The U.S. Market for Feminine Hygiene Products

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August 1, 2001
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The U.S. Market for Feminine Hygiene Products


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This all-new Packaged Facts report on the feminine hygiene market, whose U.S. sales alone currently exceed $2 billion, analyzes sales and growth potential for feminine protection and intimate hygiene categories, focusing on the increasing diversity of the products marketed. The report examines in detail the trends affecting market size and growth, offering historical sales data and projections through 2005. Coverage includes marketer and brand shares based on Information Resources, Inc.'s InfoScan sales-tracking data, marketing and new product trends, advertising, and distribution and retail trends. Also included are detailed consumer demographic profiles based on Simmons Market Research Bureau data, as well as more than 10 competitive analyses of major U.S. players, including Proctor & Gamble Co., Kimberly-Clark Corp., and Johnson & Johnson.

Additional Information

Scope And Methodology

Market Parameters

This report focuses on two categories of consumer packaged products designed specifically for use in feminine hygiene:

  • The Feminine Protection Category, which includes those products specifically intended to protect women from menstrual flow. Less absorbent versions of products also protect from discharge between menstrual cycles and/or light incontinence. The category comprises two segments: sanitary pads/liners (external protection products) and tampons (internal protection products). The sanitary pads/liners segment is further broken out into three types: sanitary pads, pantyliners and shields, and interlabial products. The tampon segment breaks out into two types: tampons and collection cups.
  • The Intimate Hygiene Category, which includes products designed and marketed specifically for feminine hygiene cleansing before, during, or after menstruation. The category comprises internal cleansing products, namely douches; and external deodorant products, principally deodorant sprays, washes, and premoistened wipes and towelettes.

Excluded from this analysis are vaginal lubricants; products used to treat medical ailments such as yeast infection; creams and powders designed to reduce vaginal irritation associated with incontinence and infection; incontinence products; products taken orally to reduce menstrual discomfort; contraceptives of all types; and pregnancy tests. Also excluded are products such as sea sponges that may be used for menstrual protection but are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or specifically marketed for that purpose. In addition, given its retail focus, this report does not cover products sold or distributed at the medical or institutional level.

Report Methodology

The information contained in this report was obtained from both primary and secondary research. Primary research entailed consultation with industry sources and on-site examination of the retail milieu. Secondary research entailed data-gathering from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature. Packaged Facts has derived sales figures from sources such as Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) InfoScan data and Supermarket Business consumer expenditure surveys. Figures provided on national consumer advertising expenditures are based on data (copyright 2000) from CMR, a Taylor Nelson Sofres company. The analysis of consumer demographics primarily derives from the Simmons Market Research Bureau (New York, NY) Fall 2000 consumer survey, based on 31,576 respondents.

Press Release

Feminine Hygiene Manufacturers Marketing to Men

July 31, 2001, New York, NY -- As men are increasingly doing the shopping for households, they have been put in the unfamiliar territory of making selections among the many product choices the feminine hygiene market offers. These confused men, floundering without guidance in a market they have previously lacked any exposure to, have been identified by marketers of feminine hygiene products as a natural target audience.

This trend, as well as many other factors which are driving the U.S. retail sales of feminine hygiene products well over the $2 billion mark, are fully examined in the new report from Packaged Facts and available through, The U.S. Market for Feminine Hygiene Products. The report provides detailed information on emerging marketing campaigns, such as the new ads for men, and also covers distribution and retail trends, new product development, and consumer demographic profiles. Historical sales data, as well as market projections through the year 2005 are also included in the report.

According to Meg Hargreaves, VP of Publisher Relations and Content Development for, the feminine hygiene industry, while mature, has become increasingly dynamic as it operates to recognize the changing attitudes of its consumers. “Although marketers of feminine hygiene products have something of a captive audience, they are becoming increasingly innovative and solicitous with their product offerings and women appear to be a receptive audience for new and improved products,” said Ms. Hargreaves. According to the report, despite dissatisfaction and health concerns over many past and current products, women appear to be ready and willing to experiment with new alternatives such as feminine hygiene wipes and disposable menstrual cups. The recent proliferation of these alternative products could lead to untapped growth in the market.

