Shipbuilding and Repair

Global Industry Analysts
October 1, 2009
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1. Global Shipbuilding and Repair Industry
Global Shipbuilding Industry - Sailing in Rough Seas
Recession Slows Down Global Shipping Market
2. Market Dynamics & Trends
Recession Hits Global Shipbuilding Industry
Excess Capacity Mars Shipping Industry
Order Cancellations Rife at Shipyards Worldwide
Table 1: Global Shipbuilding Order Book Status in 2007 (*) and 2008 Estimates (*)by Ship Type - For Containers, Dry Bulk Carriers, Crude Oil Tankers, Chemical Carriers, Oil Products Tankers, Other Cargo Carriers, and Others (In Number of Ships and Volume in million Deadweight Tons)
Ship Scrapping Likely to Increase
Table 2: Global Ship Scrapping by Ship Type (2006, 2007, and 2008 Estimates) - For Tankers, Bulk Carriers, LPG Carriers, and Others (In million Dead Weight Tons)
Order Cancellations - Instrumental
for “Correction” in the Market
Steel Plate Prices - Key to Profitability
in Shipbuilding
Table 3: World Monthly Steel Plate Prices By Year (2008 and 2009)
Arabian Gulf - Most Resilient to the Financial Crisis
3. Key End Use Markets
Container Shipping Market
Container Shipping Companies -
The Worst Hit of the Lot
Table 4: Global Shipbuilding Completion by Ship Type (2006, 2007, and Estimates) - For Cargo Carriers (Containers, Dry Bulk Carriers, Crude Oil Tankers, Chemical Carriers, Oil Products Tankers, Other Cargo Carriers), and Non-Cargo Carriers (In Million Gross Tons)
Table 5: Global Delivery of New Ships by Ship Type (2006, 2007, 2008 Estimates) -Tankers, Bulk Carriers, LNG Carriers,LPG Carriers, TEUs, and Others (In Million Dead Weight Tons)
Table 6: Global New Shipbuilding Pricing Trends (in US$ Million) by Ship types - For Tankers (VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax, and Panamax); Bulk Carriers (Capesize, Panamax, Handymax, and handysize); and Others (LNG Carriers and LPG Carriers), in the year 2000, 2006, and 2007
High Optimism - A Key Factor Leading to Market Downfall
Supply-Demand Imbalance - A Leading
Cause for Present Glut
Tanker Market
Tanker Market Plunged in Crisis, Albeit to a Lesser Extent
Dry Bulk Shipping Market
Bulk Rate Reprisal - A Passing Cloud
The China Impact
Threat from Over Supply Continues to Loom Large
Companies Jarred With Market Slump
Slump to Hit Chinese Public-listed Bulk
4. Industry Overview
Global Shipbuilding Industry - A Spotlight
What Drives Demand for New Ships?
Historical Development of Global Shipbuilding Industry
2000 to 2007, The Period of Upswing in the Global Shipbuilding Industry
Table 7: Global Shipbuilding Order Book Status in 2007(*) and 2008 Estimates (*) by Region - For South Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Germany, Turkey, and Rest of World (In Number of Ships and Capacity in million Deadweight Tons)
Increasing World Trade -Key Driver of Growth
New Regulations Spurred Fleet Replacement
Container Vessels, and Product and Bulk
Carriers Led the Demand Growth
Asia Leads the Shipbuilding Industry
Table 8: Global Shipbuilding Completion by Region (2006, 2007, 2nd 2008 Estimates) -For South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Denmark, and Others (In million Gross Tons)
Table 9: Global Shipbuilding Completion by Region (2006, 2007, and 2008 Estimates) -For South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia,Turkey and Others (In Number of Ships)
China Moves Ahead of Japan; Korea
Retains Dominance
Global Shipbuilding Industry - Year
in Review
5. Global Military Shipbuilding Sector:
An Overview
Table 10: Global Military Shipbuilding Sector
in 2008 (Estimates): Market Share by Revenues Spent by Regions - Percentage Breakup of Dollar Spent by North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Rest of World
Table 11: Global Military Shipbuilding Market in 2008 (Estimates): Percentage Breakup of Dollar Sales for Norththrop Grumman Corp., General Dynamics Corp., Direction des Construction Navates, BAE Systems, Thales Group,and Others
United States
Other Major Markets
