Freedonia Focus on World Abrasives

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March 31, 2014
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Countries covered: Global

Freedonia Focus on World Abrasives

This report forecasts total world demand in 2017 for abrasives by product, market, and major world region in US dollars at the manufacturers' level. Product segments include coated, bonded, loose grains and powders, and metallic. Reported markets encompass machinery, transportation equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, other durable goods, cleaning and maintenance, and all other markets. Major world regions include North America, Western Europe, Asia/Pacific, and all other regions. Demand by product segment is also forecast for each major world region.

To illustrate historical trends, world, product, market, and regional demand are provided for 2007 and 2012. Further, regional demand is segmented by market for 2012. Finally, world production is segmented by major world region and provided for 2007, 2012, and 2017.

Further analysis includes an Industry Structure section, which surveys the supply base and profiles the leading suppliers competing to serve global demand. A one-page, introductory Highlights section summarizes key findings from this 28-page report, and a Resources section lists contributing sources as well as resources available for further research.

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