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  • Generation Tablet

    ...parents and professionals.People are using tablets to view videos, browse products and log on to Facebook with the TV in the background. It is increasingly vital for handset brands, operators, retailers, app developers to understand ... Read More

  • Youth Strategy: Samsung vs Apple

    ...brands battle out a patent war inside courtrooms, the long term future of both brands will depend on how young customers using their products view the rivalry in their minds. This briefing answers the following ... Read More

  • Youth and Mobile Messaging

    ...2012 due to increased usage of mobile messenger apps like WhatsApp, BBM, Skype, Facebook and Kik driven largely by youth mobile owners. Mobile operators, handset brands and messenger app developers need to understand the key ... Read More

  • Youth and Mobile Shopping

    ...key questions: 1.How can retailers and mobile providers make mobile shopping appeal to youth? 2.What exactly do youth want from the social aspect of mobile apps? 3.How and why do youth engage in mobile shopping/purchase? Read More

  • Youth and Mobile Payments However youth seem to care more about security and trust in the brand than the technology. How can the advanced markets of US, UK and Western Europe catch up to emerging markets like Kenya ... Read More

  • Word of Mouth for Youth Acquisition

    ...acquisition managers need to rethink the traditional strategies that focused on advertising, discounts and distribution. Youth today listen to their friends and are influence by word of mouth. How can mobile operators leverage word of ... Read More

  • Kids as Influencers - US - April 2014

    ...of the ‘traditional family’ as well as massive changes in how media is consumed. Marketers need to develop strategies with content that is not only targeted to a unique audience but delivered across the relevant ... Read More

  • Reducing Youth Churn

    ...a) The Retail Experience, b) The Product Experience, and c)The Customer Service Experience 2. YOUTH CHURN PROCESS The 3 moments of truth in a young consumer’s switching journey: a) Failed Brand Promise, b) Social Loss, ... Read More

  • Youth Smartphone Experience

    ...The 3 key trends in youth smartphone behavior: 1) The importance of mundane, 2) Smartphone is the primary screen, & 3) Smartphone is the ultimate Social Tool 2. YOUTH SMARTPHONE EXPERIENCE JOURNEY The 3 stages ... Read More

  • Youth Messaging and the Future of SMS

    ...MESSAGING The 3 key drivers of youth messaging behavior: 1) Facilitating Offline Connections, 2) Exchanging Emotional Content, and 3) Creating Social Spaces 2. THE CONTINUED RELEVANCE OF SMS The 3 reasons SMS will continue to ... Read More

  • Market Segmentation for Mobile Brands

    ...exercise. This reports show you three ways to segment the youth market: by Demographics, by Behavior, and by Emotion Find out: 1. What are the pros and cons of each segmentation method? 2. What are ... Read More

  • 15 Brands That Define The Future Of Mobile

    ...this going to affect handset brands, operator brands and mobile app developers? Which non-mobile brands are innovating to transform the mobile industry? The mobileYouth research team highlights the top 15 brands that lead the way ... Read More

  • Youth, Pricing & Loyalty

    ...on youth loyalty (measured as churn rates). Mobile operators have traditionally employed 3 tactics in churn reduction: 1.price discounting 2.handset range 3.customer service. We review how each strategy impacts loyalty, particularly for young mobile customers. Read More

  • Dynamics of Influence does influence happen in people's everyday lives? Peer recommendations are the #1 reason young people buy smartphones or any product. But do youth go around recommending brands to their friends? How does recommendation happen? Read More

  • The Mobile Youth Economy

    ...Economy The mobileYouth Economy report gives you a better understanding of how the global mobile youth market is changing, new revenue opportunities for mobile brands and the role of youth in the future of mobile. Read More

  • Mobile Handsets & Teens

    ...smartphone brands do teens prefer? Is brand even important to teenagers? Teen smartphone usage is not only different from adult usage but the role of teen girls is key in driving the overall teen market ... Read More

  • Mobile Handsets & Ethnic Youth

    ...also active users of advances smartphone features like video calling, mobile shopping and mobile payments. Mobile brands need to pay attention to this key youth demographic who are rapidly adopting new technology and shaping the ... Read More

  • Retail for Mobile Brands

    ...since the launch of Apple Stores, retail has been redefined not only as an outlet to sell products but also a social space where young people connect with other youth and discover products. The briefing ... Read More

  • Co-creation with Young Fans treat youth as partners in the process instead of destinations. Mobile brands need engage youth not through ad campaigns target at them but using collaborative tools where they help young people tell their story ... Read More

  • Influence and Purchase Decision

    ...viral on social media and what celebrities are talking about. Which are the key factors that mobile brands should pay attention to? How can this knowledge be used to develop and measure marketing efforts for ... Read More

  • Customer Service for Mobile Brands

    ...It is a powerful channel to directly interact with young customers and turn them into advocates. Customer service is the engine on which marketing runs and delivers the business results that drive revenues and margins. ... Read More

  • Social Code & Youth Behavior

    ...miles away in London, 16 year old Phillipa Grogan told reporters that she’d rather give up her kidney than her phone. Such seemingly irrational behavior and claims from youth have a more scientific underpinning in ... Read More

  • Growing Up Analog The Importance Of Offline In A Digital World

    ...youth use technology and social media to meet friends offline. This report challenges the myth of the young digital native to reveal why youth seek offline spaces and what does this mean to your brand. ... Read More

  • Cocreation in the Connection Economy

    ...across the world, they are not only sharing status updates, images and video with each other. People are coming together to create new marketplaces, turn hobbies into businesses and ideas into bestsellers. Find out what ... Read More

  • Kids OnTrack : March 2014

    ...artists presented as a top 10 list for each section. The research comes directly from kids themselves providing us with an insight into their thinking on a monthly basis and keeping you up to date ... Read More

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