Brand loyalty has long been a central feature of the feminine hygiene market, and the same major players who have dominated the market for years continue to hold on to their large market shares thanks to life-long brand loyal consumers. As the children of the baby-boomlet of the 80’s and 90’s age, marketers are tapping teen girls as a major source of potential future growth, hoping these consumers will become lifelong feminine hygiene brand loyalists.

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Why are some companies marketing feminine hygiene products to men?

It’s not as crazy as it seems. The feminine hygiene market has traditionally been considered an industry with modest growth potential and a very specific marketing audience – one that has never included men. However, recent industry studies have shown that several changes, including the fact that more men have started doing shopping for households and are increasingly making decisions about purchasing feminine hygiene products, are creating new challenges and opportunities for the market. As the market has been re-examined by many of the key players a vast array of new products, as well as some new slants on marketing, have been developed.

Your guide to the industry, The U.S. Market for Feminine Hygiene Products, a new report from Packaged Facts now available through, presents a complete overview of the current feminine hygiene market trends. The report examines sales and growth trends, the consumer marketplace, marketer/brand shares, competitive strategies, demographic data, and more.

Use The U.S. Market for Feminine Hygiene Products to find out how:

  • New marketing tools, such as websites, which have targeted teen girls, have successfully established a new sense of brand loyalty and helped breathe new life into the industry
  • The fear of Toxic Shock Syndrome is still affecting the market, pushing the industry to explore organic products and non-traditional forms of feminine protection.
  • New products within the intimate hygiene market, such as towlettes, have gained recent popularity.
  • Private label companies have emerged to have stronger sales increases than many brand name players.

    The report also provides detailed industry information on many categories, including:

    • Pads
    • Tampons
    • Douches
    • Washes
    • Sprays
    • Wipes/towelettes

    Representing over 600 hours of research, analysis and execution,The U.S. Market for Feminine Hygiene Products is compiled from both primary and secondary data such as:

    • Industry-dedicated trades
    • Company, government and industry research
    • Consultations with industry experts gives you the tools you need to identify strategic opportunities for your company and stay ahead of the competition. With this substantial insight into your current and projected market, you have the necessary information to formulate on-target business plans, execute the right creative for advertising, and budget resources properly.

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    Issues Addressed:

    • History of the Market / Products
    • Product Categories and Types
    • Feminine Protection Products
    • Intimate Hygiene Products
    • Regulatory Environment
    • Consumer Health Concerns
    • The Chemical Factor
    • Package Labeling Requirements
    • New product development
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Consumer attitudes
    • Demographic data
    • Market share
    • Advertising and promotion trends
    • Advertising expenditures
    • Sales by distribution channel

    Categories Covered:

    • Feminine Protection
    • Sanitary Pads
    • Panty Liners
    • Tampons
    • Intimate Hygiene
    • Douches
    • Towelettes, Sprays, and Washes

    Companies and Sites Discussed:

    • Alberto Culver Co.
    • C.B. Fleet Co.
    • First Quality Hygienic, Inc.
    • Johnson & Johnson (Personal Products Co.)
    • Kimberly-Clark Corp.
    • Lake Consumer Products, Inc.
    • Playtex Products, Inc.
    • Procter & Gamble Co.
    • SmithKline Beecham Plc
    • Ultrafem, Inc.
    • EcoProgress, Inc. (Consolidated EcoProgress Technology)
    • Keepers! Inc.
    • Natracare, LLC
    • Organic Essentials, Inc.

    Tables and Graphs:

    • U.S. Market by Category
    • Product Breakouts by Category
    • U.S. Sales by Category, Region
    • Projected U.S. Sales by Category
    • Product Introduction by Category
    • Share of Market by Category
    • Select Marketers by Brand & Product

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