6. Product Overview
Bulk Cargo Carriers
Dry Bulk Carriers
Types of Bulk Carriers by Size
Types of Tanker Ships by Size
Container Vessels
Types of Container Vessels by Size
(in Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU)
Other Cargo Ships
Niche Category
Small Ships
Table 12: Global Commercial Merchant Fleet by Ship type as in Jan 2008 - For Dry Cargo Ships (Cargo Freighters, Bulk Cargos, Container Ships, Ferries, Ro-RO Vessels, Reefers, and Other Dry Cargo Vessels);Tankers (Product, Chemical, Crude Oil,Gas and Others); and Passenger Vessels (Cruise Ships, Combination Ships, and Others) - In Number of Ships and Fleet Size in Million Gross Tons
7. Measurement Units
Gross Tonnage
Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT)
Compensated Gross Tonnage
TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit)
8. Mergers and Acquisitions
China International Marine Containers
Purchases Stake in Yantai Raffles
POSCO to Acquire Daewoo Shipbuilding &
Marine Engineering
Marathon Merges with Global Ship Lease
FLC West Acquires Stake in Three
Shipyards of Aker Yards
The Carlyle Group Acquires Stake
in TVK Shipyard
Kellet & Singleton Investments Acquires
Stake in Scan-Trans Middle East &
South Asia Holding
Wartsila Takes Over Vik-Sandvik
Samsung Heavy Industries Buys Stake
in Estaleiro Atlantico Sul
French Government Acquires Stake in
Chantiers de l’Atlantique de Saint-Nazaire
Crowley Maritime Acquires Jensen Maritime
IHI Corp and JFE Holdings to Merge
Shipbuilding Units
Todd Shipyards Acquires Everette Shipyard
JFE Holdings to Acquire Additional Stake
in Universal Shipbuilding
Private Equity Companies Acquire Stake
in Pipavav Shipyard
Northrop Grumman to Merge Shipbuilding
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding to
Acquire Stake in Jiangnan Changxing
Shipbuilding Base
Martifer Energy Systems Purchases Navalria
Damen Acquires Stake in Albwardy Marine
OJSC Kherson Shipyard to Purchase Stake
in Black Sea Shipyard
Wonson International Holdings to Acquire
Jianxi Jianzhou Shipyard
SembCorp Marine to Purchase Stake in
Pipavav Shipyard
STX Shipbuilding Acquires Stake in
Aker Yards
ISD Polska to Purchase Stake in Gdansk
American Commercial Lines Purchases
Elliott Bay Design Group
Titan Petrochemicals to Purchase Titan Oil’s
Swiber Purchases North Shipyard
BLRT Group Buys Turku Repair Yard
ABG Shipyard to Purchase Vipul Shipyard
Pipavav Shipyard to Purchase a Major Stake
in Trinity Capital
BAE Systems and VT Group to Merge
Modec Purchases Floating System Business
of FMC Technologies
SGS Buys SRS Tech
TECO Coating Services Purchases Stake
in Davie Shipyard
Foss Maritime Acquires Harbor Marine Group
Integra to Acquire JSC
J.F Lehman & Company Takes Over
Atlantic Marine Holding Company
Aker Yards Acquires Kleven Design
and Kleven Florø
Mitsui Meehanite Metal to Merge with
Sanzo Metal
Litana ir Ko Purchases a Ship Repair Yard
in Kaliningrad
9. Shipbuilding and Repair - Regional Markets
Historic Development of the South Korean
Shipbuilding Industry
Table 13: South Korean Shipbuilding Industry Status - By Completion, and Order Book Status in 2006 and 2007 - In Terms of Number of Ships, Volume in Gross Tons, and Value in US$ Billon
Sustainability of Small Players Uncertain
Inclination Towards High Technology
Vessels to Check Rise in Cancellations
Table 14: Leading Players in the Korean Shipbuilding Industry Ranked by Capacity
Volatile Steel Prices Curb Profitability
The Korean Big Three Overwhelmed
with High LNG Carrier Demand
Chinese Shipbuilding Industry - Reeling
Under Global Financial Crisis
Table 15: Shipbuilding Industry Fact file (China Vs Global) - 2008
Stimulus Package to Aid Long-term
Sustenance of the Industry
High Time to Restructure Shipbuilding
Consolidation - Looming Large Over
Smaller Industry Players
High Reliance on Traditional Ship Types
Impeding Growth
Evolution of Chinese Shipbuilding Industry
Major Competitive Advantages
Tanker Shipbuilding Sector in China
Action Plan for the Chinese Shipbuilding
The Chinese Ship Repairing Industry
Chinese Ship Repairing Industry
