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Get the research and analysis necessary to be fully informed on food service and hospitality companies in the US, Europe, Asia and internationally. Find in-depth analysis and profiles for companies such as MacDonald’s, Taco Bell, Panera Bread, Dunkin’ Donuts, Aramark, Great Wraps, and Outback Steakhouse. Specific features include competitive analyses, benchmarking, product trends, market size, segmentation, strategies, and growth opportunities.
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Food Service & Hospitality Company Reports Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Max's Group Inc in Consumer Foodservice (Philippines)

    ...consultancy services firm. Its target is to open 40-60 new stores in different parts of the country. This is due to the anticipation that consumer-related spending will significantly increase, especially because of the upcoming national ... Read More

  • Consumer Foodservice By Location in the Netherlands

    ...and 3% respectively. This made travel locations again the best performing type of consumer foodservice location in 2015. There are two important factors stimulating growth in this category. First, travel locations benefitted from new record ... Read More

  • Manor AG in Consumer Foodservice (Switzerland)

    ...Restaurants and street stalls/kiosks with 15 Appunto outlets. The company aims to put emphasis on homemade and organic products and use more regional ingredients in their restaurants. In 2016, the renovation of five Manora restaurants ... Read More

  • Madero SA in Consumer Foodservice (Brazil)

    ...recently launched different outlet formats: Madero Steakhouse, a full-service slow food format; Madero Container, a special container structure where orders are taken at the counter; and Madero Express, which has a leaner menu and operates ... Read More

  • McDonald's China Development Co Ltd in Consumer Foodservice (China)

    ...stores in 2016. In order to enhance its young, fresh and dynamic images among consumers, McDonald's takes more innovative measures such as introducing the new store format, Create Your Taste, allowing consumers to customise their ... Read More

  • McDonald's Bulgaria EOOD in Consumer Foodservice (Switzerland)

    ...rollout of its various new concepts is expected to continue during the forecast period, including “Salad Bar”, and “Service at the Table”. Moreover, the company will continue expanding with 2-4 new outlets every year and ... Read More

  • Van der Valk Groep in Consumer Foodservice (Netherlands)

    ...restaurants and the upgrading of the interiors of existing restaurants. In terms of foodservice, the change of strategy resulted in Van der Valk attempting to expand its customer base by simultaneously targeting distinct consumer groups. ... Read More

  • McDonald's Deutschland Inc in Consumer Foodservice (Germany) absolute and in relative terms and at a higher rate than its competitors. The company is therefore set to utilise a large number of measures with regards to its products and services, with the ... Read More

  • McDonald's France SA in Consumer Foodservice (France)

    ...difficulties in the US and in China are now also appearing in the French market. New types of chained burger fast food are entering the French market, such as Five Guys or Burger King, in ... Read More

  • McDonald's Israel in Consumer Foodservice (Israel)

    ...upon arrival, thus saving them waiting time. McDonald's is set to continue promoting the app whilst gradually introducing delivery services into its outlets, a move which it has already begun to implement. These delivery services ... Read More

  • McDonald's Polska Sp zoo in Consumer Foodservice (Poland)

    ...strategy of McDonald’s Polska focuses on gradually expanding its network, both in large cities as well as in medium-sized and smaller cities. It places strong emphasis on opening new outlets near major roads and highways ... Read More

  • McDonald's Restaurant HK Ltd in Consumer Foodservice (Hong Kong, China) services amongst young consumers. Over the forecast period McDonald’s will continue to bring in more innovative and healthier food choices, as well as convenient dine-eat and ordering services. Consideration of adjusting menu prices is ... Read More

  • McDonald's Restaurants Ltd in Consumer Foodservice (United Kingdom) changing consumer demand. The company is testing a new range of premium burgers and also trialling customisable burgers and table service. McDonald’s will thus seek to offer increased food quality and to improve the ... Read More

  • Mitchells & Butlers Plc in Consumer Foodservice (United Kingdom)

    ...dismissed in September 2015 following the issuing of a profit warning. The company subsequently announced restructuring in April 2016, with its operations being split into four divisions: Pubs, Restaurants, Premium and City. This restructuring aims ... Read More

  • Mitra Adi Perkasa Tbk PT in Consumer Foodservice (Indonesia)

    ...expected to expand further by adding more outlets through its newly acquired capital. Starbucks is set remain the highest contributor to the company’s overall consumer foodservice sales and the ownership of this brand is thus ... Read More

  • Outback Steakhouse Inc in Consumer Foodservice (Brazil)

    ...the number one player in this area over the coming years. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of briefings detailing the strategic direction taken by a company. Discover key contact details, the ... Read More

  • Pek-Snack Kft in Consumer Foodservice (Hungary)

    ...Croatia. Further product innovations are expected to meet the growing demand for products for consumers on special diets, like gluten-free and diabetic. A venture capital firm took over the company from its founder during 2015. ... Read More

  • Pizza Hut HK Ltd in Consumer Foodservice (Hong Kong, China)

    ...more residential districts with Super Delco concept stores. New menus with a focus on pasta, rice, mini-pizzas and paninis with innovative ingredients will also be the pizza fast food chain’s strategic direction for sales growth, ... Read More

  • Pizza Venchur OOO in Consumer Foodservice (Russia)

    ...evolution and improvement inside the company, which includes the creation of a controlling system, the improvement of operating processes, staff training and attracting new talent. The qualitative growth may be mainly explained as a focus ... Read More

  • Pret a Manger Europe Ltd in Consumer Foodservice (United Kingdom)

    ...the end of the review period Pret a Manger polled consumers asking whether it should open vegan-only outlets, introduce chilled displays dedicated to vegan products or not introduce vegan options at all. The results led ... Read More

  • Consumer Foodservice in Peru

    ...puts Peru in the spotlight but it also enhances Peruvians’ own identity and culture, who feel proud of their country due to its gastronomy. Euromonitor International's Consumer Foodservice in Peru report offers a comprehensive guide ... Read More

  • Procafecol SA in Consumer Foodservice (Colombia)

    ...geographical coverage. In particular, it is expected to open new smaller-sized outlets and attempt to improve the chain’s presence in leisure and travel locations. In response to the arrival of Starbucks in Colombia, it is ... Read More

  • QSR Brands Sdn Bhd in Consumer Foodservice (Malaysia)

    ...Asian countries. In order to further support its core activities, it also aims to enhance its poultry production and processing, as well as a host of ancillary businesses such as baking and sauce production to ... Read More

  • Ramcar Inc in Consumer Foodservice (Philippines)

    ...variety of interesting products in addition to doughnuts. The company is likely to continue evaluating the performance of its existing outlets prior to undertaking any major outlet expansion programme. In particular, Mister Donut is anticipated ... Read More

  • Reshet Cafe Cafe Ltd in Consumer Foodservice (Israel)

    ...demands. For example, Reshet Cafe Cafe recently opened a new outlet of its full-service restaurants brand Meat and Eat, which is strictly kosher, in close proximity to a large ultra-orthodox community which requires restaurants to ... Read More

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