The North America Oil Market Quarterly

Energy Aspects Ltd.
November 1, 2013
113 Pages - SKU: EGAS5155982
1. Executive summary
2. In Focus
2.1. FOCUS: Oh Canada!
2.1.1. Lack of pipelines continues to hamper Canadian crude prices
2.1.2. Pipeline expansions too little too late to save 2014
2.1.3. Rail to the rescue?
2.1.4. The WCS forward curve overpriced?
2.2. FOCUS: Amidst all the shale, $100 Brent tells the tale
2.2.1. The US supply shock in a global perspective
2.2.2. The impact on prices
2.2.3. Shale and yet $100: 2014 unlikely to be vastly different
3. Outlook for WTI
3.1. FOCUS: WTI – from riches to rags
3.1.1. Lower refinery runs
3.1.2. Weakness in Gulf Coast and Permian crude prices
3.1.3. Weakness in Canadian crude prices
3.1.4. Other factors including Keystone XLS, Hawthorn and a contango curve
3.1.5. WTI: running out of time for the swansong?
3.2. Pipeline changes
3.3. Rail loading and offloading capacity
3.4. Inter-PADD movements towards PADD 2
4. Refining and crude imports
4.1. FOCUS: Refining – Too much of a good thing
4.1.1. US refineries are better placed than competitors but export margins falling
4.1.2. US Midwest: too much products with too few outlets
4.1.3. US East Coast: cheap crude to keep competitiveness alive
4.1.4. US Gulf Coast: managing gasoline yields the growing headache
4.1.5. US crude prices at mercy of high refinery runs
4.2. Key indicators
4.2.1. US refineries by PADD
4.2.2. US refining output and product demand
4.2.3. Total refinery runs
4.2.4. Demand
4.2.5. Demand growth
4.2.6. Crude and product imports
4.2.7. Crude imports by gravity by PADD
4.2.8. Crude imports by API and country of origin
4.2.9. US crude imports by PADD
4.2.10. US crude imports by gravity
4.2.11. Light crude imports by PADD
4.2.12. Medium crude imports by PADD
4.2.13. Heavy crude imports by PADD
4.2.14. Crude imports by country
4.2.15. Crude and product exports
5. US Production
5.1. FOCUS: Bakken returns
5.1.1. Key inputs and methodology
5.1.2. County-level estimates
5.1.3. Parshall and Sanish fields
5.1.4. Nesson Anticline North
5.1.5. Nesson Anticline South
5.1.6. Williams West
5.1.7. Conclusion
5.2. Key indicators
5.2.1. Hedging activity
5.2.2. Shale plays by basin Production forecasts
5.2.3. Technology
5.2.4. Regulation
5.2.5. Latest production data
5.2.6. US total output
5.3. Output by PADD
5.4. US oil rig counts
5.5. Canadian output
6. Table of figures


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