Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, 7th Edition

December 1, 2010
361 Pages - SKU: OFPR6272053
This report is a tool that can be used to optimize the pricing of biotechnology and pharmaceutical intellectual property. The information in this resource is also useful for the valuation of patents and establishing damages for infringement litigation. The seventh edition of Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology continues to focus on the royalty rates associated with biotechnology and pharmaceutical intellectual property transfers.

This report is organized into two parts. The first part covers the theory associated with deriving royalty rates. An overview of intellectual property value is provided along with seven methods that can be employed to derive royalty rates. The methods discussed are both qualitative and quantitative. Illustrative examples of each method discussed are provided. The second part of this report presents detailed financial information about real world third-party transactions that center on the transfer of biotechnology and pharmaceutical intellectual property.

The parties involved in the transactions are disclosed along with a description of the technology exchanged and all of the financial details that could be discovered. For this sixth edition we have emphasized the reporting of royalty rates and other financial compensation, associated with license agreements. We have updated and expanded information that was reported in past editions and conducted extensive research to expand the number of license agreements reported. The transaction information presented in this new edition has been collected from well-established sources believed to be reliable from September 1990 through September 2010.



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