PreK-12 School Improvement Opportunities 2011

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May 25, 2011
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  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Overview
    • Introduction
    • ARRA Honed SIG Focus
      • (Table) Persistently Lowest Achieving Schools Tiers
      • Miami and Rose City (Ark.) M.S. Exemplify Early Stage
  • Market Landscape
    • Introduction
      • (Table) School Improvement Grants Landscape At-a-Glance
      • Awards by Tiers
        • (Table) School Districts with More than Five Schools Awarded School Improvement Grants
      • High Schools Capture Most SIG Awards
      • School SIG Awards Varied in Amount
        • (Table) Per-Student Grant Amounts Top 10 California Districts
    • Schools Must Pick Among Four Intervention Models
      • Restart and School Closure Attract Few Schools
      • Turnaround Shakes Up Educators
        • (Table) Characteristics and Use of Four Intervention Models
        • (Table) Intervention Models Used in Florida
      • Transformation Model Dominates
        • (Table) States Exclusively Using Transformation Model
  • Funding
    • Introduction
    • School Improvement Grants Grow from 2007
      • (Table) School Improvement Grants
      • (Table) School Improvement Grants Allocations, 2010-2012P
    • Other Federal Funding Helps Schools Improve
      • (Table) 50 Largest School Improvement Grants*
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Introduction
      • (Table) Selected Topical Opportunities Under School Improvement Intervention Models*
    • Opportunity Is Heavy on Services
      • Edison Learning Leads Change in Hawaii
      • State Agencies Provide Support Services
    • Opportunity in Curriculum and Instruction
      • Reading Strategies Is Focus at Barnum Elementary School
      • Using PD to Improve Instruction at JFK Elementary in Boston
        • (Table) John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Boston SIG-Related Proposed Budget, 2010-2011
    • State Vendor Lists Show Variation
      • Alabama Creates Two Vendor Lists
      • Illinois: Districts Must Have Lead Partner
        • (Table) Michigan Approved School Improvement Providers
      • Ohio Cast Wide Net for Assistance
      • Michigan Approves 56 External Providers
    • Publishers Are Adapting to the Demand
      • Pearson Acquires America's Choice
      • Pearson Adds Schoolnet
      • McGraw-Hill Forms School Improvement Solutions Team
      • Clicking for School Improvement
      • HMH Grows Professional Development through Acquisition
      • Scholastic Targets Math
  • Case Studies
    • Introduction
    • Miami Central Senior High School
      • Miami Central Senior High School Background
      • SIG Grant Brings More Changes
      • Changing Role for Teachers and Technology
    • Warren G. Harding High School
      • History of Harding High School
      • Problems in Need of Solutions
      • Path to School Improvement
      • Work Begins in the 2010-2011 School Year
      • Teachers Step Up
    • Washington Middle School
      • Washington Middle School Background
      • Climate Change Begins
      • Intervention for Reading and Math
      • Professional Development Emphasized
  • Conclusions and Outlook
    • Introduction
    • Funding loses ARRA Boost
      • (Table) Approved School Improvement Grant Awards
    • Competing for Dollars
      • Hagan Proposes STAR Act
      • Murray Proposes LEARN Act
    • New Year, New Lists
      • Alabama Has New List of Persistently Lowest-Performing Schools
      • Tennessee Exemplifies Ongoing Need
    • Lessons from Schools in Intervention Status


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