Fact file - 2008
Japanese Order Book Relatively Strong
Amid Global Meltdown
Table 16: Japanese Export Shipbuilding
Order Book by Financial Year
Table 17: Japanese Export Shipbuilding Orders Delivered by Number of units and Gross Tonnages (GT) for Years 2006 to 2008 & Till April of 2009 - Broken Down for Bulk
Carriers, Oil Tankers, and Cargo Carriers
Sinking New Shipbuilding Orders:
A Cause of Concern for the Sector
Japanese Players are busy upgrading
their yards
Structure of the Indian Shipbuilding Industry
Strong Government Backing Augurs
High Growth
Lower Labor Cost - A Strategic Advantage
for India
Exports Capture Major Share
Older Fleet to Drive Growth in Domestic
Earlier Time Slots - Providing Competitive
Foray into Production of Large Vessels -
Essential for Enhancing Competitiveness
Expertise in OSV - Reaping High Returns
Productivity At Par With China
Table 18: Comparison Between Indian and Chinese Shipbuilding Sector Through Different Parameters
Shipbuilding Industry Amid Ongoing
Financial Crisis
Inherent Drawbacks Hinder Growth Potential
Superior Technology and Novelty in
Design Driving the Industry
Focus on Niche Segments Offers Huge
Export Potential
European Shipbuilding Industry
High-Turnover Naval Shipbuilding Industry
The European Ship maintenance, Repair
and Conversion (SMRC) Sector
Order Drought and Cancellations, to Keep
Most German Yards Out of Action
Privatization Spree of the State owned Yards
Flourishing Private Players
Turkish Shipbuilding Fact File - 2007
Market Scenario
The US Shipbuilding and Repair Industry
10. Recent Industry Activity
Keppel Shipyard Bags Contract from Repeat
Customers in the US
General Dynamics Electric Boat Bags
Modification Contract from the U.S. Navy
Everett Shipyard Bags Contract from the U.S.
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard Delivers New
to American Shipping Company
ngineering & Shipbuilding Delivers
Oil Tanker to Fratelli d’Amico
the First LNG-FPSO Order
bor Research Institute Introduces
ngineering & Shipbuilding Signs
Agreement with Port of Tanjung
Shipyard Delivers the First TIOLI
iver Tanker to Veka Shipbuilding
aritime Inks Agreement to Acquire
psize New Building Vessels
ems San Diego Ship Repair Bags
ortable Machine Tools Unveils
imax FF6100 Flange Facer
Announces Plans to Construct Two
ock Carriers
hipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Out Two New Vessels
a Plovidba Receives Contract from
k Ship Owner
teel Shipyard to Divest Loksa
hipbuilding & Repair Bags Contract
Tailwind Financial Plans to Acquire
lk Vessels
yce Inks Agreement with Abu
Ship Building
hipbuilding & Marine Engineering
ajor Order
ific Shipyards Wins Contract from
S. Navy
Introduces Eria Colossus Bulk Carrier
Shipping Corp. of India Inks Contract with
ds and MSC Cruises Sign Contract
Keppel FELS Signs Contract with
eri to Acquire MMG from
woc Company
Krupp Marine Systems Sign
ent with AVEVA
-Hyundai Engine Obtains Order
Dual Fuel Engines
a Vale Signs Agreement with
eng Shipbuilding
ne Holdings Incorporates New
iaries in Singapore
ect Services Changes Name
Vyborg Shipyard to Build New
ilding Complex
Heavy Industries Bags Contract
Shipbuilding Delivers Ship to Graig
d Sealion Shipping Receive Ship
Shipyard Unveils the First Hull
hipyard Signs Three New Contracts
ingmarine Secures Contract from
ervicii Petroliere
Dynamics NASSCO Starts Building
Third Product Carrier Ship
Standard Marine & Ship Repair Bags Contract
Jiuhua Shipbuilding Base to Commence
SPP Shipbuilding Signs Agreement with
Abu Dhabi Ship Building Signs MoU with
BVT Surface Fleet
Todd Pacific Shipyards Bags Contract from
Glacier Fish Company
Rolls-Royce Bags Major Orders from Two
Asian Shipbuilders
Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Inks Agreement
with AVEVA
China Shipping to Divest Terminal Unit
Aker Yards Signs Contract with DOF
NASSCO Bags Contract from the U.S. Navy
Sembawang Shipyard Wins Contract
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Delivers LPG
Carrier Summit River
General Dynamics NASSCO Receives a
