NIGERIA: Oil & Gas Downstream Sector (Refining & Marketing) Report 2013

Olivia Phillip International Consulting Limited
June 1, 2013
260 Pages - SKU: OP5078819
Countries covered: Nigeria

There are significant investment opportunities in Nigeria's down-stream sector of the Oil & Gas Industry. The focus of Government is the deregulation of the sector through the licensing of private refineries and the removal of Government subsidies to the downstream sector, and the privatization of existing ones. It is hoped that domestic capacity, through such strategic action would at least meet demand. The 4 existing refineries have significantly and consistently produced below capacity, caused by a host of factors, least of which is poorly managed Turn-Around Maintenance routine.

The Government has shown commitment towards jumpstarting a 'gas revolution' with the approval of 'central gas processing facilities'.There are significant investment opportunities that are looking for funding, both local and international.

This report offers a concise overview of the developments in Nigeria's downstream sector and the emerging investment opportunities. No doubt, the Government is vigorously pursuing the deregulation of the downstream sub-sector sector of Nigeria's Oil & Gas. NNPC itself is undergoing structural transformation to enable it position as integrated Oil & Gas Company that is accountable and transparent. Opportunities exist for a wide range of upstream and downstream activities, including exploration, production, pipelines and storage, and for a large range of service companies, including equipment suppliers, providers of petroleum and environmental technical services, consultants, pipeline and storage contractors, banks and others wanting to finance major new developments. The Government's local content policy seeks more integrated, local companies in Nigeria's Oil & Gas sector.

The development of the natural gas industry will create still more large scale projects, including gas processing, pipelines and local distribution. Several gas-fired power stations are currently being implemented while some have been planned. Nigeria could also emerge as a significant regional producer and exporter of LPG. The Petroleum Industry Bill, under legislative consideration, is expected to provide a framework for the structural transformation so much needed in the oil & gas industry.

Additional Information

1) For Whom

a. Oil and Gas Companies/ International Energy Companies/Project Developers;
b. Equipment Suppliers /Industry Associations;
c. International Development Agencies/Banks and Project Finance Companies;
d. Policy makers & Regulatory Bodies/Energy and Environmental Consultants;
e. Law firms engaged in Energy Practice.

This 2Q 2013 edition provides detailed information about the following, among others:

a. The Structure of the Refinery & Marketing Sector in Nigeria: Existing capacity & Players;
b. Profiles of some companies active in the downstream sector, their financial performance;
c. The current status of and prospects for private operators;
d. Insights into downstream development programs especially in selected regional African markets;
e. Perspectives on the global refinery industry and some major players;
f. Current and future project developments in Nigeria;
g. A comprehensive view of the development of the downstream sector in Nigeria;
h. Key economic trends and political developments & the privatization program in Nigeria; and,
i. Current operational performance data and key industry statistics, etc.,

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