The Young Urban Consumer: How Hip-Hop Culture Affects the Lifestyle and Buying Decisions of 12- to 34- Year Olds

Packaged Facts
May 1, 2008
250 Pages - SKU: LA1692747
This completely new Packaged Facts report builds upon the innovative and groundbreaking findings of the 2006 Packaged Facts report The U.S. Urban Youth Market, which analyzed the consumer choices of the tens of millions of 15- to 29-year-olds who connect with hip-hop music. This expanded and updated 2008 report provides an in-depth view of how hip-hop culture continues to influence the lifestyle and buying decisions of Young Urban Consumers as young as 12 and as old as 34.

The 37 million Young Urban Consumers analyzed in this report live in all parts of the country and have an urban mindset, regardless of whether they live in a city, a suburb or a small town. Young Urban Consumers enjoy an aggregate income of $600 billion, and they love to shop and spend. These trendsetters and influencers who affiliate with hip-hop culture exercise a powerful impact on the direction of the fashion, media, entertainment and other key consumer-focused industries.

The first section of the report begins with an overview of strategic trends and opportunities in the Young Urban Consumer market. The report continues with an assessment of the buying power of Young Urban Consumers, a profile of the demographics of the Young Urban Consumer population and a discussion of how the core values of Young Urban Consumers differ from those of others their age.

The next section of the report analyzes how Young Urban Consumers spend money and includes a chapter on their personal finances, shopping behavior and buying patterns. Another chapter highlights consumer behavior patterns in fashion, personal care and food.

The final section of the report focuses on how Young Urban Consumers spend their leisure time. There is a chapter on leisure and entertainment choices, including home entertainment as well as going out to live entertainment events, the movies and restaurants. Another chapter provides an assessment of the media consumption habits of Young Urban Consumers and includes a detailed analysis of magazine readership, television viewing, radio listening and the impact of the Internet on traditional media usage.

Report Methodology
This report is based on information collected directly from firms active in the Young Urban Consumer market, a thorough analysis of relevant industry and trade publications and websites, and Census Bureau population and income data. Data on the consumer behavior of Young Urban Consumers are derived from the Spring 2007 Simmons Market Research Bureau National Consumer Surveys of adults and teens. The report also highlights primary data compiled by Los Angeles, California-based New American Dimensions and Oakland, California-based Carol H. Williams Advertising.

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