Modernization Contract from the US Navy
Song Thu Bags Ship Building Contract
Keppel FELS Receives Contract from
Scorpion Offshore
Aker Solutions Receive Contract from
Jurong Shipyard
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Delivers Ship
to Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
DSME Receives Orders from European and
Asian Companies
Jurong Shipyard Signs Deal with Aker
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Delivers Energy
Colfax Bags VT Shipyard Pump Packages
ABG Shipyard Bags Shipbuilding Contract
from Sealion
Top 3 Players bag Contracts Worth
US$2.32 Billion
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine
Engineering Develops Pre-swirl Stator
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Unveils Two New Vessels
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding
Delivers M.T. “Yasa Golden Dardanelles
Rolls-Royce Establishes New Facility
McDermott International Forms JV with a unit
of China Shipbuilding Industry
Genco Shipping & Trading to Acquire
6 Drybulk New Building
Todd Pacific Shipyards Receives Contract
from U.S. Coast Guard
VT Group Enters into Joint Venture with BAE
Rolls-Royce Secures Order from BGP Marine
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Obtains Order for 10 Ships
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Delivers
Apeejay Shipping to Establish Ship Repairing
Facility and Building Yard
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Launches New Drill-ship
Cochin Shipyard Delivers Five Platform
Supply Ships
Keppel FELS Wins Contract for
Semisubmersible Rig
Keppel FELS Obtains Contract from ENSCO
Larsen & Toubro to Invest INR2, 500 Crore
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Launches Anna-Barbara
Bulk Carrier
Nigeria Daewoo Shipping Introduces
First Lifting
PennShip Services Starts a Ship-Repairing
Yard in Philadelphia
Continental Forms Shipbuilding JV with
Yizheng Jianghaiyang
Adana-Yumuralik Free Zone to
House New Five Shipyards
Rousse Shipyard to Deliver Eighth Ship for
Nimmrich & Prahm
Rolls-Royce Establishes New Marine Service
MTG Dolphin Delivers First Vessel for Veka
Bocimar International Sells Three Vessels
to Genco
Bocimer International to Procure New Ship
from Shanhaigun and Jinhaiwan
Odense Shipyard Rolls Out Marchen Maersk
Nantong COSCO Completes Shipbuilding
Dock for Kawasaki
Keppel Singmarine Bags Specialized
Shipbuilding Contracts
SCI to Form Joint Venture with ABG Shipyard
L&T and TNIDC to Establish New Port
and Ship Building Facility
Kherson Shipyard Delivers Aries Warrior
DSME Rolls Out Two New Vessels
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Receives New Drill Ship Order
Abu Dhabi Ship Building Bags Contract
from UAE Coast Guard
BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair Bags
Contract Modification
Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Receives
Contract from the US Navy
Rolls-Royce To Build a Polar Research Vessel
for NIMR
General Dynamics NASSCO Unveils USNS
Amelia Earhart (T-AKE 6)
China Shipping Group Signs Agreement with
Baosteel Group and China State Shipbuilding
TTS Handling Systems Receives Contract from
China Shipbuilding & Offshore International
Abu Dhabi Ship Building Enters into Strategic
Alliance with AVEVA Marine
Beluga Shipping to Increase Fleet to 75 Ships
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Unveils Navios
Armonia Bulk Carrier
STX Shipbuilding Bags Orders from
European Shipping Companies
Shipping Corporation of India to Enter into Joint
Venture with STX Shipbuilding Company
Rolls-Royce Signs MoU with Vinashin
ASL Shipyard Receives Contract from
European Customers
Todd Pacific Shipyards Bags Contract from
Military Sealift Fleet Support Command
Rolls-Royce Bags Contract from China
Oilfield Services
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Secures Contract from European Shipping
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Supplies Mochishio
Conrad Industries Signs a New Construction
Aker Yards Receives Contract from Royal
Arctic Line
DSME Secures New Orders from S.A.O.C.
