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Global In-Room Entertainment Market, By Products (Smart/3D/LED/LCD/OLED Tvs, Set-Top Box, Home Theater Systems (Projectors, Audio Equipment), Blu-Ray, Gaming Console); By Technology (Processor, Memory, Sensors, Connectivity); and By Geography

352 Pages MarketsandMarkets December 31, 2012 SKU: MKMK4937367

The report, based on the extensive research study of the global digital living room market and the related industries, is aimed at identifying the entire market of the digital living room devices specifically Television systems, Gaming Consoles, Home theater systems, and Blu-ray players. The report covers the overall market and sub-segment markets through extensively detailed classifications, in terms of – revenue, ASPs, and shipments.

The total digital living room market is expected to cross $200 billion by 2018 with a single digit growth rate. Currently, the market value is approximately $180 billion.

As the name suggests, Digital Living Room is a concept where network-based devices are used for infotainment purposes. The digital living room concept enables one to share music, photos, and videos among various consumer devices such as computers, set-top boxes, TV systems, smartphones, home theater systems, gaming consoles, and other multimedia devices.

The report deals with the total digital living room devices market; it includes primary digital living room devices such as Televisions, Set-top Boxes, and Home Theater Systems as well as secondary devices like Digital Media Receivers, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, Digital Video Recorders, and Gaming Consoles. Few of the above mentioned devices have been further divided into respective sub-segments. For example, television sets market is divided into various micro-markets like Smart TV and 3D TV (by features) and LED TV, LCD TV, OLED TV, and Plasma TV (by display technologies).

Besides, the report focuses on the in-depth segmentation of Set top boxes (STB). Two different approaches are used to segment the total STB market. First, the segmentation of STB market by technology, which covers the micro-segments such as Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) types and, second, by various application types such as Cable STB, Satellite STB, IP STB, and Hybrid/DTT STB. Other devices mentioned above are also segmented according to their respective sub-segments.

The technology segmentation of the market includes analysis of the various components such as processors, memory ICs, wireless chipsets (connectivity and content sharing purposes), and sensors used in the digital living room devices.

This report analyzes the findings by considering the market dynamics that shape up this market. These dynamics are categorized under three headers; drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The market estimation and forecasting have been done using market dynamics. The report also gives detailed profiles of various companies currently active in the digital living room market. All the other details of the key players in the entire value chain such as key product launches, technologies, industry partners, financials, and growth strategies are discussed in the extensive company profiles section. In addition to the company profiles, a competitive landscape of the current market is stated for each of the digital living room device markets, with revenue, market shares, and market share rankings of the current key players

The Digital Living Room devices market is also mapped against geography. The market by geography is segmented by various economic regions such as North America, Europe, APAC, and ROW. The regional market has been further broken down by country, which gives a detailed insight of regional profit pockets and potential emerging markets. Apart from the market segmentation, the report also includes critical market data showing the price trend analysis, Porter’s five force analysis, and value chain analysis.


The global digital living room market is estimated to grow at a modest CAGR from 2013 till 2018 and to cross $200 billion by the end of these five years.
Currently, televisions contribute to more than 75% of the global digital living room market. This share is expected to increase to more than 85% by the end of 2018.
The factors such as evolving technology and changing consumer behavior are affecting each type of digital living room devices. For instance, a declining trend is observed in the set-top box and Blu-ray player markets.
LED backlit LCD TVs are expected to dominate the television market for the next five years and CCFL backlit LCD TVs and Plasma TVs shall witness a rapid decline in their shipments
Porter’s analysis in detail, market life cycle analysis along with technology & market roadmaps, evolution & time-lines of each type of living room devices, and their respective markets
Detailed segmentation of global digital living room market by technology and products with a focus on markets of high growth and emerging technologies
The future of each type of digital living room device and technologies & industry from both - technical and market-oriented perspectives with techno-market oriented roadmaps
Detailed pricing & cost analysis of each type of digital living room device, along with future scenarios in prices and dynamics of changes in prices
Detailed competitive landscape with identification of the key players in each type of product market, in-depth market share analysis with individual revenue, market shares, and market share rankings
Complete value chain, allied industry segments & value chain analysis of the global digital living room devices industry and their impacts on the market

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Global In-Room Entertainment Market, By Products (Smart/3D/LED/LCD/OLED Tvs...

December 31, 2012

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