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Housing Associations Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis

The 11th edition of the 'Housing Associations Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis' represents a unique, up to date review of the market and its development. The report provides a quantiative and qualitative analysis of the Private Registered Providers (more generally known as housing associations) market focusing on market size and trends, housing mix, new development pipelines and future prospects.

Key sections covered:

  • Review of the UK social housing market - local authority and housing association sectors - size, structure, growth, political issues, future trends.
  • Identification of major housing associations - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • New build - review of AHP programmes - future prospects.
  • Repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) - expenditure levels, activity, trends and forecasts.
  • Future prospects - funding, changing roles of HA's and local authorities, stock transfer, public/private funding, new build programmes.
Key areas of insight include:
  • Market activity levels with forecasts to 2019/20, including stock, new build completions and refurbishment.
  • Review of housebuilding targets under the AHP 2011-15 and 2015-18 and the London Mayor’s Housing Covenant 2015-18.
  • Top 30 HAs with development pipelines/volume estimates – profiles of top players. Review of starts/completions so far under AHP, changing portfolios etc.
  • Intention to double the annual public housing budget to £2bn pa in 2018/19 and 2019/20 - 400,000 affordable new homes by end of the current Parliament.
  • Procurement issues – key contractors, framework agreements, consortia (Alliance, PEI etc.).
  • Review of key market influences and schemes – HCA funding, ‘London Help to Buy’ and Help to Buy shared ownership scheme, Affordable Rents Model etc.
Key areas covered in the report include:

  • Review of social housing structure. Market size in stock terms from 2006 with forecasts through to 2018. Overview of total UK housing stock/share by sector, regional mix. Mix between LA’s and HA’s – changing trends.
  • Market size - Social Housing new build starts and completions - forecast through to 2019/20.
  • Analysis of Repair Maintenance and Improvement in Housing Association properties – Total RMI spend up to 2019 – breakdown of major repairs, planned maintenance etc. Decent Homes Programme – backlog volumes, funding support up to 2018.
  • Review of key market influences – economic factors, government policies, housing affordability, Large Scale Voluntary Transfers, Right to Buy, etc.
  • Key regulatory and funding organisations and their role (HCA, National Housing Federation etc). Planning issues.
  • Future prospects for the market.
  • Review of major Housing Associations – dwelling stock, key characteristics, regional strengths, market positioning etc in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Market shares/Units managed of major HA’s in each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – mix of stock by HA size and region in 2015.
  • Housing Associations developing new business models - regional breakdown within shared ownership, Top 15 HA ExtraCare Housing providers, Top 20 Voluntary Sector providers of care homes, HA’s providing purpose built student accommodation etc.
  • Overview of HCA funding in 2015-2018.
  • Review of key government affordable housing programmes – end of 2011-2015 AHP programme, new AHP (Affordable Homes Programme) - investment levels 2015-2018. Split by year by value and volume. Review of programmes in England and Scotland.
  • New Build programmes – targets, grants awarded to key HAs – key players in the development market.
  • G15 top HAs with development pipelines/volume estimates up to 2020.
  • Alternative financing – sources of private finance, major lenders, areas of significant expenditure. New entrants/schemes. Recent bond issues.
  • Specification process – key influencers on the process.
  • Growth of buying consortia – Alliance – procurement initiative between Procurement for Housing, Fusion 21 and Northern Housing Consortium. Re:allies consortia etc.
  • Buying and specification – partnering arrangements, framework agreements (New Build frameworks), PEI (Procurement Efficiency Initiative) – 13 consortia.
  • Key contractors – key schemes, value of contracts. Future trends and changes.

Housing associations form the largest not-for-profit group in the country, working closely with both private and public organisations. In 2015, total UK housing association stock increased to 2,828,000 units with increases in all types of housing. Around 75% of market stock owned or managed by housing associations is general needs housing, which is primarily social rental accommodation. Though the housing association sector is diverse, with over 1,700 UK associations varying in size from under 10 homes to more than 50,000, over 95% of homes are managed by the top 400 housing associations.