Fincantieri Unveils Cruise Barcelona
Vinashin Soai Rap Commences Plants
Fincantieri and Compagnie des Iles du Ponant
(CMA CGM Group) Sign Agreement
DSME Receives Order from Sendirian Berhad
General Dynamics NASSCO Secures
Contract from the US Navy
Fincantieri Rolls Out Cruise for Princess
Cruises Lines
Larsen and Toubro to Construct a Ship
Building Yard
CACI International Bags Contract from
Naval Sea Systems Command
Hanjin Heavy Industries Inks Agreement
with AVEVA Marine
DSME Delivers Two Ships to Sovcomflot
and Vela
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Launches Santa
Theresa Bulk Carrier
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises to Venture
into Shipbuilding
DSME to Deliver Semi Submersible Drilling
Rig to Odfjell
Keppel FELS Enters into Joint Venture with
Jurong Shipyard
Goodearth Maritime to Set up a Shipbuilding
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Supplies a Reimei
LPG Carrier to Sherwood Overseas
Northrop Grumman Bags Shipbuilding
Contract from the U.S. Navy
Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Secures
a Shipbuilding Contract from COSCO
ABG Shipyard Receives New Overseas Orders
Electric Boat Bags Contract Modification
from the U.S. Navy
SHI Constructs Unique Multidirectional
Oil Tanker
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Supplies Celestine
Todd Pacific Shipyards Enters into a Contract
with Washington State Ferries
Carnival Places Order for Two Cruise Ships
Rousse Completes Construction of a 4,500 ton
Cargo Ship
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Supplies
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Delivers
Rolls-Royce Bags Contract from Sinopacific
Indian Companies to Plunge into Shipbuilding
Electric Boat Receives Contract Modification
from the U.S. Navy
Keppel Shipyard Secures Contract from
Prosafe Production
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard Enters into
Agreement with Aker American Shipping
Hanjin Heavy Industries to Construct
a New Shipyard
Fincantieri Launches Queen Victoria for
Cunard Line
Vyborg Shipyard JSC Delivers
Jinhui Shipping to Buy Two Ore Carriers
Sembawang Shipyard Inks Contract with
Indian Companies to Expand Shipbuilding
Detyens Shipyard Obtains Contract from
National Oceanic & Atmospheric
DSME Introduces Drillship and PCTC
Bath Iron Works bags Contract from the
U.S. Navy
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Delivers LNG Carrier
to Maple LNG Transport
SHI Completes Construction of the First Drill Ship
Gulf Copper Ship Repair Receives Contract
from the U.S. Navy
Bharati Shipyard Bags Contract from Opielok
Korea Shipyard Signs Contract with AVEVA
Remontowa Bags Ferry Construction Contract
BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Secures
Contract from Naval Sea Systems Command
Bharati Shipyard Inks JV Agreement with
Apeejay Shipping
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Unveils
Anna-Elisabeth Bulk Carrier
China Shipping Development and CSSC
Guangzhou Longxue Shipbuilding Sign
Kleven Verft Secures Vessel Delivery
Contracts from Siem Offshore
Keppel Singmarine Delivers Supply Vessel
to Gulfmark Offshore
Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod Delivers 6th Hull
for Rensen Shipbuilding
Fincantieri Introduces a new Destroyer Vessel
