing Product Distribution
    • Market Size & Recent Performance
      • Table UK Plumbers Merchants Market 2011 to 2020 - By Value (£million at Merchant Selling Prices)
      • Table Examples of leading UK Imported Construction Materials in 2015 By Value (£million)
      • Market Prospects - 2016 to 2020
    • Merchants' Share of Construction Output
      • Table Plumbers Merchants Share of UK Construction Output (Excluding Infrastructure) 2011 to 2020 (£Billion Current Prices)
    • Building and Construction Market Influences
      • Overall Construction Market
      • The Housing Market
        • Table UK Residential Property Transactions Valued at £40k or Above 2011-2020
      • Additional Factors Influencing the Merchants' Market
    • Market Share
      • Table Share of the National Merchants Vs Regional/Local Merchants 2001-2015 % Value
    • Merchant Companies
      • National Merchants
        • Table Key Indicators UK Builders/Plumbers Merchants market – Travis Perkins plc (Plumbing & Heating Division)
        • Table Key Indicators UK Builders/Plumbers Merchant Market - Wolseley UK
        • Table Key Indicators UK Builders/Plumbers Merchants Market – Saint Gobain (Jewson & Graham), 2011 – 2015
        • Table Key Indicators UK Builders/Plumbers Merchant Market – Grafton Group plc, 2011-2015
      • Large Regional Merchants
      • Medium and Small Size Regionals
        • Table Leading Regional/Local Merchant Companies - Turnover, Branches etc 2014/2015
      • Local Merchants
      • Buying Groups
    • Characteristics of Plumbers Merchants
      • Product Range
      • Pricing and Prices
        • Table Percentage Change of Price Indices of Selected Construction Materials, Annual Averages 2011-2015 (%)
    • Merchants' Market - SWOT Analysis
      • Table Plumbers Merchants' Market - SWOT Analysis
    • Merchants' Competitors
    • Merchants' Customers
      • House Builders/General Builders
        • Table Enterprises Involved in the Construction of Buildings Registered for VAT & PAYE Employers by Turnover Band Size 2015
      • Commercial Construction
      • Plumbing and Heating Contractors
        • Table Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Enterprises Registered for VAT & PAYE Employers by Turnover Band 2015
      • Mechanical and Electrical Contractors
      • Local Authorities, Public Bodies including HA/RSL/ALMOS
      • Other Customers
    • Product Mix
    • Merchant Shares by Product
      • Table Builders & Plumbers Merchants Share Of Key Market Sectors at Merchant Selling Prices £m 2015
    • Product Trends
      • Plumbing and Drainage Materials
        • Table Plumbing and Drainage Materials, Merchant Sales at £m Merchant Selling Prices, 2011 – 2016
      • Heating and Ventilation
        • Table Merchants Share by Product Sector - Heating & Ventilation Products 2015 % by Value
      • Kitchen Products
        • Table Merchants' Share by Product Sector - Kitchen Furniture and Appliances 2015 % by Value

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