The North America Oil Market Quarterly

Energy Aspects Ltd.
November 1, 2012
83 Pages - SKU: EGAS4899859
1. Executive summary
1.1. Contents
1.2. Table of figures
2. Top of the agenda
2.1. FOCUS: Romney vs. Obama – energy policy choices
2.2. Three key issues – exports, infrastructure and CAFE standards
2.2.1. Oil and gas exports
2.2.2. Midstream infrastructure
2.2.3. Oil demand
2.3. Obama and Romney’s energy policies in 2012
3. Outlook for WTI balances
3.1. FOCUS: Weaker first, stronger later
3.2. Key indicators
3.2.1. Inter-PADD movements towards PADD 2
4. Refining and crude imports
4.1. FOCUS: Quality mismatch?
4.2. Key indicators
4.3. US refineries by PADD
4.4. Demand
4.5. Total refinery runs
4.6. US crude imports by PADD
4.7. US crude imports by gravity
4.8. US crude imports by country of origin
5. Production
5.1. FOCUS: Shale plays – sitting high on the cost curve
5.2. Key indicators
5.2.1. Hedging activity 2012 2013
5.2.2. Shale plays by basin Production forecasts Bakken Eagle Ford Permian Niobrara Mississippian Lime Uinta
5.2.3. Technology The challenge: Permeability Recent technological developments The impact of North American shale for the industry giants Potential development of the global shale industry
5.2.4. Regulation Hydraulic fracturing Leasing of federal land Offshore safety Selected state level activity
5.2.5. US output – August 2012
5.2.6. US oil rig counts
5.2.7. Canadian output – September 2012


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