for Italian Navy
DSME Obtains Order for Ships from Vela
International Marine
Cochin Shipyard Receives Contract from DOF
TTS Ships Equipment Obtains Contract from
Odense Steel Shipyard
Keppel Nantong Shipyard Secures
Shipbuilding Contracts
Fincantieri Receives an Order for Two
New Cruise Lines from Costa Crociere
Fincantieri Introduces Cruise Line for Carnival
Cruise Lines
Bharati Shipyard to Form Shipbuilding Yard
Joint Venture with Apeejay Shipping
Lotos Shipyard Rolls Out the Hull of New
Container Carrier
Astrakhan III International Shipyard to Deliver
Dry Cargo Ship for Rensen Shipbuilding BV
Bharati Shipyard Bags Order from Shipping
Corporation of India
Konecranes Secures Contract for Goliath
Gantry Cranes
Fincantieri Enters into an Agreement with
Cunard Line
Everett Shipyard Receives Contract from
the U.S. Navy
Fincantieri Unveils “Super Star” Cruise Liner
to Tallink
DSME Delivers Gang-Gam-Chan
JURONG Shipyard to Form JV with WTorre
Shipping Corp. of India Orders Ten New Ships
Rolls-Royce Buys Seaworthy Systems
ABG Shipyard Bags Order from
Bereederungsgesellschaft H Vogemann
Electric Boat Wins Contract from
the U.S. Navy
Thoresen Shipping Signs Contract with
Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group
COSCO Shipyard Group Obtains Contracts
for Building Bulk Carriers
ABG Shipyard Receives Order from Essar
Shipping & Logistics
Rensen Shipbuilding Inks Shipbuilding
Contract with Zelenodolsk Plant
Cargotec Secures Order for Supplies to
Cargo Vessels
Reliance To Set Up Ship Building and
Dredging Companies
BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Obtains
Contract from the U.S. Navy
Globus Maritime to Acquire a Panamax Bulk
HHIC Secures Order for 5 Container Ships
RK HDW Gaarden Launches Maruba Europe
Wartsila-Hyundai Engines to Build
Dual-Fuel Engines
DSME to Construct World’s Largest Floating
Ningbo Shipyard Bags a Contract from
Global Carriers
DSME Establishes Ship Block Factory
Larsen and Toubro Bags a Contract with
General Dynamics NASSCO Commences
Building of a New Line of Ships
General Dynamics NASSCO Signs Shipbuilding
Agreement with the U.S. Navy
SHI Bags Orders from Stena Company
Standard Marine & Ship Repair Bags
Contract from the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security
Built Environs and McConnell Dowell Secure
General Dynamics NASSCO Secures
Contract from the U.S. Navy
Samsung Heavy Industries to Build New
Block Assembly Factory
Muhibbah Marine Engineering Bags Contract
from Tanjung Kapal Services
NicoCraft Rolls Out Nemo
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Unveils Anna-Maria
Bulk Carrier
Punj Lloyd Signs MOU with Pipavav Shipyard
Keppel Launches New Shipyard in Nantong
Bharati Shipyard Receives Contract from
UP Offshore
ASC Shipyard Selects Hansen Yuncken
for Adelaide Shipyard Expansion
Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction
Group to Split
Daewoo Shipbuilding Rolls out Two Vessels
HHI Constructs LPG Carrier for Bergesen
Rolls-Royce Signs Contract with UK Ministry
of Defense
Everett Shipyard Secures Contract from
the U.S. Navy
DSME Introduces First LNGC Vessel
for KLC
ABG Shipyard Secures Order from Precious
ASL Shipyard Obtains Major Shipbuilding
China Oilfield to Acquire New Marine
Support Vessels
Standard Marine Secures Contract from U.S.