    • Social Housing Market – Definitions
    • Housing Market Structure
      • All Dwellings
        • Table England Dwelling Stock By Tenure (`000s) 2008-2014
      • Social Housing
        • Table UK Social Housing - % Dwelling Stock 2004-2014 By Tenure – Mix between PRP and LA
    • Social Housing Regulation and Control
      • England
      • Wales
      • Scotland
      • Northern Ireland
    • Funding for the Social Housing Market
      • Spending Review 2015
        • Table Summary of DCLG Budget 2015-2020 - Capital/Resource
      • Public Sector Funding – England
        • Table England - Affordable Homes Programme 2011-2015 - Total Funding and No. of Units by HCA Operating Region (£m/Dwellings)
        • Table England - Affordable Homes Programme 2015-18: Grants Awarded to Top 25 Housing Associations By No. Homes Planned & By Tenure- Approvals
        • Table GLA – Mayor's Housing Covenant Programme 2015-18: Grants Awarded to Top 25 Housing Associations (Homes Planned)
      • Public Sector Funding - Wales
      • Public Sector Funding – Scotland
        • Table Scotland - Affordable Homes Supply Programme (AHSP) 2012-2016: Allocations by Council (£m)
      • Public Sector Funding – Northern Ireland
      • Private Sector Funding
    • Market Definition
    • Market Size and Trends
      • Table UK Housing Association Stock 2009-2019 (`000s)
    • Market Mix
    • Housing Association New Starts and Completions
      • Mix of Housing Association Completions
        • Table Housing Association Completions by Size of Dwelling 2010-11 to 2014-15: England (% of Dwellings)
      • Social Housing Development Pipeline
        • Table AHP and NAHP - Total Starts and Completions by Year: 2011-2015
        • Table Affordable Homes Development Pipeline: Top 30 Housing Associations by No. Affordable Units Developed/Approved for the AHP 2011-2015 and No. Homes Approved/Planned for 2015-2020
    • Public Housing RMI
      • Total Spending on Repairs & Maintenance
        • Table Expenditure on Housing Association Properties - Major Repairs, Planned Maintenance, Service Costs: 2010-14 (£m)
        • Table Top 30 Housing Associations by Total Spend on Repairs & Maintenance - 2013 and 2014 (£m)
      • Social Housing RMI Output
    • Key Market Influences
      • Economic, Demographic and Social Trends
        • Table Household Size Estimates UK 2012 - 2037 (`000s)
      • Government Policy on Social Housing and Planning
      • Housing Affordability
        • Table Affordability Factors UK – Simple Average Price, Mortgage Advance and Income (£) 2004-2014
      • Large Scale Voluntary Transfers (LSVTs)
      • Right to Buy
        • Table `Right to Buy' and `Right to Acquire' Sales, England
    • Buying and Specification
      • Overview
      • Procurement Routes - Future Changes
      • Key Contractors in the Social Housing Sector
        • Table Leading Contractors in the Social Housing/Maintenance Sector 2014-15 (Value of Contracts & Key Clients)
    • Housing Mix
    • Social Rented Housing – General Needs Stock
      • Size of Stock
        • Table England –General Needs Social Housing Stock By Size of Dwelling 2015 (%)
      • Geographical Location of PRP Stock
        • Table England – Regional Distribution of General Needs Social Housing Stock 2015 – Large PRPs (%)*
      • Social Housing Rents
        • Table England – General Needs Housing Rents per Region 2015 (£/wk)
        • Table England – General Needs Housing Rents per Region 2015 (£/wk) – Affordable Rents Model vs. General Rents
      • Decent Homes
        • Table Housing Association Properties failing to meet the Decent Homes Standard 2007-2014
        • Table Number of Homes made Decent within PRP sector and Average Cost per Unit (£) 2011 - 2015
    • Social Homebuy
      • Table England – Social Housing Sales – Annual Social Homebuy Sales 2006-2015
    • Care Homes
      • Size of the Market
        • Table Long-term Care Market by Ownership Type – Number of Care Homes/Bed-spaces 2014-15*
      • Supply and Demand
      • Care Home Stock
      • Private Care Home Market
        • Table Leading 20 Private Providers of Long-term Care* Number Of Homes and Bed Spaces - 2015
      • Voluntary/Not-for-Profit Sector
        • Table Leading 20 Voluntary Sector Providers of Long-term Care 2015*
      • The Extra Care Sector
        • Table Top 15 Housing Association Providers of ExtraCare Housing
    • Student Accommodation
      • Market Overview & Size
      • Student Accommodation Development Pipeline
      • Leading Providers of Student Accommodation
        • Table Market Shares of Leading Commercial Operators of Student Accommodation in the UK 2014-15
    • Market Structure
    • England – Key Housing Associations
      • Overview
        • Table Top 30 HA Groups in England by Total Stock Owned (2015) Units Owned/Managed and Market Share (%)
      • Housing Associations in London
        • Table G15 Development Pipeline 2015-2020 by Housing Association Member (No. and Value of Units) (£m)
      • Housing Association Profiles
    • Scotland – Key Housing Associations
      • Table Top 30 HA Groups in Scotland by Total Stock Owned (2015) Units Managed / Market Share
    • Wales – Key Housing Associations
      • Table Major Housing Associations in Wales 2015: Units Managed/Owned - Market Shares
    • Northern Ireland – Key Housing Associations
      • Table Major Housing Associations in Northern Ireland 2014-15 Units Managed / Market Shares

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