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Nuclear Power Market in France

270 Pages Taiyou Research October 01, 2012 SKU: TARE4899638

France has the highest number of nuclear reactors in the world, after the United States. With the country having 58 active nuclear reactors, France is the leading nuclear power country within the European Union. Out of the 143 nuclear reactors found in the EU, France has 58 of them.

France has been a supporter of nuclear energy since the 1950s itself and has strong belief that the technology is safe, even after the Fukushima accident.

For many years, nuclear power has been used for the purposed of generating electricity across the globe. However, with the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster, the safety of nuclear power has been called into question, with many countries deciding to phase out nuclear power completely by 2020. With concerns rising about the use of conventional thermal energy sources, many are questioning whether one can truly phase out and finish off the dependence on nuclear energy.

In this industry scenario, Taiyou Research analyzes the Nuclear Power Market in France.

Divided into five chapters, this in-depth research offering from Taiyou Research is a complete analysis of the nuclear power market in France.

The report deals with an overview of the global power market which is consistently rising due to rapid industrialization resulting in ever increasing demand for power. 66% of global power market is dominated by thermal power sources viz. coal and petroleum but stringent emission norms and depletion of sources is driving global attention towards renewable technology and nuclear power with a 7.5% market share is going to play a major role in future.

In spite of the Chernobyl disaster and the more recent Fukushima setback, the global installed nuclear capacity is likely to increase at a CAGR of nearly 4% and nuclear generation at a CAGR of 3.9% during 2011-2020. In comparison to other technologies the nuclear power has a nominal impact on greenhouse gas emission.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Nuclear Power covers the following:
  • An industry definition and an overview of nuclear power.
  • Present-day use of nuclear power and looking at why we need nuclear power?
  • We look at the various reasons why the world needs nuclear power, such as the rising energy demand in the world, the global power situation, environmental impact of nuclear, and many others.
  • An in-depth comparison is carried out of nuclear power and other power generating technologies such as gas and coal.
Chapter 2: Analysis of the Global Nuclear Power Industry covers the following:
  • An analysis of the global nuclear power industry through a market profile, market statistics, industry value and volume analysis, industry capacity and generation analysis, and much more.
  • We carry out region-wise industry segmentation, and also analyze the technological trends in the industry and an industry outlook.
  • We carry out an analysis of the global nuclear power industry in a Porter's Five Forces Framework. We look at the global nuclear power industry by taking nuclear energy providers as key market players. The section analyzes the forces driving competition in the industry viz. buyer power, supplier power, new entrants, substitutes and rivalry amongst major players in the industry.
  • A brief profile of the emerging nuclear power markets sums up this chapter.
Chapter 3: Nuclear Power in France covers the following:
  • An analysis of the nuclear power industry in Europe through a market profile, industry statistics, industry value & volume analysis, industry capacity and generation analysis, and a country-wise segmentation of the industry.
  • We analyze the French nuclear power industry through a market profile, industry statistics, installed capacity and generation analysis, the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, nuclear reactor technology, operating and upcoming nuclear reactors in the country, regulatory framework, how favorable the country's nuclear power industry is for doing business, a look at R&D in the industry, and industry competition.
Chapter 4: Analysis of Major Global Players is an in-depth study of the major players in the global nuclear power industry with special emphasis on company overview, business analysis and a SWOT analysis of the key players. We include an analysis of over 15 players in the industry.

Concluding with Chapter 5, we include an appendix, a glossary of terms, and a research methodology.

Overall, Taiyou Research’s report on the nuclear power market in France is in depth-study of the French nuclear power market.

Taiyou Research’s report makes an intensive study of the installed capacity and generation, nuclear facilities and region, regulatory policies and framework, major players and competitive scenario with business viability of the French nuclear power industry.

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Nuclear Power Market in France

Taiyou Research
October 01, 2012

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