Department of Homeland Security
Clough Enrolls New Ship to Fleet
AVEVA Wins Contract from
SLS Shipbuilding
Northrop Grumman Wins Contract from
the U.S. Navy
DSME Launches H.2250 at RD#3
Gujarat NRE to Buy Ships from Japanese
SHI Completes Building the World’s
Biggest LNG Carrier
Fincantieri Unveils ‘Sagar Nidhi’ for the
National Institute of Ocean Technology
Bharati Shipyard Secures Order from Sea
Cargo Skips
SLS Shipbuilding Secures Order from MISC
STX Shipbuilding Secures Order from
Middle East Company
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Supplies BW Broker
LPG Carrier
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Supplies Tamagawa
Third International Shipyard Introduces
the Hull for Rensen Shipbuilding
Wartsila CME Zhenjiang Propeller to
Establish Propeller Plant
SHI Expands Ningbo Ship Block Factory
Fincantieri Launches a Ferry for Grimaldi Group
Standard Marine & Ship Repair Secures
Contract from the U.S. Department of
Sovcomflot and Novorossiysk Ship Repair
Yard Sign Agreement
Changrong Steel, Jiangsu Xinrong Shiprepair
and CSSC Chengxi Shipyard Sign Contract
BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair Receives
Contractfrom the U.S. Navy
COSCO Secures Contract from Chengxi
Bharati Shipyard and Great Offshore Sign
Jiangsu Eastern Shipyard Secures Contract to
Build Oil Tankers
Odessos Shiprepair Yard to Buy Floating Dock
Rolls-Royce Secures Contract from OSM
Bharati Shipyards Wins Contract from Offshore
Shipping I
Fincantieri Unveils The Ventura
MacGregor Obtains Contract from Cosco
Dalian Shipyard
Kawasaki Shipbuilding unveils Orient Phoenix
Bulk Carrier
Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Introduces Wave Power
Rolls-Royce Bags Contract from Ezra Holdings
Bharati Shipyard Secures Contract from Man
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corp. Delivers
Crude oil Carrier to Gios Maritima
Hanjin Heavy Industries Receives Order of
Eight Post-Panamax Container Carrier and
Several New Projects
China Shipbuilding Industry Receives Contract
from Hebei Ocean Shipping
CSSC Delivers Ship to Stenersen
CSSC Receives Contract from Stenersen
DSME Bags Contract from T&H and NV
Hindustan Shipyard Delivers Good Princess to
Goodearth Maritime
General Dynamics NASSCO Commences
Manufacturing of 7th T-AKE Ship
DSME Receives Order from Liberty Maritime
Gulf Copper Ship Repair Receives Contract
from U.S. Army
SWECO AB Bags Contract from Aker Yards
Aker Yards Secures Contract from Royal
Caribbean Cruises
Hanjin Heavy Industries Establishes
New Facility
Aker Yards Bags Contract from Aker Capital
The Union Territory of Lakshadweep and
Colombo Dockyard Ink Agreement
Jurong Shipyard Secures Contract from
Standard Marine & Ship Repair Obtains
Contract from the Dept. of Homeland
Rolls- Royce and University of Manchester
Establishes New Testing Facility
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Supplies
DSME and DMHI Obtains Orders for 16 Ships
Bharati Shipyard Snaps Up Assets of Swan
Hunter Shipyard
Larsen & Toubro Plans to Establish a Ship
Building Yard
ABG Shipyard Secures Shipbuilding Contract
Hartmann Group Orders Supply Vessels from
Aker Yards and MSC Cruises Sign Contract
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Unveils KT Venture
Bulk Carrier
Standard Marine & Ship Repair Bags Order
ASL Marine Holdings Receives Major
CSSC and Shanghai Baosteel Group to Invest
in Shipbuilding
Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction
Receives Order from Danaos
Fincantieri Inks Agreement with Oceania
Fincantieri Signs Agreement with Silversea
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Delivers Crude oil
Carrier to Colnago Maritima
Chengxi Shipyard Company Receives Contract
from Hongkong Huaguang
Diana Purchases A Dry Bulk Carrier
MacGREGOR Enters into Joint Venture with
Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group
Jinhui Holdings to Acquire a Supramax Ship
Todd Pacific Shipyards Wins Contract from
