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Russia Coal Mining Industry

145 Pages Taiyou Research October 01, 2012 SKU: TARE4899842

Russia has one of the largest coal reserves in the world, accounting for almost 19% of the total coal reserves in the world. In terms of reserves, Russia comes just after the United States. Russia is Europe's largest consumer of coal and the fifth largest coal consumer in the world. Coal accounts for roughly 25% of Russia's domestic energy supply. The bulk of this production is used domestically, while coal exports account for only 15% of total annual output. Coal production has fallen in recent years primarily due to labor unrest and strikes in the coal industry. The country has estimated proven reserves containing 200,000 Mt of coal, with 45% consisting of anthracite and bituminous coal.

The Kuznetsk Basin (Kuzbass) is the most important coal-producing area in Russia. The underground coal mines of the Kuzbass are controlled by five joint stock companies: Kuzbassugol, Kiselevskugol, Prokopievskugol, Kuznetskugol and Yuzhny Kuzbass. In addition, one independent mine, Raspadskaya, operates in the Kuzbass.

Nearly 90% of Russia’s coal reserves (estimated at 140 billion tons) are located in three large basins situated in the eastern parts of the country, viz. the Donets Basin, Kuznetsk Basin and the Kanksk – Achinsk basin. Unfortunately, most demand for coal is located in the western parts of the country, resulting in high transport and energy costs. Export prospects remain low due to high transport costs and loss of coal quality during transport.

Compared to other Russian fuel sources, the coal industry has the best raw material base. Russia’s coal production is controlled by Rosugol, which controls 31 deep mines, of which 12 are operating, 17 are under closure and two are under construction. A feasibility study over the Elga deposit located in Russia's Far East has been completed. Elga has resources estimated at over 2,100 Mt of coal. Annual production is earmarked at 20 Mt/ year of which 5Mt will be coking coal with the remainder being low sulfur thermal coal. The recent revival of the Russian economy, high oil prices, rising energy use by neighboring countries such as China, the low cost of producing most minerals and an advantageous geographical position to export to both Europe and Asia, have facilitated the rapid growth of the Russian coal and mining industry.

In this industry scenario, Taiyou Research analyzes the Russian Coal Mining Industry.

Divided into five chapters, this report from Taiyou Research is a complete analysis of the Russian coal mining industry. Here's looking at what Chapter 1 contains.
  • An analysis of the global coal market, including industry definition, industry statistics, market value and volume analysis, coal production and consumptions statistics, industry segmentation, the role of coal in providing energy security for a country, and an industry outlook that is segmented according to countries.
In Chapter 2 of the report, we analyze the Global Coal Mining Industry. The chapter includes the following:
  • Analysis of the global coal mining industry including an industry definition, market statistics, industry demand, industry concentration and geographic presence, industry segments analysis, market segments, and industry trade.
  • An analysis of the global coal mine production, including again an industry definition, market profile, market value & volume analysis, industry segmentation, industry competition, and an industry forecast.
  • A look at the industry performance through the analysis of the market, the importance of China, the impact of rising coal prices, the expansion in coal trade, and other factors impacting the performance of the global coal mining industry.
  • An outlook for the global coal mining industry completes this chapter.
In Chapter 3 of the report, we analyze the Russian Coal Mining Industry. The chapter covers the following:
  • An introduction to the Russian coal industry.
  • An analysis of the coal production in Russia, including total coal production, production of anthracite coal, production of bituminous coal, and the production of lignite coal.
  • An analysis of coal consumption in Russia, including total coal consumption, coal consumption for power generation, coal consumption by industrial sectors, and coal consumption by other sectors.
  • A look at Russia's coal reserves.
  • Factors driving the Russian coal mining industry such as the role of the Energy Strategy 2030 by the Russian Government, the expansion of end user industries, Chinese investment in the industry and many other factors are analyzed.
  • Challenges facing the industry are analyzed including mine safety problems and the lack of proper infrastructure.
  • An analysis of the regulatory framework. We look at the major regulations impacting the industry, the major regulatory bodies, industry licensing procedures and other regulations impacting this industry.
  • An analysis of the major industry projects and competition in the industry.
Chapter 4 of the report Russia Coal Mining Industry analyzes the major players in the Russian coal mining industry. Major players are analyzed through a company overview, an analysis of the business segments they operate through, a SWOT analysis wherever available, and their market presence.

Concluding the report is Chapter 5, which carries an appendix and a glossary of terms.

This cutting-edge research offering from Taiyou Research is a comprehensive coverage of the Russian coal mining industry.

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Russia Coal Mining Industry

Taiyou Research
October 01, 2012

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