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Higher Education and Student Accomodation Sector Report - UK 2016-2020 Analysis

The 6th edition of the 'Higher Education and Student Accommodation Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis' identifies construction activity in this growing sector and reviews capital funding, maintenance issues, demand/supply of student accommodation, key contractors and consortia in both the universities/colleges and student accommodation sectors.

Key sections covered:

  • Review of university capital funding – budgets, plans, key universities, alternative funding sources.
  • Detailed analysis of types of accommodation within the student housing market - including current supply in university halls, commercial and private accommodation.
  • Key potential growth areas.
  • Key operators, contractors/consortia.
Key areas of insight include:
  • Impact of higher tuition fees - demand for places / student accommodation, review of ownership and maintenance requirements of student halls - alternative funding options for universities upgrading residential/non-residential facilities etc.
  • Review of capital funding in HE system, university capital building programmes.
  • Supply-demand imbalance of purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) driven by rising student numbers - problems of under-supply in many university towns – shift in balance towards higher standards of accommodation.
  • Analysis of university estate and infrastructure backlog, and overview of leading construction contractors operating in the higher education sector.
  • Partnership models between investors, developers and operators of PBSA with universities to upgrade/replace existing stock. Growth of private sector to upgrade and develop accommodation – transfer of ownership / outsourcing functions to the private sector.
  • Market shares, portfolios and future development pipelines of key 25 commercial operators and investment funds in PBSA market – new market entrants.
  • Analysis of developer activity within PBSA market including current supply of accommodation, factors affecting market and forecasts of future PBSA development pipeline, key growth opportunities.
  • Brief overview of higher education system in the UK including types of University and the impact of new universities on infrastructure development.
  • Growth in student numbers 2008-15, recent trends/future prospects, increase of overseas students, impact of higher tuition fees – numbers still rising.
  • Value of total university funding in the UK to 2015/16 - Higher Education Funding for England, Wales and Scotland to 2015.
  • Overview of higher education capital investment to 2014-15, Capital grants up to 2014 – total and for top 10 universities in England and Scotland.
  • Impact of funding cuts on university infrastructure development – alternative funding sources, review of ownership and maintenance requirements of their student halls. Other sources of income – Charitable Trusts, Endowment Funds, Bond Markets.
  • Analysis of construction output in the higher education sector.
  • HE Capital Spending, top 15 University capital grants 2015/16.
  • University Estate – Top 40 universities – number of buildings, floor area, capital expenditure – all split by residential and non-residential.
  • Examples of university capital building programmes, impact of spending cuts, procurement of capital building projects in the HE sector – partnerships, University Enterprise Zones.
  • Higher Education / Student Accommodation Contractors and Consortia – Top 20 key players, projects/pipelines in 2015, sector experience etc.
  • Mix of student accommodation – bedspaces 2010-2020, mix by type 2015/16 - university owned/operated, commercial / PBSA halls, private shared houses. Current supply of student accommodation at leading UK universities including share/volume mix of types of accommodation – average rents, outsourcing etc.
  • Impact of rising student numbers /international students (a key market) on university accommodation –demand continues to grow and outstrip supply.
  • Regional analysis of student accommodation market – level of provision at Top 30 universities, share taken by PBSA, opportunities, key growth areas etc.
  • London student accommodation market – rising student numbers and planning restrictions affecting development activity in some central areas, development pipeline. Key players.
  • Factors affecting student accommodation market – impact of rising student rents, overseas students, switch to higher spec. accommodation, student accommodation investment funds.
  • Market shares of leading 35 commercial operators of accommodation including developers, housing associations etc - analysis of portfolios and forward development pipelines.
  • Leading investment funds – key players - portfolios, fund values, impact on market.
  • Future supply 2016-18, analysis of future PBSA development pipeline both in London and nationally, market prospects, key growth areas, new market entrants.

    • Overview of Universities in the UK
      • Rise of the `New Universities'
      • Role of Private Providers in the HE Sector
    • Student Growth
      • Applications
      • Overseas Students
    • Tuition Fees
      • Table Annual Tuition Fees in the UK by Country 2015-16
      • Impact of Tuition Fee Rises on Student Numbers
    • Higher Education Green Paper 2015
    • Funding Structures
      • Table HEFCE Forecasts for Higher Education Sector Income Levels in England: 2015-2018 (£m) –By Income Source
    • HEFCE Funding for England
      • Table HEFCE Grant for Financial Years 2011-12 to 2015-16 (£m)
      • Table HEFCE Funding 2015-16 – Top 15 Universities by Size of Grant
    • SFC Funding for Scotland
      • Table SFC Grant for Financial Years 2011-12 to 2015-16 (£m)
      • Table SFC Scotland Funding 2015-16 – Top 15 Universities
      • Table SFC Scotland Indicative Research Excellence Grant – Funding by University 2016-2018 (£m)
    • HEFCW Funding for Wales
    • Endowment Funds
      • Table Top 15 UK University Endowment Funds 2014-15 (£m)
      • Bond Markets
    • Total Construction Output
      • Construction New Work - Value of Non-Domestic Output to 2020
      • Construction Output by Sector to 2020
    • Higher Education Construction Output
      • Table Contractors Output in Public Sector University Construction Work 2010-2020 (£m)
    • Higher Education Capital Expenditure
      • England
        • Table Top Capital Allocations to Higher Education Institutions 2015-16 (£m)
      • Scotland
        • Table SFC Scotland Capital Funding 2015-16: Top 15 Universities
      • Wales
    • University Estates Capital Expenditure
      • Table Estate Management Data by Institution (Non-Residential/Residential) –GIFA, Capital Expenditure etc. 2013-14
    • University/Student Accommodation Capital Building Programmes
      • Overview
      • Procurement of University Construction Work
      • Partnership with Private Sector Businesses
        • Table University Enterprise Zones in the UK – Summary – Partnership Structures, Funding, Sector Focus.
      • University Capital Plans
    • Construction Supply in the Higher Education Sector
      • Contractor Activity in the HE Sector in 2015
        • Table Universities Sector Analysis – Top Contractors by Value of Projects (£m) &Project Experience 2014-15
    • Overview
    • Provision of Student Accommodation
      • Regional Provision of Student Accommodation
        • Table Regional Student Accommodation Provision 2015-16 – 25 Major Universities -Split by Halls/Private.
      • Student Accommodation Market in London
    • Types of Student Accommodation
      • University Halls
        • Table Regional Provision of Student Accommodation at Major UK Universities 2015-16 – No. of Beds/% in University Accommodation
        • Table On Campus Student Accommodation Projects in Pipeline 2016 – Value, No. of Beds, Status, Project Deadline.
      • Commercially Operated Halls
        • Table Market Shares of Leading Commercial Operators of Student Accommodation in the UK 2015-16
    • Factors Affecting the Market
      • Student Rents
        • Table Average Weekly Rents for Student Accommodation in the UK 2014-15 and 2015-16 by Region and Provider
        • Table Average Weekly Rents for Student Accommodation in the UK 2014-15 and 2015-16 by Type of Accommodation
      • Student Accommodation Investment Funds
        • Table Major Student Accommodation Investment Fund Deals in 2015-16
      • Planning Issues and Community Infrastructure Levies (CIL)
        • Table Top Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) rates for Student Accommodation Development by London Borough/Regional Centre
      • Use of Offsite Construction in the PBSA Market
    • Key Drivers of the Student Accommodation Market
      • Student Accommodation Development Pipeline
      • London PBSA Development Pipeline
      • Forecast UK Development Pipeline
      • Outlook for the Student Accommodation Market

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