Review of Pitney Bowes Business Insights Conference 2011: Key Takeaways from the Pitney Bowes Technical Analyst Conference

June 16, 2011
9 Pages - SKU: BIIQ6476498
InfoTrends was invited to attend the 2011 Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) analyst conference where key executives (including Pitney Bowes' Chairman and CEO Murray Martin) provided the latest strategic directions, news, and product updates from the company. With nearly 90 acquisitions since 2001, Pitney Bowes Inc. has significantly expanded its portfolio, including the addition of comprehensive software solutions. With Customer Communications Management (CCM) as the central strategy for Pitney Bowes moving forward, the conference was focused on providing analysts with a detailed view of the various components of the value chain. This document provides an overview of the PBBI group, an update on its data analytics and customer communication management offerings, and discusses the importance of this group in the overall Pitney Bowes strategy.

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