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MarketResearch.com features reports from more than 720 leading publishers and consulting firms worldwide. Our publishers range from larger publishing companies, such as Datamonitor and Frost & Sullivan, to smaller specialty firms, such as DrugPatentWatch, iData Research Inc., and Richard K. Miller. If there is a particular publisher you are seeking, let our Customer Service staff know, and we'll try to add them to our service.

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BMI ResearchPrivCo
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What our publishers are saying about us:

"For over 6 years BuddeComm has had a strong and successful relationship with MarketResearch. During that time they have actively sold our telecommunications reports and are now one of our largest Partners. All their staff have been very friendly, helpful and promptly load our new releases. MarketResearch are great to work with!"

Paul Budde
Managing Director
Paul Budde Communications Pty Ltd (BuddeComm)

"RNCOS is extremely satisfied with the marketing efforts done by MarketResearch.com in promoting our research. I am happy to work with the thoroughly professional that handles all types of customer requests with ease and works on a solid process driven system."

Shushmul Maheshwari
Chief Executive Officer

"ABS has been working with MarketResearch.com for almost 4 years. We have seen a very healthy increase in our report revenue because of their continued work and cooperation with our marketing team. We have found them to be efficient and always professional. It has proven to be a very productive and strong working relationship. We would highly recommend their services. They are an essential channel to sell reports."

Melany Krangle
Sales and Marketing Director
ABS Energy Research, London, UK

"We are very pleased with our partnership with MarketResearch.com. We are finding that their marketing strategies have led to the speedy generation of sales which is constantly increasing each day. The fusion of our two companies has proven to be a prosperous one. We are confident that the affiliation will continue to flourish."

A.K. Singh
VENN Research Inc.