Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC market 2011

Intelling - Smart Insights
May 1, 2011
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Smart Insights Report “Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011" provides readers with a thorough understanding of the complexity of the NFC (Near Field Communication) ecosystem, and the need and positioning for Trusted Service Management.

In 2011, many positive signs demonstrate NFC is finally about to become successful. Numerous mobile network operators (MNOs), handset vendors, mass-transit operators, financial institutions, and other players are on the verge of launching NFC wide-scale projects. The multiplicity of stakeholders trigger complex ecosystems, where companies have divergent interests, but need to find common grounds to support the technology take-off and commercial rollout.

There comes the need for Trusted Service Management, which stands at the crossroads between MNOs and service providers. Trusted Service Managers, as technical enablers, are responsible for the secure provisioning and management of the NFC applications issued by the service providers to the end-users. TSM operators run the whole lifecycle of applications as diverse as payment, transport, enterprise security, government identity, etc. For these reasons, TSMs have to establish strong relationships with all stakeholders in the NFC environment.

Trusted Service Management platforms also play a role in making all services accessible to end-users. For this reason, TSM operators, as service aggregators, are in a central position to manage the customer relationship, and build a business case by bringing this added value to service providers.

This “Smart Insights Report” includes detailed analysis about:
  • Bell Id
  • Oberthur
  • Cassis International
  • Orange Business Services
  • Ericsson
  • SK C&C
  • First Data
  • Venyon (Giesecke & Devrient)
  • Gemalto
  • ViVOtech
  • Isis
Trusted Service Manager for NFC Market 2011 This “Smart Insights Report” provides answers to the following questions:
  • Why are TSMs needed to ensure a balanced NFC ecosystem?
  • What are the multiple roles of Trusted Service Management Platforms?
  • How to ensure interoperability between all players? And what is the role of standardization bodies in this regard?
  • What are all the options in terms of business models to implement NFC programs?
  • Who are the major TSM platform vendors? What is their offer, and where are they positioned in the NFC ecosystem?
  • Who are the major TSM platform operators? What are their positioning and business models?
  • What will be the major opportunities and threats all stakeholders will meet in the upcoming years?
"Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011" provides an elaborate analysis of future developments of the TSM market. This Smart Insights Report includes market forecasts covering the development of the NFC ecosystem (handsets, MNOs, financial institutions, …). It also includes specific market forecasts for TSM platform vendors and TSM operators.

"Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011" encompasses information about all major TSM platform vendors and TSM operators, and about their products, services, and market position.

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