Chocolate Market in the Czech Republic to 2014 (Confectionery)

Chocolate Market in the Czech Republic to 2014 (Confectionery)

April 29, 2011
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This report is one of many chocolate market Databooks published by Datamonitor and covers several types:
  • Boxed Chocolate, which includes assortments of different, individual bite-sized chocolates packaged in a box or carton and often used as gifts e.g. Cadbury's Roses
  • Chocolate Chocolate countlines, which includes chocolate-covered bars designed to be eaten in one go. Includes bitesize countlines sold in multipacks. Products marketed as biscuits/cookies are not included e.g. KitKat, Twix
  • Chocolate Molded bars, including solid chocolate bars, blocks or tablets shaped by pouring melted chocolate into molds, with or without added ingredients such as fruit and/or nuts e.g Cadbury's Fruit and Nut, Hershey's Cookies N Crème bar
  • Chocolate Novelties, including seasonal products which are produced for Easter, Valentines Day and Christmas. They cover products such as eggs, soldiers, animals and coins.
  • Chocolate Chocolate straightlines, including identical products packed in bags or boxes (also known as selflines). Straightlines compete on store shelves with countlines and small molded bars if bagged, and with assortments if boxed. (e.g. Maltesers, Hershey's Kisses)


Chocolate Market in the Czech Republic to 2014 (Confectionery) is a comprehensive resource for chocolate market data from 2004 to 2014 and market/company shares for 2008-09.This report also provides data on expenditure and consumption as well as key distribution channels, and reveals the leading companies in the Czech Republican chocolate market.

Features and Benefits
  • Identify key market segments by analyzing market size data for the chocolate market
  • Design business strategies by gaining insight into quantitative market trends over 2004-09 and expectations for 2010-14
  • Identify key companies in the chocolate market in the Czech Republic and design M&A strategies by analyzing market share data
  • Predict how consumer preferences will change in the future by analysis of expenditure and consumption information from 2004 to 2014

  • Highlights

  • The chocolate market in the Czech Republic increased at a compound annual growth rate of 3.3% between 2004 and 2009.
  • The boxed chocolate segment led the chocolate market in the Czech Republic in 2009, with a share of 35.3%.
  • The leading player in chocolate market in the Czech Republic is Nestle S.A.
Key questions answered
  • Which will be the fastest growing segment within the chocolate market in the Czech Republic?
  • How will the forecast growth differ from the historic growth exhibited by the chocolate market in the Czech Republic?
  • Which company accounted for the largest share of the Czech Republican chocolate market in 2009?
  • How will consumption and expenditure patterns change from 2004 to 2014?

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