The U.S. Market for Anti-Aging Products

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August 1, 1999
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The U.S. Market for Anti-Aging Products

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This report keeps marketers abreast of one of the fastest-growing segments of the personal care industry. The report presents a detailed discussion of the products in both the VSM (vitamins, supplements, and minerals) and cosmeceuticals categories, including discussion of the FDA's approach to regulating both types of products. It also includes: analysis of market size and growth by category, including IRI data on market composition and sales by channel; factors affecting growth and projections through the year 2003; competitive insight into leading marketers, including marketer profiles; and data regarding advertising expenditures.

Additional Information

Scope and Methodology

Scope of Report

This Packaged Facts report divides anti-aging products into two categories, VSMs (vitamins/supplements/minerals) and cosmeceuticals. In defining anti-aging products, we have chosen to focus on products that have the same position in the overall VSM market that cosmeceuticals do in skincare—newer products, often tout-ing novel "miracle" ingredients, that target consumers concerned about the physical effects of aging. Our analysis focuses on the retail stores through which anti-aging products reach U.S. consumers, and the figures presented for market size and growth refer strictly to the U.S. retail market. However, the volume of anti-aging products sold directly to consumers through direct solicitation, mail order, television shopping channels, and the Internet is quite large, and while this report does not attempt to quantify the direct-sales market, it does include this sector in its discussion of market-ers and product trends.

Among VSM products not covered by this report are sports or diet supple-ments, supplements used for non-nutritional purposes, bulk products (including bulk herbs), and products used or sold at the institutional level. Among skincare products excluded are cosmeceuticals not necessarily positioned as anti-aging (such as thigh creams and some hand and body lotions and facial masks), suncare products, acne products, prescription products, and products sold or used by professional dermatolo-gists. Cosmeceuticals to encourage hair growth¾fully covered in Packaged Facts' August 1999 report, The U.S. Cosmeceuticals Market¾also are excluded from this report, as are other "age-defying" personal care products, such as toothpastes.

Report Methodology

The information contained in this report is based on primary and secondary research. Primary research entailed on-site examination of cosmeceutical products in retail stores and consultations with industry executives. Secondary research involved canvassing information and articles appearing in financial, marketing, and trade pub-lications, company literature, and independent financial reports. Statistics on market revenues, revenue growth rates, marketer share, and share by retail sector are based on a careful evaluation of all available information on market sales and trends. In particular, statistics on market size and share are based mainly on InfoScan data sup-plied to Packaged Facts by Information Resources, Inc. Figures provided on national consumer advertising expenditures by individual marketers are based on Competitive Media Reporting (CMR) data, as reported in the trade press. The demographic analy-sis of consumers of anti-aging products is based on Simmons Market Research Bu-reau data for spring 1998.

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