Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

June 1, 1999
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Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

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The $8 billion U.S. cabinetwork and countertop market strengthened in 1998 and 1999 due to a surge in new single-family how construction and strong gains in homeowner remodeling spending. This Specialists in Business Information report offers an in- depth analysis of the U.S. cabinetwork and countertop industry. The market is segmented by stock, custom, and semi-custom product lines and whether cabinets are all wood or plastic laminated. SBI analyzed the cost structure of U.S. cabinetwork and countertop plants, plant profit margins, and the competitive environment. SBI calculated market share for the top 25 U.S. cabinetmakers. The Canadian market is analyzed as well including shipments, exports, imports, and plant cost structure.

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Scope And Methodology

The SBI Market Profile on Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops is a guide to the growth- and profit-oriented opportunities in these growing sectors of the U.S. building materials industry. This comprehensive database covers U.S. shipments, imports and exports, end-use markets, kitchen and bathroom remodeling data and purchaser demographics, factors affecting domestic demand, the cost structure of kitchen cabinet and countertop plants, the competitive environment, and the Canadian market situation. In addition, major North American manufacturers and marketers are profiled in order to uncover competitor strategies.

The total cabinetwork industry is analyzed on a dollar and unit basis (Section 1). Shipments are provided for custom, semi-custom, and stock product lines. Shipments are for all domestic manufacturers, whether plants are owned by U.S.- or foreign-based companies and whether or not plants specialize (50% or more of total facility revenues) in cabinetwork. Shipment data is compiled from U.S. Department of Commerce surveys. Imports are added to kitchen cabinet shipments to calculate the total U.S. supply. Import data is derived from U.S. Customs records. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics' Producer Price Index is used to track industry pricing.

Section 2 further segments cabinetwork shipments by type and material. Shipments are segmented into stock line and custom kitchen cabinets, and vanities and other cabinetwork. Stock and custom kitchen cabinet shipments are also available by all wood and plastic laminated material. Data from Wood and Wood Products provided the sales mix of the top U.S. cabinetmakers by cabinet type and by frame-less products. Kitchen and Bath Business data provide a distribution of cabinet door materials by wood species. Import data is also supplied by major country of origin.

Section 3 is an analysis of end-use markets and distribution channels. Cabinetwork purchases are provided for residential and nonresidential markets and for new construction and remodeling projects. Manufactured housing producer demand is also covered. Home builder usage is shown by brand based on Professional Builder surveys. Top cabinetmakers' share of sales from new construction and remodeling is shown as well. U.S. cabinet sales by distribution channel is based on Kitchen and Bath Business surveys. Company channel breakdown is compiled from Wood and Wood Products. U.S. exports of kitchen cabinets are included in this analysis.

Simmons Market Research Bureau data supply demographic snapshots of do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) and buy-it-yourself (B-I-Y) purchasers of kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities (Section 4). Demographics are also provided by spending level and whether the unit was installed by a contractor or as part of a D-I-Y project. Demographic characteristics covered include purchases by sex, age, race, marital status, household income, education and occupation, household size, children by age, homeowners and renters, and region.

A separate section analyzes how the number of new U.S. residential kitchens and bathrooms and the number and spending on kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs drives domestic demand (Section 5). New kitchen and bathroom data is provided by type of structure and tracks the number of bathrooms in new housing units. New and remodeled kitchens and bathrooms are also tracked by region. The demographics of remodelers as well as where remodeling jobs are purchased are provided. Other factors driving demand are compiled and analyzed in Section 7. Residential housing statistics include data on new housing completions, existing home resales, and mobile home placements. Housing starts and residential building permits further track new residential construction markets. Total homeowner remodeling and repair spending are analyzed as well. In addition, data is provided on household demographics and economic trends.

Countertop market trends are investigated in Section 6. Data trends include shipments and pricing of plastic laminated countertops, kitchen countertops and vanity tops used in new residential construction and remodeling markets, end-use market purchases, and home builder countertop brand preferences.

SBI supplies data on the cost structure and profitability of U.S. plants specializing (50% or more of total plant revenues) in the manufacture and sale of cabinetwork and countertops (Section 8). U.S. Department of Commerce survey data covering these plants are supplemented with individual company sales data in order to calculate company market share (Section 9). Company sales statistics are compiled as part of an exhaustive effort to provide competitive intelligence (Section 11). SEC documents, databases, and trade journals were searched for growth- and profit-oriented strategies.

The Canadian market situation is evaluated from Statistics Canada data (Section 10). Data trends include plant shipments, exports, and imports. The cost structure of Canadian cabinetwork plants is also provided.

Action-oriented executives are urged to use this comprehensive statistical database and competitor information to penetrate growing end-use markets, target key demographics segments, penetrate growing distribution channels, and initiate profitable operating strategies. Executives are urged to compute their own company market share and compare their company's operating ratios to the industry averages as part of this process.

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