Biobanking for Medicine: Technology, Industry and Market 2014-2024

March 25, 2014
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Biobanking for Medicine: Technology, Industry and Market 2014-2024


Biobanking for Medicine: Technology, Industry and Market 2014-2024

Biobanks - how to find business trends, R&D, and revenue forecasts

What does the future hold for medical biobanks? Now you get technological and commercial predictions from 2014. Stay ahead, then, for data, helping your authority. There you explore developmental trends, sales results, opportunities, and revenue forecasts.

That new report by visiongain shows you what's possible for biobanking and associated technology to improve healthcare. Avoid missing out. Instead find prospects for that biomedical industry and market, discovering expected trends, progress and gains.

Read on to explore those technologies and services for human medicine, seeing how high revenues can go.

Forecasts and other information showing lucrative possibilities for biorepositories

That study gives you sales predictions to 2024 at overall world, submarket and national level. You also get unit sales predictions. There, for biosample and biospecimen applications, you investigate where demand and money lie.

That way you can avoid struggles to find information. Besides revenue forecasting, our new work shows results, growth rates, and market shares. There you explore those technologies for medical R&D - applications in drug development.

You discover 72 tables, 73 charts, and five interviews with authorities in that industry.

So help your research, analyses, and decisions on storage of human biological samples (HBS). Also benefit your influence.

And the following sections explain what our new investigation gives you.

Forecasting of that world market and its segments - what's likely to happen?

What're the secrets of that industry's progress? Discover in our report overall world revenue to 2024 for storing human cell, tissue and fluid samples, with discussions.

Also find individual revenue predictions to 2024 for nine submarkets at world level:
  • Biobanking for research
  • Biobanking for therapeutic uses.
That study also forecasts the number of samples stored in those two fields. And it gives biobanking revenue forecasting to 2024 by research application:
  • Human tissues (also with sub-forecasts for public sector and commercial uses)
  • Stem cells
  • Other biological sample banking applications (inc. DNA and body fluids).
And it predicts stem cell banking revenues to 2024 for therapeutic uses:
  • Umbilical cord stem cell banking
  • Adult stem cell banking.
That study also forecasts the number of stem cell samples banked.

There you assess outlooks for sales expansion, hearing where you could gain. That work investigates competition and demand, showing technological and commercial possibilities.

So discover what's happening. You also assess geographical revenue potentials.

Healthcare in regional markets - what outlooks for biorepository demand and provision?

In developed and developing countries, opportunities for companies providing biobanking facilities, products, services, consumables, and technology will occur from 2014. See where and how.

So our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2024 for 12 national markets:
  • United States (US)
  • Japan
  • Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain (EU5), and Netherlands
  • Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC nations).
There you find countries with highest revenues, demands, and potential growth in usage and sales. Explore progress, needs, opportunities and competitors. And see the gains possible.

Also what events, challenges and advances in technology affect that industry and market? Our work shows you, discussing progress, policies, and trends influencing biorepositories.

Forces affecting developers, producers, and sellers of those medical resources and libraries

The report explains issues, events, and contributions affecting that industry and market from 2014, including these:
  • Facilities for cryopreservation, biobank networks, and biobanking infrastructure
  • Systems, freezers, operations software, consumables, and services for biobanking
  • Guidelines, standards, legislation, regulations, and governmental funding for that biopreservation, inc. HIPAA amendments
  • Biobanking in research, drug discovery, and development, inc. biomarkers and personalised medicine
  • Uses in therapeutics, clinical trials, and genome-wide association studies (GWAS).
  • And you explore these influences, among others:
  • Umbilical cord blood banking - controversies and possibilities
  • Numbers and geographical distribution of biobanks
  • Liquid handling systems, frozen aliquotting, and automated DNA isolation
  • RFID and tagging technology, and laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Biobanking services - storage, management, and transport of biological samples.
So you hear what's happening, also getting feel for challenges, trends, and outlooks.

There you find what stimulates and restrains players in that sector, affecting its results.

Biobanking technologies and applications - top companies and 2018 market value

What happens next? Our study predicts that world market will reach $22.7bn in 2018. In particular, rising demand for biobanked samples for use by pharmaceutical companies in preclinical research stimulates that market.

And in our work you examine activities of many commercial biobanks, including these:
  • Tissue Solutions
  • Asterand (Stemgent)
  • Biopta
  • BioServe
  • Coriell Institute for Medical Research.
And other companies, including these:
  • Cord Blood America
  • Cryo-Cell International
  • Biogenea Pharmaceuticals
  • China Cord Blood Corporation
  • ViaCord.
You find 270 organisations covered, exploring competitors. You also get five interviews with leaders in that field. Discover what participants do, say, and think, helping you stay ahead.

Ways Biobanking for Medicine: Technology, Industry and Market 2014-2024 helps

Through knowledge such as this, our new report helps you gain recognition for insight:
  • Revenues there to 2024 at world level and for 9 submarkets - assess outlooks for operations, marketing, and sales
  • Forecasts to 2024 for 12 national markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia - investigate developed and developing countries for potential revenues
  • Prospects for established organisations, rising companies, and new entrants - explore portfolios, results, strategies, developments, and outlooks for success.
Knowledge there found nowhere else, helping your searches, analyses, and planning

Our report gives independent data. There you get competitive intelligence found only in that work, finding where progress and money lie. You examine the commercial possibilities.

With that original research and analysis you're less likely to fall behind in information or miss opportunity. There see how you could save time and effort. And benefit your plans, decisions, and authority, helping you gain competitive advantages.

