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Phytosterols and Phytostanols - Patent and Technology Landscape Report - Key players, innovators and industry analysis

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Phytosterols (PS) are plant components that have a chemical structure similar to cholesterol, found in all plant foods, with highest concentrations occurring in vegetable oils. The most common dietary PS is beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. Stanols are saturated sterols which are not abundant in nature and produced by the hydrogenation of sterols. Phytosterols are used in pharmaceuticals (production of therapeutic steroids), nutrition (anti-cholesterol additives in functional foods, anti-cancer properties), and cosmetics (creams, lipstick) (Fernandes & Cabral, 2007).

PS are absorbed only in trace amounts, considerably less than that of cholesterol (2-5% versus 60%, respectively). Plant sterols have proved to effectively reduce serum cholesterol levels when incorporated into the diet (recommended daily intake of 2-4 g) being a good alternative to cholesterol lowering drugs. In addition to their cholesterol-lowering effects, PS have been shown to possibly possess other beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic, and antioxidant activities, as well as anti-cancer effects. PS can provide additional protection against several types of ageing associated diseases when supplemented for lowering cholesterol (A. de Jong et al., 2003). FDA granted GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for PS and is therefore suitable for food application.

Microbial transformation of sitosterol into 17-ketosteroids such as androstenones has received much attention, since it allows the use of inexpensive sterols as raw material for the production of steroid intermediates used in the pharmaceutical industry. Androstenedione can be produced by microbial side chain cleavage of phytosterol, which is an alternative to multi-step chemical synthesis (C.L. Huang et al, 2006). Phytosterol composition is used as lanolin substitute in pharma and cosmetic formulation. It is less expensive and safe additive. Lanolin, a common ingredient in cosmetics and pharmaceutics, is unfavored because of health damages caused by the animal-derived substances such as BSE (bovine spongeform encephalopathy) in recent years. Phytosterol which is plant derived has the same properties as lanolin and forms a good substitute.

Dolcera report focuses on finding the key innovators and the industry ecosystem through relevant patents, clinical trials and university data encompassing the extraction, modification of phytosterols and phytostanols from various sources and their application in variety of products. The relevant keywords used in the search were obtained after an extensive study of relevant scientific articles and patents. The relevant class codes for the search were obtained from the control patents and keyword based searches coupled with manual search of classification index. Dolcera has retrieved over 600 relevant patents related to phytosterol and phytostanols, covering over 47 worldwide patenting authorities. The report highlights year-wise patent activity (trend line) along with the key industrial players in the field. Patents were categorized on the basis of patent focus- whether extraction or purification, process for improving functionality of phytosterols, application in food, pharma and cosmetic formulations. The categorized patents were further analyzed to determine the key players under each category. A comprehensible result in the form of Dolcera dashboard is given. Dashboard links the Companies in each category to their patents, hence making an interactive platform for analysis. Furthermore, patents have been mapped to commercially available products produced by the respective assignees and other licensees.

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Phytosterols and Phytostanols - Patent and Technology Landscape Report - Ke...

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