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January 23, 2013
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Kordia is a trans-Tasman business providing customised broadcast, telecommunications solutions and specialised networks. It owns one of the largest telecom networks in New Zealand and is the major provider of television and radio broadcast facilities. The company has delivered broadcast television, radio and telecom services for more than 60 years and its broadcast network provides coverage to over 99.8% of New Zealanders. It also maintains a 600-site television and radio broadcast network for a major broadcaster, as well as other customers, in Australia.

The company continues to release innovative products and services. As a UFB kick-starter campaign the company offered free fibre installations for some customers till end-2012. In 2012, Kordia’s overall revenue increased by over 30% as the transformation of an analogue based broadcasting company into a diversified company takes effect. As the company moved into the next couple of years the shutdown of analogue transmissions will affect overall revenue but the company has strong prospects of increased revenue and growth.

The merging of the company operations announce in late 2012 would see Kordia New Zealand running the previously separate companies – Orcon and Kordia Networks into 2013. Some synergies from the combined entities including networks and staff will see monetary savings for the rebranded companies. The current CEO is due to depart the company in March 2013.

In this report we profile the company operations and also provide an overview of the company financials for the current financial and previous years in tabular and charts formats in an easy-to-read format.

Key developments:

Analogue broadcasting to cease, broadband based telecommunication diversification, fibre, FttH, FTA, internet TV, satellite, IP, 3G, WiFi, WiMAX, TETRA, spectrum, O3b systems integration in Cook Islands.

Companied covered in this report include:

Kordia, Orcon, Vodafone, Sky.

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