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Branding: market research reports

The simple description of branding is the ability to identify a specific product or service. The word branding began as a way to tell one owner of cattle from another by the use of a hot iron stamp. When one is referring to a brand name, it is also known as a trademark. The word brand has evolved to include identity and it affects the personality and view of the product, service or company.

A brand can take the form of many things, including a sign, symbol, name, and/or color combination. Brands are used in the automotive industry and were originally called marques.

A brand is what identifies a product or service of a particular company and it helps to explain how it relates to its customers staff, partners and investors. Individuals who oversee a brand, often called brand managers, strive to make the brand’s product or service relevant to that product or service’s target audience. When a brand is widely known in the marketplace, it acquires and gains brand recognition. When brand recognition is built up to a point where a brand has a critical mass in the marketplace, it is said to have achieved brand franchise.

Companies look to branding as a value added aspect of selling their product and services. When there are two products that resemble one another people may often select the more expensive branded product strictly on the basis of quality or reputation of the brand and its owner.

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Branding market research reports and industry analysis

Advancing Branding Research: A Qualitative Agenda
3/31/2014 | published by: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
... research is the diversity of approaches to it. These articles present four diverse ways to conduct qualitative research in branding. The different research methodologies are themselves instructive for future branding research and also also reflect ...  |  read more...
Branding and Sustainable Growth
11/21/2013 | published by: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Branding and Sustainable Growth  | 
Plunkett's Advertising & Branding Industry Almanac 2013: Advertising & Branding Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends & Leading Companies
5/16/2013 | published by: Plunkett Research, Ltd.
... companies Industry Glossary Pages: 531 Statistical Tables Provided: 10 Companies Profiled: 384 Geographic Focus: Global A complete market research report, including forecasts and market estimates, technologies analysis and developments at innovative firms. You will gain ...  |  read more...
Plunkett's Advertising & Branding Industry Trends & Statistics 2013: A Summary of Plunkett's Advertising & Branding Industry Almanac 2013
5/16/2013 | published by: Plunkett Research, Ltd.
... condensed market research report excerpted from Plunkett’s Advertising & Branding Industry Almanac 2013, including forecasts and market estimates, technologies analysis and vital statistical tables. You will gain significant insights that can help you shape your ...  |  read more...
Global Sports and Energy Drinks: Where Consumer Lifestyles and “Lifestyle Branding” Meet
4/18/2013 | published by: Euromonitor International
... the reasons consumers choose these beverages differ in each market, requiring manufacturers to position their brands specifically in line with the usage of their target customers. Euromonitor International's Global Sports and Energy Drinks: Where Consumer ...  |  read more...
PR and Branding in Retail Financial Services
9/11/2012 | published by: Timetric
... of various social media platforms in creating and maintaining a positive brand image Taking a look at various social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with customers, the report also features case ...  |  read more...
6th International Conference Of The Sig On Brand, Identity, And Corporate Reputation Of The Academy Of Marketing
11/4/2011 | published by: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
... social networks undergoing extraordinary growth and expansion, huge amounts of information becoming available to consumers, the globalisation of the economy and the accelerated development of the so-called emerging countries are some of the main phenomena ...  |  read more...
The Behavioral Aspects Of Pricing
11/4/2011 | published by: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
... goal of branding is to get a premium price. There are, of course, subsidiary goals such as increasing customer loyalty and ease of diversification. But getting a price premium is the main goal. It is ...  |  read more...
Gaining Share through Scale and Brand Equity in Baby Food
7/7/2011 | published by: Euromonitor International
... attractive acquisition targets for expanding food manufacturers, and in the future the remaining such divisions are expected to be ideal targets. Organic growth via portfolio development is focused on science-driven product innovations. Euromonitor International's Gaining ...  |  read more...
Productivity, Return And Prediction
5/13/2011 | published by: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
... Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. in March, 2010. All the articles in this ebook are empirical in nature and offer timely and practical recommendations. The collection provides policy implications in terms of productivity, investments and risk management.  |  read more...
Branding In Emerging Markets
5/13/2011 | published by: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
... marketing responses. It is timely then in this e-book to consider how marketing practice, particularly in the area of branding, is developing to address the changing and progressively challenging nature of these increasingly important markets.  |  read more...
Green Marketing - US
4/1/2011 | published by: Mintel International Group Ltd.
... (20%) know enough about corporate environmental behavior to name specific companies that they view as especially green or not green. This information gap represents a major barrier to green shopping for consumers and keeps green ...  |  read more...
Brand Positioning in the Indian Consumer Goods Industry: Successful Strategies and Best Practice
3/7/2011 | published by: Datamonitor
... an appreciation of the best practices that have yielded success and the way marketers are responding to market realities. Understand the key consumer trends/insights that have driven successful innovation in the CPG industry Avoid costly ...  |  read more...
The Global Rise of Social Networks: Brave New World or the Same Old Thing?
11/1/2010 | published by: Euromonitor International
... through social media. Social networks are changing the balance of power between brands and their customers as well as changing how people connect with one another. Brands need to understand the implications of these changes ...  |  read more...
OverPowering Common Brand Problems - Whitepaper
9/1/2010 | published by: TechSci Research
... cannot be treated as science or art but as combination of both where you apply certain conventional or modern principle and create a perception of brand in mind of consumer. The changing market and competition ...  |  read more...
The Korean Advertising Yearbook - Part 1: Advertising Market Overview
9/1/2010 | published by: XenoOne Co., Ltd.
... or Korea’s foreign currency crisis. This lowest rate was caused by a reduced domestic demand, whereas export growth showed a decline. Consumer prices showed an average increase of 4.7 percent. The price increase was influenced ...  |  read more...
2009/2010 U.S. Online Consumer Behavior Survey Analysis: Online Advertising and Brand Profiles
7/12/2010 | published by: IDC
... advertising on social networks, and impact of social media marketing) and brand profiles for the top 48 U.S. online brands (brand awareness, brand liking, and brand trust). It also compares the results from this survey ...  |  read more...
Premiumization Strategies in Alcoholic Drinks: Innovating to drive value through brand and product enhancement
6/1/2010 | published by: Business Insights
... on both the segment and the overall market, challenging marketers to maintain and grow their brands. Behaviour has changed, with some consumers trading down, and many drinking more at home than in bars, restaurants and ...  |  read more...
China Advertising Industry Report, 2009-2010
5/26/2010 | published by: Research in China
... size of Chinese online advertising in 2009 hit RMB20.7 billion. Among the various major network media, the online advertising revenue of Baidu ranked the first, reaching as high as RMB4.45 billion, and followed closely by ...  |  read more...
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc (CCO) Profile & Advertising & Branding Industry Trends Analysis 2010
4/7/2010 | published by: Plunkett Research, Ltd.
... industry today. In addition, we provide a comprehensive profile of Clear Channel Outdoor Holding Inc (CCO) including company contact information, financials, geographical locations, executive contacts and a detailed research analysis. Please note: Clients who purchase ...  |  read more...
Rebranding Case Study: the pitfalls of undertaking rebranding strategies in the consumer domain
10/29/2009 | published by: Datamonitor
... be a good way of invigorating a brand, they often end in failure, citing three examples, Vegemite's brand extension, Tropicana's new packaging and Cadbury's Dairy Milk megabranding. Reasons to Purchase Gain insight into the methods ...  |  read more...
Brand Building in the U.S. Pet Products Market
12/1/2006 | published by: Packaged Facts
... driving marketers of pet products and services to bolster existing brands and create new ones. The much-touted strong growth prospects of this market have attracted the attention of a broad range of company types, from ...  |  read more...
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