the Military Sealift Fleet Support
American Commercial Lines Buys Assets
from McKinney
Pelican Offshore Services Bags Shipbuilding
Fincantieri Delivers Carnival Freedom to
Carnival Group
Abu Dhabi Ship Building Clinches Contract
from UAE Naval Forces
Coastal Offshore Secures Contract
for 7 Offshore Support Vehicles
General Dynamics NASSCO Receives
Contract from the U.S. Navy
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Launches Bulk Carrier
Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries Signs
Contract with Hamburg Sud
Todd Pacific Shipyards Bags Contract from
Military Sealift Fleet Support Command
Fincantieri Partners with Turkish Yard
ABG Shipyard Bags Shipbuilding Order
from Pacific First Shipping
DSME to Undertake Facility Expansion
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Enters into Joint Venture to Form NIDAS
Fincantieri Signs Agreement with Carnival
Bath Iron Works Bags Contract from the
U.S. Navy
Bach Dang Ship Building Unveils Golden
Northrop Grumman Bags Shipbuilding
Contract from the U.S. Navy
Boustead Holdings to Buy Sites from PSC
Asset Holdings
Tuticorin Port Trust to Construct Ship Building
BAE Systems Bags Ship Overhaul Contract
from the U.S. Navy
Eidesvik Enters Into Alliance with Ulstein
Verft for Building SX121 Ship
Atlantic Marine Alabama Wins C-9 Conversion
Contract from Matson Navigation
Wartsila Bags Order from Chinese
Wartsila, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and
China Shipbuilding Industry to Form
a Joint Venture
ODIM Signs Contract with Shipyard
VT Halter Wins Contract from the US Navy
Indian Navy to Increase Fleet Size
Hyundai Bags a Mammoth Order from
Santierul Naval Orsova to Upgrade
TBS International to Purchase Two
Bulk Carriers
Hyundai Completes Slipway Construction
and Announces Expansion
Pipavav Shipyard Secures Order from Europe
Hyundai Bags Order from China
Todd Pacific Shipyards Secure Contract from
the U.S. Navy
Standard Marine & Ship Repair Bags Contract
from the U.S. Department of Homeland
Norilsk Nickel Receives Contract from
Aker MTW Werft
Todd Shipyards Obtains the U.S. Navy
Repair Contract
Daewoo Shipbuilding Wins Contracts from
Gebab Holding and Conti Holding
Nam Trieu Shipbuilding Launches Colossal
Cargo Vessel
Northrop Grumman Receives Ship
Modification Contract
BAE Systems Secures Repair Contract from
the U.S. Navy
Sonatrach Petroleum Enters into Joint Venture
with Kawasaki Shipbuilding
Acergy Signs Pact with DOFCON
Aker Yards and Damen Shipyards to Form
Joint Venture
Keppel Shipyard Bags Conversion Contract
BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair Secures
Contract from the U.S. Navy
Sovkomflot Signs Agreement with Admiralty
Saigon Shipbuilding Unveils Vien
Dong 5 Ship
Technip Inks Contract with Geo ASA
ISOICO Signs Agreement with Venezuela
Gulf Copper Ship Repair Bags Contract from
the U.S. Navy
Larsen & Toubro Receives Contract from
Zadeko Ship Management
Bath Iron Works Secures Contract from the
U.S. Navy
Song Thu Inks Contract with Damen Group
Caspian Services Inks MoU with Nico
International and Kazmortransflot
Quickstep Holdings to Purchase Flatout Boats
Damen Shipyards Obtains Contract from
Istanbul Deniz Otobusleri
Ship Finance International to Buy
Five Container Vessels
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Secures
Contract from the U.S. Navy
New Century Shipbuilding and AVEVA
Sign Contract
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Bags
Contract from the Defense Department
Sanwa Dock Invests in Ship Repair Dock
Samsung Heavy Industries and Marine and
Heavy Engineering to Form Joint Venture
SembCorp Marine to Invest in Cosco
Phu Yen Seafood Opens Shipbuilding
Bulyard Shipbuilding Industries to Spend
on Upgrades in Varna Shipyard
Keppel Shipyard Receives Contract from
Golar LNG
Alstom and Aker Yards to Form Joint
Sembawang Shipyard Secures Contract
from Bergesen


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