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Antioxidants from Olive Waste - Competitor and Patent Landscape Report - Key players, innovators and industry analysis

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Fruit and vegetable processing has increased considerably in last 25 years and this generates substantial quantities of waste/by-products. Efficient, inexpensive and environmentally sound utilization of these materials is becoming more important and hence new methods for waste handling and treatment have been introduced in the recovery, bioconversion, and utilization of valuable constituents from these wastes.

Olea europaea L (olive), is a tree widely cultivated for oil production, olives are rarely consumed as a natural fruit due to their extreme bitterness hence they are widely used for the extraction of oil. During the production of olive oil 80% of the olive fruit is discarded as waste, these wastes are rich in polyphenols, including hydroxytyrosol. Olive fruits, olive leaves, and olive mill wastewater, all of them have attracted considerable attention as valuable sources of biophenols. Consequently, with more than 30 phenolic compounds, olive wastes are now regarded as a potent source of natural antioxidants.

Dolcera report focuses on finding the key innovators and the industry ecosystem through relevant patents, clinical trials and university data encompassing research in the commercially viable area of producing antioxidants from olive wastes and their applications in different fields. Dolcera has a standardized and tested procedure to formulate comprehensive search strategies to retrieve all the relevant patents and non-patent articles. The report highlights year-wise patent activity (trend line) along with the key industrial players in the field. Different companies have been categorized based on their field of application. A comprehensible result in the form of Dolcera dashboard has been given. Dashboard links the Companies in each category to their patents, hence making an interactive platform for analysis. Companies have also been segregated based on their geographical distribution. Dolcera has retrieved close to 352 relevant patents related to Antioxidants from olive waste, covering around 20 countries. Furthermore, patents have been mapped to commercially available products produced by the respective assignees and other licensees. The report also highlights different Universities and Research Institutes active in the research of the said area, hence pointing out opportunities for Industry tie ups.

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Antioxidants from Olive Waste - Competitor and Patent Landscape Report - Ke...

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