Three-dimensional (3D) Technology Market (2011-2016) By Products, Applications, Global Forecast and Analysis

Three-dimensional (3D) Technology Market (2011-2016) By Products, Applications, Global Forecast and Analysis

March 23, 2012
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Three-Dimensional (3D) Technology Market (2011 - 2016) by Products (3D IC, 3D Printer, 3D Display - HMD, 3D Smartphone, 3D TV, 3D Digital Signage), Applications (3D Animation, 3D Printing, 3D Medical Imaging, 3D CAD, 3D Gaming, 3D Cinema) & Technology (Stereoscopy, Auto-Stereoscopy, Volumetric) Focus, Global Forecast & Analysis - Features Introduction to 4D Technology

Three Dimension (3D) technologies has now commercialized in most of the products and applications such as Smartphone, TV, Animation, Gaming, Medical imaging etc. After the success of ‘Avatar’, numbers of producers are releasing their movies in 2D as well as 3D version. Thus, 3D cinemas have become the additional revenue generator for cinema producers.

Products like 3D Smartphone, 3D printer, 3D gaming consoles etc. are latest 3D technology based products, which have just been launched and are yet to capture the market, but as 3D market is progressing rapidly, these products are expected to perform better in near future. This report provides information on 3D glasses by company and by different features. The report describes a comparison matrix of 3D glasses, which includes different company models along with their features.

After commercialization of 3D technology, 4D is making its way in the field of medical imaging and BIM (Building information modeling). 4D cinema has also become popular, although it is just a marketing term used by 4D cinema owners and 4D cinema producers. In 4D BIM, architects or engineers are able to make forecasted image of their projects with the combination of 4D and CAD tools. It also helps in predicting the timeline of the projects. In 4D medical imaging, it helps to display the affected organ or development of fetus over certain period of time. It helps doctor in curing the disease of the patient.

In global 3D technology market, North America is a leading market. North America is a huge base for 3D gaming and animation designers; which shares the largest percentage in overall 3D product and applications market. It is followed by Europe and APAC. APAC has the fastest growing rate of 21.96%. In addition, most of the 3D technology product and applications providers are based out of North America and APAC region; hence from supply side also North America is leading.

This report deals with all the driving factors, restraints, and opportunities for the 3D technology market, which is helpful in identifying trends and key success factors for the industry. The report also profiles companies that are active in the field of 3D, technology with their competitive landscape and strategies. It highlights the winning strategies and burning issues pertaining to the 3D technology industry.

The global 3D technology, products and applications market is expected to reach $227.27 billion in 2016 at an estimated CAGR of 15.81% from 2011 to 2016. North America will remain at the top followed by Europe and APAC. Gaming and animation will be leading application areas in 3D industry.

Additional Information

Scope of the report

The 3D technology market research report categorizes the global market of Three-Dimensional (3D) technology, products and applications based on products, industrial applications and consumer applications; it also covers the forecasted revenue and future trends of Global 3D and 4D technology market. This report also gives an insight to 4D technology along with concept and its applications.

On the basis of Products

Global 3D technology, products and applications market is categorized into 3D IC, 3D printer, 3D digital signage and 3D display. 3D display is a broad category, which further covers HMD, 3D TV and 3D Smartphone.9
On the basis of application areas

Applications areas of 3D technology have been broadly classified into two categories industrial and consumer. Industrial applications cover 3D animation and 3D CAD, whereas consumer applications cover 3D gaming, 3D cinema and 3D medical imaging. In addition, applications of 4D technology are also covered such as 4D BIM, 4D Medical imaging.

On the basis of geography

Geographical analysis covers North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and ROW. All the geographical areas have been forecasted, based on product type and application areas.

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