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Crop Protection China News 1406
6/30/2014 | published by: CCM International Limited
... to 2013. Some conventional herbicideproducts are facing challenges from substituteproducts. In this issue, first of all, we analyze thecompetitive herbicide products by their features,application scope, supply and demand, etc. in orderto show the situation and ...  |  read more...
USD 2,268
Seed Treatment Market by Type (Chemical & Non-Chemical), by Application (Fungicide, Insecticide, Bio-Control, and Others) and by Crop (Cereals, Oilseeds, and Others) - Global Trends, Forecasts and Technical Insights up to 2019
7/3/2014 | published by: MarketsandMarkets
... for seed treatment is projected to record a CAGR of 10.6% from 2014 to 2019. The estimation is a result of regular research & development in the industry, with increase in application of seed treatment ...  |  read more...
USD 4,650
Vegetable & Melon Farming
6/30/2014 | published by: First Research, Inc.
... with Chaoda Modern Agriculture (based in Hong Kong), Fresh Del Monte Produce (Cayman Islands), and Mastronardi Produce (Canada). The US vegetable and melon farming industry includes about 70,000 farms with combined annual revenue of about ...  |  read more...
USD 129
Analysis of the North American Plant Health Improvement Agents (PHIA) Market
6/23/2014 | published by: Frost & Sullivan
... of market revenue, followed by micronutrients with $?? million and plant growth regulators (PGRs) with $?? million. Nitrogen-based nutrients constituted the majority of the fertilizer segment, followed by phosphates. Chelates and blends generated a large ...  |  read more...
USD 6,000
Global Seed Treatment Market – Segmented By Application, Crop Type And Geography – Trends And Forecasts (2014 – 2019)
8/5/2014 | published by: Mordor Intelligence LLP
... and biological agents, of which chemical agents form the most dominant application segment. Biological seed treatment agents include applications that are derived from renewable resources and contain natural active ingredients. These seed treatment agents have ...  |  read more...
USD 4,250
Farm Support Services
7/7/2014 | published by: First Research, Inc.
... breeding. No major companies dominate the industry. About 8,400 farm support services companies operate in the US, generating annual revenue of about $13 billion. This industry includes companies that support crop and animal farming operations ...  |  read more...
USD 129
Global Vegetable Seeds Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)
8/1/2014 | published by: Daedal Research
... focus on major categories- solanaceae, cucurbitaceae and root & bulb etc. The report includes detailed information on market size, geographical segmentation and import & export trends in vegetable seeds sector. It also discusses key growth ...  |  read more...
USD 800
Crop Production
7/28/2014 | published by: First Research, Inc.
... Exportação e Importação, Chiquita Brands International, Dole Food Company, Fresh Del Monte Produce, Sunkist Growers, and Total Produce. Global crop production revenue exceeds $1 trillion. Sugarcane, corn, rice and wheat are the most highly produced ...  |  read more...
USD 129
Global Horticulture (2014 -2018) : Pink and Healthy
7/21/2014 | published by: Gyan Research and Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
... busy lifestyle and stressful work culture has pushed up the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Consequently, the sector is flourishing and opening up new prospects of employment and research, thereby introducing a new dimension into ...  |  read more...
USD 1,200
Hog & Pig Farming - Industry Market Research Report - in the US
6/30/2014 | published by: IBISWorld
... with economic recovery on the horizon, the industry will continue to decline. Corn's strong ties to oil and the volatility that can arise from such a link will continue to keep industry firms chasing profit ...  |  read more...
USD 1,020
Insecticides Market by Type [Organophosphorus Compounds, Pyrethroids, Neonicotinoidsn Methyl Carbamate, and Others (Macrocyclic Lactones, Phenylpyrazoles, and Benzoylureas)], by Crop Type (Cereals & Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables, and Othe
7/3/2014 | published by: MarketsandMarkets
... Global Trends and Forecasts to 2019 The global insecticides market is flourishing due to the increasing pressure of meeting the food requirement of the ever-increasing population and the reducing size of arable land. Farmers want ...  |  read more...
USD 4,650
Nematicides Market by Types (Fumigants, Organophosphates, Carbamate and Bio-Nematicides), Applications (Agrochemicals, Industrial, and Others), and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific & ROW) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019
7/8/2014 | published by: MarketsandMarkets
... chemical pesticide used to kill nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic parasitic roundworms, found in massive quantities virtually everywhere—in the soil, water, and inside other plants and animals. Nematicides have tended to be broad-spectrum toxicants possessing high ...  |  read more...
