SunFAITH China Ltd. Research

Since the end of 1995, SunFAITH has been dedicated to providing market research, credit reporting and intellectual property protection services to multinational clients. Headquartered in Shanghai, SunFAITH has over 60 employees totally and 17 branches and work stations strategically located around China.

Market Research

As a member of INRA (International Research Association), IPRA (International Public Relationship Association) and CMRA (China Marketing Research Association), SunFAITH adopts global standards for market intelligence collection and analysis.
Through the powerful Intelligence & Investigation Networks and the assistance of relevant local authorities, SunFAITH is able to provide the clients with first-hand, updated, and cost-effective information.

Endowed with expertise and professionals specialized in diverse fields, SunFAITH's Market Research Service covers such a variety of industrial lines as IT, Electrical power and industry control, Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Auto and auto parts industry, Consumer products, Light industry, Printing and Environmental protection.

Their market research services can be categorized as follows:

Standard Services
  • CMA (Customized Market Analysis)
  • MCA (Market Competition Analysis)
Non-Standard Services
  • Industry Analysis
  • Monthly Market Briefing Reports
  • Comprehensive Competitive Intelligence
  • Dynamic Market Intelligence
  • Sourcing / Distribution Channel Research
  • Name List Collection
SunFAITH China Ltd. Research

US: 800.298.5699
Int'l: +1.240.747.3093
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