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Additional Information

The Human Tissue Banking Market for Research in 2013

According to industry estimates, between 80 and 90% of compounds in clinical trials fail, even after
many years of preclinical testing in animal models. Additionally, the biopharmaceutical industry
does not have suitable animal models for some somal, psychiatric and neurological disorders. The
pharmaceutical industry is accepting the fact that drug response in animals is only a partial guide
to responses in human beings, and is moving towards the use of human tissue samples stored in
biobanks for preclinical testing. More and more people are realising the potential benefits of testing
on human samples in the drug development process.

Companies Listed

Abbott Laboratories
Adnexus Therapeutics
Advanced Innovative Medicine
AKH Biobank
Allied Minds
American CryoStem
American Type Culture Collection
Analytical Biological Services
ARUP Laboratories
ASPREE Healthy Aging Biobank
Aurora Biomed
Australasian Biospecimen Network
Autoscribe Informatics
AuxoCell Laboratories
AXM Shenyang
Bangalore Brain Bank
Barts Gynae Tissue Bank
Beckman Coulter
Beijing Children's Hospital Biobank
Biobank Ireland
Biobank Japan
Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI)
Biogen Idec
BioLife Solutions
Biomedical Research Council (BMRC)
BioRepository Resources
BioServe Biotechnologies
BioStorage Technologies
Biovault Technical
BrainNet Europe
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Brooks Life Science Systems
Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre
Cambridge Bioscience
Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow
Cancer Human Biobank (caHUB)
CCLG Tissue Bank
Celltex Therapeutics
Cellular Dynamics
Chernobyl Tissue Bank
China Cord Blood Corp.
China Kadoorie Biobank
China Stem Cells
CLB/ Amsterdam Medical Center
CMD Biobank
CorCell Companies
Cord Blood Registry
CordBlood America
CORE Informatics
Coriell Institute for Medical Research
Council of Europe (CoE)
Creative Bioarray
Cryo Bio System
Cryo Save
Cryo-Cell International
Cryogene Lab
Custom Biogenic Systems
deCODE Genetics
Department of Health
Eli Lilly
European Commission (EC)
European Health Risk Monitoring (EHRM)
European Medicines Agency (EMA)
European Union Group on Ethics (EGE)
European, Middle-Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB)
Fisher BioServices
Flinders Technology Associates (FTA)
Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)
Future Health Biobank
GC Biotech
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare SeqWright Genomic Services
Genome Quebec Biobank
Glasgow Caledonian University
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
Hamilton Robotics
Hamilton Storage Technologies
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Harvard University
Hospital Necker Paris
HTA (Human Tissue Authority)
Hudson Robotics
Human Science Research Resource Bank (HSRRB)
Human Tissue Bank
Hungarian Biobank
Huntington Disease Biobank
Imperial Tissue Bank
Indian Institute of Technology
Infectious Disease Biobank
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER)
International Stem Cell Corporation
Japan Health Sciences Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
King's College London Tissue Bank
Leiden Longevity
Leiden University Medical Center
LifeBank USA
LifeLines Biobank
Malmö Microbiology Biobank
MatriCal Bioscience
Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical Research Council
Merck & Co.
Ministry of Health and Welfare
Mitochondrial Disease Biobank
Narayana Hrudayalaya Tissue Bank and Stem Cell Research Center
National Biological Resource Centre (Centro Nazionale per le Risorse Biologiche - CNRB)
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
National Institute of Health (NIH)
Netherlands Twin Registry
NHS Blood and Transplant Cord Blood Bank
Northeastern University
Northwest Regional Development Agency
Novare Biologistics
Office of Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research (OBBR)
OnCore UK
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Pacific BioStorage
Panasonic Biomedical
Perkin Elmer
Pop-Gen National Cohort
Precious Cells
Precision Bioservices
Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT)
Provia Labs
Riken BRC Cell Bank
Rotterdam Study
RTS Life Sciences
Russian Ministry of Health
Russian Society for Biobanking and Biopreservation (RSBB)
Russian Society of Personalised Medicine (RSPM)
Saneron CCEL Therapeutics
Sapien Biosciences
Seattle Genetics
Sechenov First Moscow Medical University (SFMMU)
Sigma Aldrich
Singapore Biobank (SBB)
Singapore Cord Blood Bank
Singapore Tissue Network (STN)
Smart Cells
Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN)
Spanish National Biobank Network
Stanford Tissue Bank
Stem Cells for Safer Medicine (SC4SM)
Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control Biobank
System Biosciences
Taiyo Nippon Sanso
TAP Biosystems
Tata Memorial Hospital Tissue Bank
TCG Life Sciences Tissue Bank
The Cambridge Brain Bank
The Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research
The Guangzhou Biobank
The National Cancer Tissue Bank
The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF)
The University of Manchester
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Genesis
Thermo Scientific
TISS-EU Project
Tissue Solutions
Tissue Solutions
Titan Pharmaceuticals
TTP Labtech
UCL Biobank, University College London
UK Biobank
UK ME-CFS Biobank
UK Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Bank
UK Parkinson's Disease Tissue Bank
UK Parliament Select Committee
UK Stem Cell Bank
University of South Florida
University of Tuebingen
US Biomax
US Department of Transportation (DOT)
V.A. Almazov Federal Center for Heart, Blood and Endocrinology
Virgin Health Bank
Washington University
Wellcome Trust
Wisconsin International Stem Cell Bank
World Health Organization (WHO)



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