The Future of Sustainable Food and Beverage Packaging

The Future of Sustainable Food and Beverage Packaging

October 28, 2010
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Well over half of consumers across 20 nations consider grocery products to be over-packaged. Although this sentiment varies depending on product sector, it is symptomatic of intensifying pressure for the packaging industry to develop more sustainable solutions across the supply chain. In short, sustainability remains an industry defining issue for packagers and their customers

  • Covering food and non-alcoholic beverages, it outlines the drivers and inhibitors of sustainable packaging primarily from a consumers' perspective
  • Detailed action points (over 40 pages) showcasing best practice examples of global packaging innovations to assist benchmarking efforts
  • Evidence-led insight covering how consumers put their sustainable packaging views into action and to what extent attitude-behavior gaps persist
  • Incorporates multiple waves of proprietary consumer research across 20 countries. Accessible as a full length report and summarized PowerPoint brief

Widespread environmental concerns are driving the sustainable packaging agenda Indicative of just how significant the issue has become, about two-thirds of consumers globally are willing to endure some degree of economic burden to protect the environment a finding made even more relevant in the context of the global economic crisis

Negative public perceptions of packaging have driven much of the sustainable packaging debate so far. Packaging is often seen as a burden to consumers and the environment (with French and UK consumers most likely to perceive grocery products to be over-packaged), thereby elevating the importance of sustainability in the 'packaging mix'

Minimizing the environment burden is just one of a number of important features determining how consumers will judge packaging. Nevertheless, claims associated with more sustainable forms of packaging, such as 'reduced packaging' and 'recyclable/compostable', exert a favorable influence on consumers' product evaluations

Reasons to Purchase
  • Obtain 'evidence-led insight': access multiple waves of primary consumers research data to support improved decision making
  • Develop compelling 'on-trend' products: better meet food and beverage consumers' packaging expectations with highly valued packaging features
  • Opportunity profiling: identify industry sentiment, consumer segments and best practice to better capitalize on an industry defining trend
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