USD 4,650
Dairy Herd Management Market by Product (Hardware, Systems & Software), Application (Feeding, Milking, Heat Stress, Animal Comfort, & Reproduction Management) & by End User (Small, Large & Cooperative Dairy Farms) - Global Forecast to 2018
7/15/2014 | published by: MarketsandMarkets
... 2018 The global dairy herd management market is segmented by application, end user, product, and geography. The application segments included in this report are animal comfort, calf management, feeding management, heat stress management, milk harvesting, ...  |  read more...
USD 4,650
Herbicides Market by Type (Glyphosate, Atrazine, Acetochlor, 2,4-D), by Crop Type (Cereals & Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables), by Mode of Action (Selective & Non-Selective) & Geography - Trends and Forecasts to 2019
7/7/2014 | published by: MarketsandMarkets
... 2019 Herbicides are used to kill undesirable plants and weeds. They are a very essential part of modern agricultural practices. The herbicides market is dominated by players such as Syngenta (Switzerland), BASF (Germany), Dow AgroSciences ...  |  read more...
USD 4,650
Fruit & Tree Nut Farming
6/23/2014 | published by: First Research, Inc.
... Growers, the National Grape Cooperative and its Welch's subsidiary, and citrus cooperative Florida's Natural Growers. The US fruit and tree nut farming industry includes about 110,000 farms with combined annual revenue of about $25 billion. ...  |  read more...
USD 129
Hog & Pig Farming
6/30/2014 | published by: First Research, Inc.
... farms, about 30,000 of which specialize in hogs and pigs, with combined annual revenue of more than $19 billion. Key growth challenges include volatile feed prices, competition from other sources of protein, and environmental and ...  |  read more...
USD 129
Global non-GMO Food Market : 2014-2018
6/30/2014 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... Nature's Path Foods Inc. , Organic Valley Family of Farms , The Hain Celestial Group Inc., Albert's Organic Inc., Chiquita Brands International , Eden Foods Inc. , General Mills Inc. , GerberProducts Co., H.J. Heinz ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Non-GMO Foods: Global Market Perspective
10/9/2013 | published by: Packaged Facts
... Europe, consumer rejection of foods made using GMO ingredients has caused many of the leading international food companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, and Coca-Cola to introduce—or be developing—non-GMO versions of their products. Such giant international ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
Metalaxyl Survey in China
5/23/2014 | published by: CCM International Limited
... of fruits and vegetables. Currently, there are only five producers of metalaxyl technical in China with a total capacity of 2,800 t/a. Over 60% of China’s metalaxyl is exported. The export volume has increased sharply ...  |  read more...
USD 1,944
Corn Farming - Industry Market Research Report - in the US
3/25/2014 | published by: IBISWorld
... to reduce the United States' foreign oil dependency. With rising demand, the adoption of genetic modification (GM) technology has helped farmers heighten yields. Furthermore, both domestic and global demand growth exceeded the rise in supply, ...  |  read more...
USD 1,020
Market Research of Micro Spray Hose in Zhejiang
5/8/2014 | published by: CCM International Limited
... of 2012, the area of China's farmland irrigation was about 62.5 million ha, accounting for 52.1% of the total farmlands. Meanwhile, the total area of water-saving irrigation reached 31.2 million ha. Among these, the area ...  |  read more...
USD 16,200
Farm Supplies Wholesaling - Industry Market Research Report - in the US
4/22/2014 | published by: IBISWorld
... crests. Growing farm input prices will lead to steady revenue growth over the next five years. Nevertheless, uncertainty regarding GM seeds and crops will cut into industry growth, representing a potential threat in the years ...  |  read more...
USD 1,020
Policies Research of Crop Protection & Seed in China
5/12/2014 | published by: CCM International Limited
... industry is still facing many problems, such as grain security, land reform and environmental pollution, while the Chinese government has promulgated a series of policies or regulations to encounter this situation. Industrial affairs: An increasing ...  |  read more...
USD 8,208
Seed China News 1404
4/28/2014 | published by: CCM International Limited
... million) and USD75.8 million (RMB466 million) respectively. This issue minutely limned the profitability of the three companies. Additionally, rice seed, corn seed and pepper & pepper product are three major businesses of Longping High-Tech; seed, ...  |  read more...
USD 3,564
Asia-Pacific Crop Protection Chemicals (Pesticides) Market : Segmented By Type, Application Area And Country – Trends And Forecasts (2014-2020) – Sustainability, Regulation & Competition
5/30/2014 | published by: Mordor Intelligence LLP
... environmental friendliness. Volume consumption of biopesticides in the region is likely to post a CAGR in excess of 17% during 2014-2020. Overall, the demand for pesticides in the Asia-Pacific region is likely to register a volume ...  |  read more...
USD 1,850
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