Healthcare Construction Market Report - UK 2017-2021 Analysis

Healthcare Construction Market Report - UK 2017-2021 Analysis

The 7th edition of the 'Healthcare Construction Market Report - UK 2017-2021 Analysis' focuses on key market trends and major structural changes within the NHS and private sectors, which should be of particular interest to construction professionals involved in or targeting the healthcare sector.

Key issues covered in the report:

Government reform of the NHS and implications of the Health & Social Care Act for the construction industry.
New providers and clients under the new NHS structure.
Analysis of capital funding to 2021 and capital funding arrangements under new NHS structure.
Major contractors, consortia, developers and investors involved in the healthcare sector - construction pipelines, budgets, key schemes and players.

Areas of particular interest include:

Review of primary healthcare and GP estate and Government funding to upgrade premises - GPs now firmly at the core of the NHS.
Review of future of main procurement routes and construction - PFI and Private Finance 2 (PF2), LIFT and ExpressLIFT, Hub Initiative in Scotland, Procure21+, Designed for Life: Building for Wales and Frameworks Scotland - construction pipelines, budgets, key schemes and players.
Shift away from major new build hospital schemes towards local and primary health facilities and refurbishment schemes. ExpressLIFT and P21+ construction pipeline.
Review of growing involvement of private sector and commercial providers in the NHS primary care provision.

Public Sector Healthcare in the UK

Overview and new structure of the NHS - England, Scotland, Wales - Government reforms of the NHS and implications of new Health & Social care act.
New providers and clients under new NHS structure - CCGs, Foundation Trusts, NHSCB.
Size and condition of NHS estate in England, Wales and Scotland - impact of reforms on NHS estate rationalisation and upkeep.
Healthcare spending and investment - primary care spending, NHS funding in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, forecasts 2017-2021.

Private Acute Healthcare Sector in the UK

Private partnership with the NHS and analysis of private and corporate providers in the NHS.
Acute private hospital provision and leading providers - number of facilities, key contracts.
Private healthcare companies - key players, market size including major groups, retail outlets moving into primary healthcare, private healthcare groups and property/investment companies - top 25 major players specializing in GP and primary care premises investment and development.
Private dental care - major dental companies/practices.

Contractors' Output in the Healthcare Sector

Analysis of total new work construction output - output by sector for 2017 and beyond.
Construction output in the healthcare sector - 2012-2021 - factors influencing forecasts.
Healthcare construction work pipeline - key funding streams (PFI/PPP, P21, P21+), programme budgets to 2021, number of schemes/capital values.
Capital expenditure in the NHS - England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland - key developments.

Procurement of Healthcare Construction Work

Size/value of PFI healthcare market and progress of schemes to date.
Future of Healthcare PFI (Private Finance 2) - key schemes, values.
Overview of NHS LIFT/ExpressLIFT/Hub Initiative in Scotland/Procure21 & Procure21+/Designed for Life: Building for Wales Framework/Frameworks Scotland - budgets, construction pipelines, progress to date, forecasts.
NHS ExpressLIFT and P21+ construction pipelines to 2020 - values, schemes, status, players etc.
Other finance and procurement options for NHS clients - LABVs, joint ventures, surplus land - open up the market considerably to smaller firms and suppliers.

Construction Supply in the Healthcare Sector

Key construction companies in the healthcare sector - recent projects.
Key consortia in healthcare sector - key players.
Healthcare developers and investors.
Current construction opportunities and tenders in the healthcare sector.

