Microfocus - Caliber, Silk, and StarTeam Products

Microfocus - Caliber, Silk, and StarTeam Products

February 23, 2011
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2010 was a year of reinvention for Micro Focus, as the longtime mainframe tools provider made two, concurrently timed acquisitions designed to propel itself as a major player in the quality management space: the acquisition of what was left of Borland, and the acquisition of Compuware’s last remaining developer tools.

Features and benefits
  • This report covers interim releases of the Silk and Caliber tools.

Micro Focus is a company that is currently transforming its position in the ALM marketplace.

Micro Focus' goal is to compete with HP Quality Center in the QA segment.

Micro Focus has yet to release the next generation products that will fully leverage its Borland and Compuware quality management tools acquisitions.

Your key questions answered
  • What do Micro Focus's featured products acquired by Borland do?
  • How far is Micro Focus in integrating its QA tool acquisitions?

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