    • Table Summary of Major Healthcare Capital Spending Programmes 2016-2021 by Programme Value (£bn)
    • GDP
      • Table GDP Data - 2013-2016 - Key Constituent Elements
    • Inflation & Interest Rates
    • Unemployment
    • Household Consumption
    • Housing & Construction
    • Sterling
      • Table Exchange Rate Fluctuations 2012-2019 - Sterling to The Dollar, And The Euro, Spot Rates
    • Population Profile
    • Conclusions
    • Total Construction Output
      • Construction New Work and RMI - Value of Output to 2021
      • Non-Residential Construction Output by Sector in 2016
    • Construction Output in the Healthcare Sector
      • Table Contractors Output in the Healthcare Sector (Public & Private) 2011- 2021 (£m)
      • Outlook for Healthcare Construction Work
      • Healthcare Construction Pipeline
        • Table Healthcare Projects: Forward Construction Pipeline 2016-2020 by Scheme Status and Value (£m)
    • Capital Expenditure in the NHS
      • England
        • Table NHS Capital Spending 2015-2020 (£bn)
      • Scotland
        • Table Total Healthcare Spending Scotland 2011-2017 (£m)
      • Wales
        • Table Wales - Healthcare Capital Spending 2011-2021 (£m)
      • Northern Ireland
        • Table Northern Ireland - Healthcare Capital Spending 2011-2017 (£m)
    • Overview and Structure of the NHS
      • NHS Reform
        • Table Structure of the Reformed NHS 2016
      • Providers and Clients in the NHS
    • Healthcare Spending in the UK
      • Table Main NHS Funding Segments 2016-17(£bn)
      • NHS Funding - England
        • Table NHS England Spending Review Settlement 2015-2021 (£bn)
        • Table CCG Financial Allocations 2015-16 to 2020-21 (£bn)
      • NHS Funding - Scotland
        • Table Total Healthcare Spending Scotland 2015-2017 (£m)
      • NHS Funding - Wales
    • NHS Estate Rationalisation
      • England
        • Table England - Total Size of NHS Estate (sq. m.) 2012-2016 (£m)
      • Scotland
        • Table Scotland - Total Size of Estate (sq. m. Millions) 2015
      • Wales
      • Northern Ireland
      • Future of the NHS Estate
      • GP Premises
    • Overview & Size
      • Partnership with the NHS
        • Table Major NHS Healthcare Contracts Awarded to the Private Sector
    • Leading Private Healthcare Providers
      • Table Leading UK Private Hospital Providers 2016 - No. of Hospitals, Beds and Overall Market Share
      • Private Healthcare Companies
        • Table Top Primary Healthcare Providers by Number of Surgeries Owned 2017
      • Private Dental Care
        • Table Leading UK Private Dental Companies by No. of Practices in 2015 and 2017
    • PFI
      • Table Current PFI Investments by Government Department (By Number and Capital Cost £m)
      • PF2
      • PFI in the Healthcare Sector
        • Table PFI/PF2 Healthcare Schemes - By Scheme Status and Value (£m) (As at April 2016)
      • Alternative Models to PFI in the Healthcare Sector
    • Procurement Routes for GPs and CCGs
      • Future of Healthcare Procurement
    • Main Healthcare Construction Procurement Programmes in the UK
      • NHS LIFT
        • Table NHS LIFT Forward Pipeline - By Scheme Status and Value (£m) 2017
      • HUB Initiative Scotland
        • Table Hub Initiative Scotland - Hubcos (Area, Capital Values, and Supply Chain Partners etc)
        • Table Hub Initiative Scotland - Key Health Projects in Development: 2016-2020 by Value (£m)
      • Procure21+/Procure22
        • Table Procure21/P21+ Forward Construction Pipeline 2016-2020 by Scheme Status and Value (£m)
      • Designed for Life: Building for Wales (Procure21 in Wales)
        • Table Designed for Life: Building for Wales: Framework Partners
      • Frameworks Scotland
        • Table Frameworks Scotland - Key Health Projects in Development: 2016-2020 by Value (£m), Date and Contractor
      • Other Finance and Procurement Options for Healthcare Clients
    • Overview
      • Table Top Public Sector Clients - Key Construction Projects by Value 2015-2021 (£m)
    • Leading Construction Contractors in the Healthcare Sector
      • Overview
        • Table Health Sector Analysis - Top Contractors in the Healthcare Sector: Key Projects in 2016, Frameworks and Previous Healthcare Experience
    • Leading Consortia in the Healthcare Sector
      • Table Health Sector Analysis - Major Consortia and Framework Partners
    • Healthcare Developers & Investors
      • Table Primary Healthcare Developers & Investors by Number of Primary Care Premises Owned 2017

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